Venus (2006, Roger Michell)

From acclaimed writer Hanif Kureishi and the not-acclaimed director of Buddha of Suburbia come this heartwarming tale of an angry young woman who gets softened up a bit by an elderly actor. Peter O’Toole did not win an oscar for his brave portrayal of an old man who dies at the end. I liked Richard Griffiths (Harry Potter, Sleepy Hollow) because I recognized him.

Picture a long shot of hospital room, 74-yo O’Toole (left) lying in bed semi-conscious, 24-yo Jodie Whittaker (right) standing facing him lifting her shirt over her breasts. Alas, the DVD was returned before I could take screen shots.

Dreaded having to watch this since I saw a hundred times the sappy trailer where P.O’T is embarrassingly caught spying on Jodie when she’s posing nude for a drawing class… went from “oh I could watch that” oscar-bait to “please do not ever let me watch that”, the way over-advertised films seem to do. But it wasn’t so bad… except for the ending.

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