Wet Hot American Summer (2001, David Wain)

Apparently seeing this movie four times is not too many, because I still enjoyed it. Katy liked it too. An underloved comedy classic.

Although now that I’ve heard the commentary, I spend a lot of time thinking about how cold it might be during the scene, and whether it’s raining.

Michael Showalter and David Wain’s next movie The Ten is coming soon.

These days, Jeaneane Garofalo’s voice is starring in Ratatouille and David Hyde Pierce is in nothing at all. Marguerite Moreau (the hot one) was the lead in Firestarter 2. Cafeteria worker A.D. Miles starred with Zach G. in fake-news show Dog Bites Man. The dick who dates the hot girl, Paul Rudd, is in Knocked Up and everything else. Lead cafeteria guy Gene (Chris Meloni) must’ve been unstable and Christopher-Lloyd-looking enough to land a part in Oz and both Harold & Kumar movies. Post-breakup pedophiliac counselor Molly Shannon starred in Year of the Dog. The drama counselors are apparently-hot-right-now SNL comic Amy Poehler and the CIA contact in Alias, Bradley Cooper. Cameo (as Molly’s ex-husband) by comedy guy Judah Friedlander, who will apparently be in Cabin Fever 2, and of course, the most famous person who has ever screamed at my brother in public, Jon Benjamin as the can of vegetables.

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