Come True (2020, Anthony Scott Burns)

Sarah is afraid of her dreams, which are slow camera moves endlessly forward through dark portals populated by slendermen (rendered in Cinema 4D), like the MST3K movie-sign tunnel as reimagined by the guy who makes the Tool videos. Sarah is Julia Sarah Stone, who has also starred with Evan Rachel Wood, and in a Bruce McDonald movie, and I heard mixed things about this movie but the look (of Sarah, her house, the dreams, the props) is all striking.

Sarah signs up for a sleep study in a concrete lab with period-inspecific equipment where scientists can view low-res images of dreams, and becomes their star pupil until they start to see her slendermen escaping into reality. She watches her own dreams in the form of a Chromatics music video, leads the scientists on a sleepwalking tour through Uncle Boonmee woods, becomes a vampire, then receives the message that This Is All A Dream. I get that the message might be aimed Matrix-like at either the viewer or the character, but haven’t decided if that’s any better.

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