Happy Old Year (2019, Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit)

This is about the fifth Nawapol movie in a row with a can’t-miss premise, and the first we’ve watched. Jean is extreme-decluttering her home studio, forcibly moving family members aside, and returning all borrowed items and even gifts from friends. The movie’s full of quirky-romcom behavior turned on its end, making Jean seem more psychotically stubborn as she hurts the feelings of everyone around her. The major mid-film development is when she visits an ex boyfriend who she ghosted when moving away and never contacted when she returned. He has moved on, has a cute new girl, and they start hanging out, which threatens her cleaning timeline and the streamlining of her life. She’s not particularly sympathetic, though we spend enough time with her to care about her feelings, and we don’t get a good sense of whether all this was worth it – movie starts at the end, and doesn’t repeat the scene, which Katy wished it would’ve. Jean and the ex were both in Nawapol’s Die Tomorrow, which didn’t feel like as good a Katy film premise as this one.