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Band Timeline

March or April - Wizbangs demo tape (Tim, Juan, three others)

1992-01    group formed - Tim, Juan, Michelle Bodine
1992-02    Tyler joins
1992-03-12 first show at Wright State University under name We'll Eat Anything
1992-03-28 live basement demo [aud] [pic]
1992-04    band name changed to Brainiac
1992-05-26 demo sent to Limited Potential [pic]
1992-spr   New Space, Dayton (second show as Brainiac, maybe with Lungfish)
1992-06?   Wright State University, Dayton OH
1992-08-06 Sudsy Malone's, Cincinnati OH (with Jesus Lizard, Tar)
1992-09    Canal Street Tavern (Dayton Band Play-Offs), Dayton OH (with B'Carfis, Planet Ed, Scorched Earth)
1992-09    Superdupersonic 7" out on Limited Potential [pic]
1992-11-06 Bourbon Street, Dayton OH
1992 late  Bratmobile split 7" out on 12x12

1993-01-31 Lucy's, Nashville TN [vid]
1993-07    SMACK BUNNY BABY out on Grass
1993-08-01 TKs, Danbury CT
1993-10-15 Uncle Pleasant's, Louisville KY (with Rodan, Pitchblende)
1993-10-17 Sunshine Theater, Albequerque NM (with Jesus Lizard, Girls Against Boys)
1993-10-20 Whiskey, Hollywood CA  (with Jesus Lizard, Girls Against Boys) [aud]
1993-10-21 Dream Street, San Diego CA  (with Jesus Lizard, Girls Against Boys, Drip Tank)
1993-10-22 Bogart's, Long Beach CA  (with Jesus Lizard, Girls Against Boys)
1993-10-23 Cattle Club, Sacramento CA  (with Jesus Lizard, Girls Against Boys, Sea Pigs)
1993-10-24 Slim's, San Francisco CA  (with Jesus Lizard, Girls Against Boys)
1993-10-26 DV8, Salt Lake City UT (with Girls Against Boys, Iceburn)
1993-10-30 Metro, Chicago (with Girls vs Boys, Sugarsmack)
1993-11-03 Irving Plaza, NYC (with Girls vs Boys, Jawbox, Poster Children)

1994-01-21 City Gardens, Trenton NJ (with Quicksand, Seaweed) [pdf]
1994-01-22 Club Babyhead, Providence RI (with Quicksand, Seaweed) [aud]
1994-01-23 Axis, Boston MA (with Quicksand, Seaweed)
1994-02-04 Network, Dayton OH (with Cigarhead) [pic]
1994-04-08 Metro, Chicago IL (with Seaweed, Bivouac)
1994-04-09 Kutskas Hall, Howard WI (with Tar) [aud]
1994-04-17 DV8, Salt Lake City UT (with 7 Seconds, Suspension of Disbelief, Anger Overload)
1994-04-22 Jabberjaw, Los Angeles CA (with Permanent Green Light, Lower Case)
1994-04-23 Soma, San Diego CA (with Face To Face, Buck-o-Nine, Blink, Neighbors) [pic]
1994 spr.  Michelle replaced by John on guitar
1994       LAZY split 7" on Simple Solution
1994-05-21 Canal St. Tavern, Dayton OH (with Cigarhead, The Method, Key Note Speaker) [pic]
1994-06-19 Wrocklage, Lexington KY (with Rodan, Edsel, Pitchblende)
1994-08-11 Elk's Club, Green Bay WI (with Jawbox)
1994-08-14 Lounge Ax, Chicago IL (with Jawbox, Shiner)
1994-08    Bonsai Superstar recording sessions
1994-10-02 Palace Club, Dayton (with Shellac, Scrawl) [aud] [pic] [pic]
1994-10-08 Vic Theater, Chicago IL (with Jesus Lizard, Girls Against Boys)
1994-10-14 Clark University, Worcester MA (with Jawbox)
1994-10-15 Brown University, Providence RI (with Jawbox, Lungfish)
1994-10-16 Tuxedo Junction, Danbury CT (with Jawbox)
1994-10-18 Middle East Underground, Boston MA (with Jawbox)
1994-10-19 Shepherd College, Shepherdstown WV (with Jawbox)
1994-10-20 Nyabhingi, Morgantown WV (with Jawbox)
1994-10-21 St. Andrew's, Detroit MI (with Jawbox)
1994-10-22 Sudsy Malone's, Cincinnatti OH (with Jawbox)
1994-10-23 Blind Pig, Champaign IL (with Jawbox)
1994-11    BONSAI SUPERSTAR out on Grass
1994-11-04 Stache's, Columbus OH (with Scrawl)
1994-11-19 Bottom of the Hill, SF (with Girls Against Boys, Nine Pound Hammer)
1994-11-20 Press Club, Sacramento CA (with Girls Against Boys, Bureau of the Glorious)
1994-11-27 Fox Theatre, Boulder CO (with Girls Against Boys, Cold Crank) [pic]
1994-12-01 Capitol Bar, Omaha NE [vid]
1994-12-04 First Avenue, Minneapolis MN (with Shudder to Think, Sunny Day Real Estate)
1994-12-06 The Unicorn, Milwaukee WI (with Shudder to Think, Sunny Day Real Estate)
1994-12-08 Metro, Chicago IL (with Shudder to Think, Sunny Day Real Estate)
1994-12-10 Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland OH (with Shudder to Think, Sunny Day Real Estate)
1994-12-16 Black Cat, Washington DC (with Shudder to Think, Sunny Day Real Estate)

1995       "Cookie Don't Sing" recorded in Ohio
1995-03-11 Network, Dayton OH (with Nostromo) [pic]
1995-03-18 Garage, London (with Girls Against Boys, Kepone) [pic]
1995-03    Laurel Tree, North London
1995-03-25 The Lithuanian, Dayton OH (with A Ten O'Clock Scholar, The Esoterics) [aud] [pic] [pic]
1995-03-31 Lounge Ax, Chicago IL (with Unwound, The Smoothies)
1995-04-01 Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago IL (with Unwound)
1995-04-08 Cleo House, Trinity College, Hartford CT (with Girls Against Boys, Bailter Space)
1995-04-09 98 Vernon (house show)
1995-04-15 Duke University, Durham SC [vid]
1995-04-17 Midtown Music Hall, Atlanta GA (with Unwound) [vid]
1995 spr.  Brainiac signs to TOUCH & GO Records
1995-06-03 Sudsy Malone's, Cincinnatti OH [pic]
1995-06-20 The Compound, Green Bay WI (with Poster Children)
1995-06-25 Gargoyles, Bowling Green OH (with Dog Pound)
1995-07-02 Fallout Comedy Club (with Shellac, Gaunt, Melt Banana) [aud]
1995-07-07 Chameleon Club, Dayton OH (with Delta 72, Long Hind Legs)
1995-07-14 Polaris Amphitheater (Lollapalooza side stage), Columbus OH
1995-07-15 New World Music Theatre (Lollapalooza side stage), Tinley Park IL
1995-07-18 Riverbend Music Center (Lollapalooza side stage), Cincinnati OH
1995-07-19 Pine Knob Amphitheatre (Lollapalooza side stage), Clarkston MI
1995-08-01 American Sports Bar, Danbury CT [aud]
1995-08-11 Stache's, Columbus OH (with Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments)
1995-08-12 Canal St. Tavern, Dayton OH [aud] [pic]
1995-09-10 Brownie's, NYC (with Poster Children, Smoothies, Dentists)
1995-09-14 Tim interview with Suburban Voice fanzine
1995-09-22 Susdy Malone's, Cincinnati OH
1995-10-07 Cafe Latte, East Lansing MI (with Apollo Nine, Galen)
1995-10-10 INTERNATIONALE EP released
1995-10-14 Ernst Fall Fest, Oxford OH [vid] [pic]
1995-11    Hissing Prigs recording sessions
1995-11-13 TJ's Newport, UK [aud]
1995-11-19 Peel Session, UK (broadcast dec. 8th) [aud]
1995-11-20 VK, Brussels [aud]
1995-12?   Star and Garter, London (with Coping Saw)
1995-12-05 The Garage, Glasgow, Scotland (with The Amps, Pilot Can)
1995-12-07 LA2, London (with The Amps) [pic]
1995-12-15 Jabberjaw, Los Angeles CA (with Melvins) [pic]
1995-??-?? Chameleon Club, Dayton OH (with Delta 72, JAKS) [pic]
1995-??-?? Music Box, Edinburgh (with Mogwai)
1995-late three-song radio session - don't know what it is [aud]

1996-02-23 The Knownose, Bowling Green OH [aud]
1996-02-27 O-MATIC "DOG YEARS" released
1996-03    SxSW Festival, Austin, TX
1996-03-19 TJ's, Newport, UK (with Girls Against Boys, Infidels)
1996-03-20 Duchess of York, Leeds, England (with Girls Against Boys)
1996-03-26 Clinton Rooms, Nottingham, UK (with Girls Against Boys)
1996-03-28 LA2, London, England (with Girls Against Boys, Ligament)
1996-04-12 Middle East, Cambridge MA (with A Ten O'Clock Scholar, Lungfish)
1996-04-13 Mercury Lounge, NYC (with A Ten O'Clock Scholar, Lungfish)
1996-04-13 VINCENT video is filmed
1996-04-1X Khyber Pass, Philadelphia PA
1996-04-1X Memory Lane, Baltimore (with A Ten O'Clock Scholar, Monorchid)
1996-04-17 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC (with A Ten O'Clock Scholar) [vid]
1996-04-18 Atlanta (with A Ten O'Clock Scholar, Lazy)
1996-04-24 Lounge Ax, Chicago IL (with Lazy)
1996-04-25 Fireside Bowl, Chicago IL (with Trenchmouth, Lazy)
1996-04-26 Whole Music Club, Minneapolis MN (with Sleater-Kinney, Lazy)
1996-06-03 Villa 65, VPRO session [aud]
1996-06-14 Mistral Gagnant, France
1996-06-27 Kilowatt, San Francisco (with Trans Am, Trackstar)
1996-06-30 Casbah, San Diego CA (with Trans Am, Tripod Mac & The Wife)
1996-07-01 Boston's, Tempe AZ (with Trans Am, Jimmy Eat World)
1996-07-04 Galaxy Club, Dallas TX (with Shiner)
1996-07-06 Emo's, Austin TX (with Shiner)
1996-07-07 Sluggo's, San Antonio TX (with Jawbox, Shiner) [Brainiac might have cancelled]
1996-09-05 Knitting Factory (CMJ), New York NY
1996-09-13 Aardvark Club (at Sub Galley), Dayton OH (with US Maple) [aud]
1996-09-21 Nyabinghi Dance Hall, Morgantown WV
1996-09-25 Pedro's, Los Angeles CA (with Bomboras)
1996-10-24 Fireside Bowl, Chicago IL (with Kepone, Most Secret Method)
1996-10-25 Concert Cafe, Green Bay WI (with Compound Red) [aud]
1996 or 97 Bowling Green OH [vid]

1997-01-16 St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit MI (with Jesus Lizard)
1997-01-17 Opera House, Toronto (with Jesus Lizard, Luxury Christ)
1997-01-18 Cabaret, Montreal (with Jesus Lizard, UVBC)
1997-01-19 Middle East, Cambridge MA (with Jesus Lizard)
1997-01-20 Middle East, Cambridge MA (with Jesus Lizard)
1997-01-21 Pearl Street, Northampton MA (with Jesus Lizard, Tizzy)
1997-01-22 Lupo's, Providence RI (with Jesus Lizard)
1997-01-23 Clark University, Worchester MA
1997-01-24 Theater of the Living Arts, Philadelphia (with Jesus Lizard)
1997-01-25 Irving Plaza, NYC (with Jesus Lizard)
1997-01-26 Memory Lane, Baltimore MD
1997-01-27 Black Cat, Washington DC
1997-01-28 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC
1997-01-29 Rockafella's, Columbia SC
1997-01-30 unknown venue, Athens GA
1997-01-31 unknown venue, Savannah GA
1997-02-01 Under the Couch, Atlanta GA (with Pineal Ventana)
1997-02-02 Moto Lounge, Jacksonville FL
1997-02-03 Sapphire Club, Orlando FL (with Low, Blue Eyes) [pic]
1997-02-04 unknown venue, Tampa or St. Petersburg, FL
1997-02-05 Cow Haus, Tallahassee FL
1997-02-06 American Beat, Birmingham AL
1997-02-07 Mercury Theatre, Knoxville TN
1997-02-08 unknown venue, Lexington or Louisville, KY
1997-02-15 Stache's, Columbus OH (with Lazy) [aud] [pic]
1997-03-25 Fitzgerald's, Houston TX (with Shudder To Think, Skeleton Key) [vid]
1997-03-26 Galaxy Club, Dallas TX (with Shudder To Think, Skeleton Key)
1997-04-01 Spaceland, Los Angeles CA
1997-04-03 The Roxy, Hollywood CA
1997-04-04 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-05 Kilowatt, San Francisco (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-06 John Henry's, Eugene OR (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-07 Satyricon, Portland OR (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-08 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle WA (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-09 Neurolux, Boise ID (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-10 Dv8, Salt Lake City UT [vid]
1997-04-11 15th Street Tavern, Denver CO (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-12 Rapid City SD (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-13 Lawrence KS (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-14 OKC/Norman (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-15 JR's Lightbulb Co., Fayetteville AR (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-16 Side Door, St. Louis MO (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-17 Blind Pig, Champaign IL (with Delta 72, US Maple)
1997-04-18 C-Haus, Beloit WI (with Delta 72, Cash Money) [aud]
1997-04-19 Lexicon Club, Grand Rapids MI (with Delta 72, Cash Money) [vid] [pic]
1997-04-20 Grogg Shoppe, Cleveland OH (with Delta 72, Cash Money)
1997-??-?? France [aud]
1997-05-06 London, England (with Beck)
1997-05-07 Apollo Theatre, Manchester, England (with Beck)
1997-05-09 Aston Villa Leisure Centre, Birmingham, England (with Beck)
1997-05-10 Brixton Academy, London, England (with Beck)
1997-05-11 Rock City, Nottingham, England (with Beck)
1997-05-13 Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland (with Beck)
1997-05-14 Mayfair, Newcastle, England (with Beck)
1997-05-23 TIM TAYLOR DIES

1997-08-10 Breeders and Guided By Voices play Tim Taylor benefit show [pic]
1998-04    Enon records their first single, "Fly South"
1999-10-12 John Stuart Mill "Forget Everything" released
2000-03-21 Enon "Believo" released
2002-06-04 Enon "High Society" released
2003-03-25 Shesus "Loves You... Loves You Not" released
2003-09-09 Enon "Hocus Pocus" released
2004-11-02 Shesus "Ruined It For You" EP released
2005-02-22 Enon "Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence" released
2006-05-09 Model/Actress EP released
2007-10-09 Enon "Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds" released
2013-10-22 Crooks On Tape "Fingerprint" released
2014-02-25 Vertical Scratchers "Daughter of Everything" released
2015-04-18 Crooks On Tape "In the Realm of the Ancient Minor" released

Pieces That Don't Fit:

played sudsy malone's "spring 1997 on their final tour before timmy died"

played liquid rooms in edinburgh

played Rebos in New Carlisle, OH in 1992-93

played Italy (Sept 16 1996?)

when on Grass Records, played the Independent Music Festival at NYU with The Wrens

SXSW showcase with Man or Astroman and Girls Against Boys, maybe 1993 or 94

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