BRAINIAC Live Archive Project

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March 28, 1992 Basement Demo

April 20, 1994 San Francisco, CA

July 2, 1995 Chicago, IL

Aug 12, 1995 Dayton, OH

November 20, 1995 John Peel Session

Feb. 23, 1996 Bowling Green, OH

June 3, 1996 VPRO Radio Session

Sept. 13, 1996 Aardvark Club, Dayton OH (new!)

Oct 25, 1996 Green Bay, WI

April 18, 1997 Beloit, WI

Live In France
  MP3s found on a file-sharing site in 2004, source unknown, date unknown, probably 1997.
  A lossless version or any further information on this show or recording would be appreciated.

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