About the 20th time I’ve seen The Lion King, but the second time in theaters and the first time in THREE-DEE (Katy commented that in the rainy scenes it seemed like it was raining inside the theater – otherwise the 3D didn’t add much). During the whole Hakuna Matata scene (and a few others) the Book of Mormon song “Hasa Diga Eeebowai” ran through my head, but I restrained myself from bothering Katy with it, since she was 15 again and reciting all the lyrics and dialogue along with the movie. Didn’t realize Rowan Atkinson played the king’s bird assistant Zazu. Jeez, IMDB lists 29 writers.

I guess I’ll count this as a movie, even though it’s just footage from Planet Earth, which we’re gonna catch soon on video. We watched the U.S. version narrated by a coddling James “Earth” Jones. The UK version is reportedly more environmentally to-the-point, sort of how our cigarette packs say “cigs are known to the state of california to contribute to cancerous growth of the blah” and UK packs say “these will kill you.” Anyway, animals are pretty cute and wonderful, so we liked this a whole lot.