Favorite Retrospective Screenings of 2012

1. Shanghai Express on 35mm at Emory
Lovely to see on the big screen, right at the peak of my home-video Sternberg obsession.

2. Craig Baldwin’s Living Cinema on Edgewood
My favorite filmmakers should come to town projecting crazy culture-jamming shorts more often.

3. Sherlock Jr. and Melies-related shorts at Emory
Hugo-inspired program with live music, including a singalong.

4. The Killing in HD at the Plaza

5. A Midsummer Night’s Dream on 35mm at Emory

6. Pixar double-feature of Wall-E and Up at Phipps
These were reissued to theaters in beautiful 2D, but they forgot to advertise so Katy and I are the only ones who went.

7. Beau Travail on 35mm at Emory
Of course the White Material screening was more exciting for being introduced by Claire Denis herself, but I’d seen it before – Beau Travail was all new to me – exciting and gorgeous on the big screen, featuring a condescending post-film discussion.

8. Miyazaki double-feature at the Belcourt
A weekday afternoon in Nashville watching Disney-dubbed Japanese movies in a theater sparesely filled with children and childlike adults.

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