The Movie Year in Review, 2022

Happy New Movie Year!

This year we returned to theaters, but not very often. The blog is more-or-less caught up.
I’m catching up with my own letterboxd list of all the must-see movies released in 2022, which does not include many titles on the year-end critics lists, since I don’t live in NYC so those will be 2023 movies here in the sticks.

Speaking of lists… just made myself a list of 1000+ titles to watch next year, which sounds impossible, but at least a hundred of them are shorts, so I’m feeling optimistic. I’m not putting it online, you have to guess.

Major movie projects in 2022 included the usual – SHOCKtober, Locorazo, True/False. Nothing innovative, just balancing work/life, and movie/music/reading, and moving to a new state.

The 2022 Lists:
New and Recent Movies
Older Movies and Rewatches
Shorts and TV