The Animation Show 4 (2008)

Wow, remember the ambition of vol. 2? Those days are gone. I guess half of these were good, which is fine for a shorts program, but the bad ones were worse than ever.

A good one: oscar-nominated This Way Up:

Not worth going into: Corky Quakenbush’s claymation Yompi The Crotch-Biting Sloup and Dave Carter’s construction-paper Psychotown – each of which annoyed me the first time, then came back to annoy me two more times.


Lame in the “let’s record a dull conversation then animate it” approach were Operator (man calls information and gets God’s number), John and Karen (relationship trouble between a penguin and polar bear) and Angry Unpaid Hooker (this and Psychotown are stupid enough to make me worry about The Animation Show’s future). Professor Nieto Show (class watches brazilian insects that play soccer) and Jeu (things spin and morph into each other kaleidoscopically, like a Gondry video but more pixellated) were pretty alright.

Blind Spot:

Bill Plympton’s Hot Dog is fine, but I’m ready for something new from him. Cocotte Minute (chickens race in a dangerous kitchen) and Blind Spot (old woman is blamed for deadly robbery because of poor security-camera placement) were inventive little violent-death shorts, and I liked Usavich (two rabbits take a totally mad car ride) much more than I should. Forgetfulness is an illustrated Billy Collins poem. I already can’t remember Burning Safari, something to do with monkeys and robots.

Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Hazen & Mr. Horlocker:

My faves were Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Hazen & Mr. Horlocker (cop arrives at an apartment for a noise complaint and gets confusing reactions from the residents), This Way Up (two undertakers have a hell of a time making their delivery – I liked the rube goldberg bit near the beginning better than the climactic trip through hell), Key Lime Pie (hardboiled tough guy with a weak heart is over the moon about pie) and of course PES’s Western Spaghetti.

Key Lime Pie:

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