Brandon’s Fifteen Favorite Shorts of 2009

I watched an awful lot of shorts this year, culminating in Shorts Month, during which I watched way too many. Loved the hell out of all these.

1. Agnès Varda: Du côté de la côte, L’ Opéra mouffe and Ulysse
Between her features, her shorts and her Beaches, Agnès basically won my whole year.

2. Dave Fleischer: Koko’s Earth Control, Snow White and Betty Boop’s Halloween Party
Much as I love the Looney Tunes, there must’ve been audience members in the 30’s sighing, thinking of these Fleischer cartoons and saying “they don’t make ’em like that anymore.”

3. Buster Keaton: The Playhouse, One Week, The High Sign

4. The Telltale Heart (1928 Charles Klein and 1953 Ted Parmelee)
It’s always fun to see different adaptations of the same work, but super-rare for them both to be this brilliant.

5. Osamu Tezuka: Broken Down Film and Jumping
6. L’Apparition (1986, Pascal Aubier)
7. Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine (2005, Peter Tscherkassky)
8. Nostalgia (1971, Hollis Frampton)
9. The Man Who Planted Trees (1987, Frederic Back)
10. A Matter of Loaf and Death (2008, Nick Park)
11. The Strip Mall Trilogy (2001, Roger Beebe)
12. Chess Fever (1925, Vsevolod & Shpikovsky)
13. Motion Painting No. 1 (1947, Oskar Fischinger)
14. The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (1946, Robert Clampett)
15. PES: Western Spaghetti and Roof Sex

Runners-up: Vivian, The Perfect Human, Passionless Moments, Organism and The Mystery of the Leaping Fish

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