Extract (2009, Mike Judge)

It’s wise for Judge to dial back the visual ambition from Idiocracy, return to cheaply-shot office and home settings, since the CG in Idiocracy didn’t look so hot in theaters (during the one week it spent in theaters). Not sure why he dialed back the humor and personality as well.

Gene Simmons!

Jason Bateman is a regular white dude who owns a flavor factory (flavor-factory-related jokes in the movie: zero) and hilarious comedy actress Kristen Wiig plays his wife (number of hilarious lines given to Wiig in the movie: zero). Bateman hangs out with ringer A-list bartender Ben Affleck (less funny than ringer A-list bartender Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Invention of Lying) and decides to hire a guy to sleep with his wife in order to gain license to sleep with new hottie scam-artist Mila Kunis (Black Swan). Meanwhile, a factory worker named Step gets testicularly injured on the job and Kunis gets him to hire TV lawyer Gene Simmons (one of the funnier cast members, actually). Hilarity blandly fails to ensue as the movie rolls along on the light charisma of the cast. David Koechner plays a typical Judge character, an annoyingly socially-awkward guy, and the one surprise in the movie comes when Wiig finally unloads on him and he drops dead of a heart attack. Other than that one decisive moment, the script wants to avoid conflict, and plot threads don’t get tied up so much as quietly die off.