Tammy and the Bachelor (1957, Joseph Pevney)

Katy had a powerful hankering to watch this after we heard the main song in The Long Day Closes. Tammy (Debbie Reynolds, a few years after Susan Slept Here) is a young girl living on a houseboat with granpappy Walter Brennan (two years before Rio Bravo, already quite Stumpy-like). They help a wounded traveler (hunky Leslie Nielsen, only looking like Lt. Drebin occasionally from certain angles) and when Brennan goes to jail for moonshinin’, Tammy goes to stay with the rich city-dwelling Nielsen. Lovesick hijinks ensue.

The great Fay Wray plays Nielsen’s mom, I think, and he has an aunt (Rosemary Clooney-looking Mildred Natwick) who’s a painter, or ex-painter or something. Tammy inspires them all with her country simplicity. Pevney later directed a chunk of the original Star Trek episodes, and Sandra Dee took over as Tammy in the sequels.