BRAINIAC Live Archive Project

People who made this project possible:

 Brandon - project coordinator, web admin
 Bryan - tireless project co-coordinator
 Dick - many of our best video sources
 Mike - atlanta '95 video
 Kevin - minneapolis '96 video
 Rachel - jbtv video + waif audio
 Griffin - jbtv upgrade
 Alec - dayton '96 video
 Apeshot - video of three 1997 shows
 Luigi - some audio shows incl. the peel session
 Jamie - audio mixing, july '95 chicago show
 Steven - canal street '95 audio
 DJ - two audio shows
 Tom Zero - slim's 1994 tape
 M Ziegler - many dates on the timeline
 Timmy Taylor - a tape of demos given to Bryan

Some of our contributors have asked not to be named,
 OR we forgot/lost their name because we are not very organized,
 but we thank them nonetheless.

We are not affiliated with any other projects or documentary films about the band.

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