50 Under 50

Done (for now) watching Jonathan Rosenbaum’s 100 favorite films, I’ve already found another list to play with. Because I love lists. I love ’em. Really love ’em.

Cinema Scope, my favorite movie magazine in the world, doesn’t love lists nearly as much as Rosenbaum and Time Out and They Shoot Pictures do, but for their fiftieth issue a few months ago they compiled a good one: 50 Under 50 (fifty best filmmakers under the age of fifty), with articles on each one. I’m not going to spoil the entire list (yet), but you can read excerpts and order the issue from their site. Subscriptions are cheap, and practically pay for themselves, since now you can go ahead and cancel Film Comment.

Anyway I figure I’ll take a break from watching obscure old movies, and watch some obscure (but vital) recent movies. Since it’s a list of filmmakers and not film, I aim to watch at least a couple titles by each.

Here are some I’ve previously covered:

Wes Anderson: Moonrise Kingdom / Fantastic Mr. Fox / The Darjeeling Limited
Bong Joon-ho: Mother / Memories of Murder
David Fincher: The Social Network / Zodiac
Michel Gondry: Be Kind Rewind / The Science of Sleep
Jia Zhang-ke: Platform / Still Life / Dong
Mike Judge: Extract / Idiocracy
Harmony Korine: Mister Lonely / Trash Humpers
Kelly Reichardt: Meek’s Cutoff / Wendy & Lucy / Old Joy
Michael Robinson: Victory Over the Light / Light is Waiting
Steven Soderbergh: Haywire / Everything Is Going Fine / The Informant / Che
Quentin Tarantino: Inglorious Basterds / Death Proof
Apichatpong Weerasethakul: Uncle Boonmee / Syndromes and a Century