Tesla (2020, Michael Almereyda)

“Idealism cannot work hand in hand with capitalism.” A fun, self-conscious, nearly Ruizian take on Nikola Tesla’s career, with JP Morgan’s niece (Eve Hewson of The Knick) as a sort-of narrator. Watched on my grandfather’s (b. 1910) birthday, mostly set before then. Covered topics: moving pictures, the electric chair, photographing thought, giant tesla coils in Colorado.

Shot by Sean Price Williams, who is everywhere these days. Didn’t stick nearly as well as Experimenter, but fully enjoyable while watching – who doesn’t want to see Ethan Hawke and Kyle McLachlan having an ice cream fight? Prior to this, most of my Tesla knowledge came from the Handsome Family song, so this movie loses points for not featuring any birds at all.

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