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IMDB  TitleDirectorYear 
IMDBPauvre PierrotReynaud, Emile1892
IMDBAutour d'une cabineReynaud, Emile1895
IMDBBoat Leaving the Port (Barque sortant du port)Lumière, Louis1895
IMDBDerby, ThePaul, Robert W.1896
IMDBPlaying CardsMéliès, Georges1896
IMDBTerrible Night, AMéliès, Georges1896
IMDBVanishing Lady, TheMéliès, Georges1896
IMDBWilliam McKinley at Canton, OhioAmerican Mutoscope & Biograph Co.1896
IMDBAfter The BallMéliès, Georges1897
IMDBBetween Calais and DoverMéliès, Georges1897
IMDBBewitched Inn, TheMéliès, Georges1897
IMDBDewars Scotch WhiskeyEdison Co.1897
IMDBHaunted Castle, TheMéliès, Georges1897
IMDBLeaving Jerusalem By RailwayLumière, Louis1897
IMDBNiagara FallsLumière, Louis1897
IMDBSurrender of Tournavos, TheMéliès, Georges1897
IMDBAdventures of William TellMéliès, Georges1898
IMDBAstronomer’s Dream, TheMéliès, Georges1898
IMDBDivers at Work on the Wreck of the MaineMéliès, Georges1898
IMDBFamous Box Trick, TheMéliès, Georges1898
IMDBFour Troublesome HeadsMéliès, Georges1898
IMDBMagician, TheMéliès, Georges1898
IMDBPanorama from Top of a Moving TrainMéliès, Georges1898
IMDBTemptation of Saint AnthonyMéliès, Georges1898
IMDBAttempt Against the Life of Maitre LaboriMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBBlizzard, TheAmerican Mutoscope & Biograph Co.1899
IMDBCinderellaMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBConjurer, TheMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBCourt Martial at RennesMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBDevil in a ConventMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBDevil’s Island - Within The PalisadeMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBDreyfus Court Martial - Arrest of DreyfusMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBDreyfus Meets His Wife at RennesMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBDreyfus Put In IronsMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBFight of Reporters, TheMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBLanding of Dreyfus at QuiberonMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBMysterious Knight, TheMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBMysterious Portrait, TheMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBPanorama from Tower of the Brooklyn BridgeBitzer, Billy1899
IMDBPillar of FireMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBPresident McKinley Reviewing the TroopsLubin, Siegmund1899
IMDBSuicide of Colonel HenryMéliès, Georges1899
IMDBAddition and SubstractionMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBAs Seen Through a TelescopeSmith, George Albert1900
IMDBBiter Bit, TheBamforth Films1900
IMDBChristmas Dream, TheMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBCook’s Revenge, TheMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBDavey Jones' LockerArmitage, Frederick1900
IMDBDoctor and the MonkeyMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBEight Girls in a BarrelMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBExplosion of a Motor CarHepworth, Cecil M.1900
IMDBFantastical Meal, AMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBFat and Lean Wrestling MatchMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBGoing To Bed Under DifficultiesMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBGrandma's Reading GlassSmith, George Albert1900
IMDBHow He Missed His TrainMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBHow It Feels to Be Run OverHepworth, Cecil M.1900
IMDBJoan of ArcMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBLadies' Skirts Nailed to a FenceBamforth Films1900
IMDBMagic Book, TheMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBMisfortunes of an ExplorerMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBNeptune's DaughtersArmitage, Frederick1900
IMDBNymph of the WavesArmitage, Frederick1900
IMDBOne-Man Band, TheMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBRajah's Dream, TheMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBRough SeaBamforth Films1900
IMDBSherlock Holmes BaffledMarvin, Arthur1900
IMDBSpanish BullfightLumière company1900
IMDBTriple Conjurer and the Living HeadMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBUp-To-Date SpiritualismMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBVillage de Namo - Panorama pris d'une chaise à porteursVeyre, Gabriel1900
IMDBWizard, The Prince and The Good FairyMéliès, Georges1900
IMDBArrival of McKinley's Funeral Train at Canton, OhioEdison Co.1901
IMDBBachelor’s Paradise, TheMéliès, Georges1901
IMDBBig Swallow, TheWilliamson, James1901
IMDBBlue BeardMéliès, Georges1901
IMDBBrahmin and the ButterflyMéliès, Georges1901
IMDBCountryman and the Cinematograph, ThePaul, Robert W.1901
IMDBDevil and the Statue, TheMéliès, Georges1901
IMDBDrama at the Bottom of the SeaZecca, Ferdinand1901
IMDBDreams and RealityZecca, Ferdinand1901
IMDBDwarf and the Giant, TheMéliès, Georges1901
IMDBEsquimaux Game of Snap-the-WhipEdison Co.1901
IMDBExtraordinary IllusionsMéliès, Georges1901
IMDBFire!Williamson, James1901
IMDBFuneral Leaving the President's HouseEdison Co.1901
IMDBHat With Many Surprises, TheMéliès, Georges1901
IMDBHistory of a CrimeZecca, Ferdinand1901
IMDBMagician’s Cavern, TheMéliès, Georges1901
IMDBManchester Band of Hope ProcessionMitchell & Kenyon1901
IMDBMartyred Presidents, ThePorter, Edwin S.1901
IMDBMob Outside the Temple of Music at the ExpoEdison Co.1901
IMDBPeeping TomZecca, Ferdinand1901
IMDBPresident McKinley and Escort Going to the CapitolEdison Co.1901
IMDBPresident McKinley Taking the OathBitzer, Billy1901
IMDBPresident McKinley's Speech at the Pan-American ExpositionEdison Co.1901
IMDBPrince of Magicians, TheMéliès, Georges1901
IMDBSham Battle at the Pan-American ExpositionEdison Co.1901
IMDBStop Thief!Williamson, James1901
IMDBWhat Is Home Without The BoarderMéliès, Georges1901
IMDBBeginning of a SkyscraperBonine, Robert K.1902
IMDBColonel's Shower Bath, TheMéliès, Georges1902
IMDBCoronation of Edward VIIMéliès, Georges1902
IMDBDance of the Sylphs (Ballet des sylphides)Zecca, Ferdinand1902
IMDBDancing Midget, TheMéliès, Georges1902
IMDBDemolishing and Building Up the Star TheatreArmitage, Frederick1902
IMDBEruption volcanique a la MartiniqueMelies, Georges1902
IMDBGulliver’s Travels Among the Lilliputians and the GiantsMéliès, Georges1902
IMDBHuman Fly, TheMéliès, Georges1902
IMDBImpossible Balancing Feat, AnMéliès, Georges1902
IMDBJack and the BeanstalkPorter, Edwin S.1902
IMDBLoie Fullerde Chomón, Segundo1902
IMDBLower BroadwayBonine, Robert K.1902
IMDBSeeing New York by YachtArmitage, Frederick & A.E. Weed1902
IMDBShadow-Girl, TheMéliès, Georges1902
IMDBTreasures of Satan, TheMéliès, Georges1902
IMDBVictims of DrinkZecca, Ferdinand1902
IMDBAlcofribas, The Master MagicianMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBAlice in WonderlandHepworth, Cecil M. & Percy Stow1903
IMDBApparitionsMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBBallet Master’s Dream, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBBob Kick The Mischievous KidMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBComical Conjuring (Jacques et Jim)Méliès, Georges1903
IMDBDamnation of Faust, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBDrawing Lesson, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBEccentric WaltzPathé Frères1903
IMDBEnchanted Well, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBInfernal Cake-Walk, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBInn Where No Man Rests, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBJack Jaggs and Dum DumMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBJupiter’s ThunderballsMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBKingdom of Fairies, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBLife of an American FiremanPorter, Edwin S.1903
IMDBMagic Lantern, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBMarvellous Wreath, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBMary Jane's MishapSmith, George Albert1903
IMDBMisfortune Never Comes AloneMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBMonster, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBMysterious Box, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBOracle of Delphi, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBSpiritualistic PhotographerMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBTen Ladies in an UmbrellaMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBWitch’s Revenge, TheMéliès, Georges1903
IMDBBarcelona Park at Twilightde Chomón, Segundo1904
IMDBBewitched Trunk, TheMéliès, Georges1904
IMDBBullet Piercing a Soap BubbleBull, Lucien1904
IMDBButterfly's MetamorphosisVelle, Gaston1904
IMDBClockmaker’s Dream, TheMéliès, Georges1904
IMDBDanse du diable, LaVelle, Gaston1904
IMDBDevil's Seven CastlesZecca, Ferdinand1904
IMDBDevilish Plank, TheMéliès, Georges1904
IMDBFaust and MargueriteMéliès, Georges1904
IMDBFirefall, TheMéliès, Georges1904
IMDBImperceptible Transmutations, TheMéliès, Georges1904
IMDBImpossible Voyage, TheMéliès, Georges1904
IMDBJaponaiseriesVelle, Gaston1904
IMDBMiracle Under The Inquisition, AMéliès, Georges1904
IMDBMoonlight Serenade, AMéliès, Georges1904
IMDBTerrible Turkish Executioner, TheMéliès, Georges1904
IMDBTit For TatMéliès, Georges1904
IMDBUntamable WhiskersMéliès, Georges1904
IMDB2 AM on the SubwayBitzer, Billy1905
IMDBAdventurous Automobile TripMéliès, Georges1905
IMDBAli Baba and the Forty ThievesZecca, Ferdinand1905
IMDBChristian MartyrsNonguet, Lucien1905
IMDBConey Island at NightPorter, Edwin S.1905
IMDBCrazy Composer, AMéliès, Georges1905
IMDBDown in the Coal MinesZecca, Ferdinand & Lucien Nonguet1905
IMDBDream of the MoonVelle, Gaston & Ferdinand Zecca1905
IMDBFelix Mayol Performs Indiscreet QuestionsGuy, Alice1905
IMDBHalifax Catholic ProcessionMitchell & Kenyon1905
IMDBHen That Laid the Golden Eggs, TheVelle, Gaston1905
IMDBHeroes del sitio de Zaragoza, Losde Chomón, Segundo1905
IMDBHilarious Posters, TheMéliès, Georges1905
IMDBInterior New York Subway 14th Street to 42nd StreetBitzer, Billy1905
IMDBKing of Dollars (Le roi des dollars)de Chomón, Segundo1905
IMDBLilliputian Minuet, TheMéliès, Georges1905
IMDBLittle Train Robbery, ThePorter, Edwin S.1905
IMDBMagic Dice, TheMéliès, Georges1905
IMDBNight Before Christmas, ThePorter, Edwin S.1905
IMDBOther Side of the Hedge, TheFitzhamon, Lewin1905
IMDBOur New Errand BoyWilliamson, James1905
IMDBPalace of the Arabian NightsMéliès, Georges1905
IMDBPanorama from Times Building, New YorkMcCutcheon, Wallace1905
IMDBRescued By RoverHepworth, Cecil M.1905
IMDBRevolution In RussiaNonguet, Lucien1905
IMDBRip’s DreamMéliès, Georges1905
IMDBSeven Ages, ThePorter, Edwin S.1905
IMDBSpecial March Past of St. Joseph's Scholars and Special Parade of St. Matthew's Pupils, BlackburnMitchell & Kenyon1905
IMDBStrong Arm of the LawCapellani, Albert1905
IMDBTrain Wreckers, ThePorter, Edwin S.1905
IMDBUnexpected FireworksMéliès, Georges1905
IMDBWhite Caps, TheMcCutcheon, Wallace & Edwin S. Porter1905
IMDBWonderful AlbumVelle, Gaston1905
IMDBAh! La barbe!de Chomón, Segundo1906
IMDBAladin, or the Wonderful LampCapellani, Albert1906
IMDBBewitched Shepherd (L'antre de la sorcière)de Chomón, Segundo1906
IMDBBirth, Life and Death of ChristGuy, Alice1906
IMDBBlack Hand, TheMcCutcheon, Wallace1906
IMDBBob's Electric Theaterde Chomón, Segundo1906
IMDBCent Trucs, Lesde Chomón, Segundo1906
IMDBChimney Sweep, TheMéliès, Georges1906
IMDBDesperate Crime, AMéliès, Georges1906
IMDBElectric Current (Le courant éléctrique)de Chomón, Segundo1906
IMDBFantastic Diver (Plongeur fantastique)de Chomón, Segundo1906
IMDBGetting EvidencePorter, Edwin S.1906
IMDBI Fetch the BreadPathé Frères Co.1906
IMDBImpossible ConvictsBitzer, Billy1906
IMDBLa peine du talion, or Tit-for-TatVelle, Gaston1906
IMDBLuny Musician, TheMéliès, Georges1906
IMDBMagic Rosesde Chomón, Segundo1906
IMDBMerry Frolics of SatanMéliès, Georges1906
IMDBMix-Up in the GalleryMéliès, Georges1906
IMDBMysterious Retort, TheMéliès, Georges1906
IMDBPunch and JudyMéliès, Georges1906
IMDBRajah's Casket, TheVelle, Gaston1906
IMDBRoadside Inn, AMéliès, Georges1906
IMDBSoap BubblesMéliès, Georges1906
IMDBSpring Fairy, ThePathé Frères Co.1906
IMDBStory of the Kelly Gang, TheTait, Charles1906
IMDBTerrible KidsMcCutcheon, Wallace & Edwin S. Porter1906
IMDBTramp and the Mattress MakersMéliès, Georges1906
IMDBVisit to Peek Frean and Co.'s Biscuit WorksCricks & Martin Films1906
IMDBWinter Straw RideMcCutcheon, Wallace & Edwin S. Porter1906
IMDBWitch, TheMéliès, Georges1906
IMDBAli Baba and the Forty Thievesde Chomón, Segundo1907
IMDBBlack Witch, ThePathé Frères1907
IMDBBluebeard (Barbe-Bleue)Pathé Frères Co.1907
IMDBChildren's ReformatoryPathé Frères Co.1907
IMDBCigar Box, Thede Chomón, Segundo1907
IMDBCinderellaCapellani, Albert1907
IMDBCollege ChumsPorter, Edwin S.1907
IMDBDelirium in a StudioMéliès, Georges1907
IMDBEaster Eggs (Les oeufs de Pâques)de Chomón, Segundo1907
IMDBEclipse, TheMéliès, Georges1907
IMDBGlueGuy, Alice1907
IMDBGood Glue SticksMéliès, Georges1907
IMDBJack the KisserPorter, Edwin S.1907
IMDBKiriki, Japanese Acrobatsde Chomón, Segundo1907
IMDBLaughing GasPorter, Edwin S.1907
IMDBLegend of PolichinelleCapellani, Albert & Lucien Nonguet1907
IMDBLittle Girl Who Did Not Believe in Santa ClausDawley, J. Searle & Edwin S. Porter1907
IMDBMax Learns to SkateGasnier, Louis J.1907
IMDBMusic, Forward! (En avant la musique)de Chomón, Segundo1907
IMDBPearl Diver, TheZecca, Ferdinand1907
IMDBPumpkin Race, TheFeuillade, Louis1907
IMDBRed Spectre (Le spectre rouge)de Chomón, Segundo1907
IMDBRogues' TricksMéliès, Georges1907
IMDBSatan's Amusementde Chomón, Segundo1907
IMDBSculpteur express, Lede Chomón, Segundo1907
IMDBSightseeing Through WhiskeyMéliès, Georges1907
IMDBSkipping Cheeses, TheMéliès, Georges1907
IMDBThat Fatal SneezeFitzhamon, Lewin1907
IMDBThieving Hand, TheBlackton, J. Stuart1907
IMDBTulipes, Lesde Chomón, Segundo1907
IMDBAdventures of Dollie, TheGriffith, D.W.1908
IMDBAssassination of the Duke de GuiseCalmettes, André & Charles Le Bargy1908
IMDBBetrayed by a HandprintGriffith, D.W.1908
IMDBBlue Bird (L'oiseau bleu)Pathé Frères1908
IMDBBroken ViolinMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBBuncoed Stage JohnnieMéliès, Georges1908
 Bushman speaking into the phonographPoch, Rudolf1908
IMDBCréation de la serpentinede Chomón, Segundo1908
IMDBDiabolical Pickpocketde Chomón, Segundo1908
IMDBDiabolical Tenant, TheMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBDream of an Opium FiendMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBElectric Hotel, Thede Chomón, Segundo1908
IMDBExcursion to the Moonde Chomón, Segundo1908
IMDBFaun (le faune)Velle, Gaston1908
IMDBFrench Cops Learning EnglishMéliès, Georges1908
 Funeral of the Victims of the Radbod Mine Desaster near Hamm in Westfalia, Nov 16, 1908Welt-Kinematograph1908
IMDBGenii of FireMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBGood Luck of a SouseMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBGood Sheperdess and the Evil PrincessMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBGrandmother's Story, AMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBHer First AdventureMcCutcheon, Wallace1908
IMDBHis First JobMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBIn a Bogie Man's CaveMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBIn The Barber ShopMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBIn the Land of the Gold Mines (Au pays de l'or)Pathé Frères Co.1908
IMDBIndian Sorcerer, AnMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBJapanese Butterflies (Les papillons japonais)de Chomón, Segundo1908
IMDBJustinian's Human TorchesMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBKnight of Black ArtMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBLong Distance Wireless PhotographyMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBLunatiques, Lesde Chomón, Segundo1908
IMDBMagic BricksPathé Frères Co.1908
IMDBMaison ensorcelée, Lade Chomón, Segundo1908
IMDBMischances of a PhotographerMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBMiser, TheMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBNarrow Escape, APathé Frères Co.1908
IMDBNew Lord of the VillageMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBNot GuiltyMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBPharmaceutical HallucinationsMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBPhysician of the Castle, ThePathé Frères Co.1908
IMDBProphetess of ThebesMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBPumpkin Race, TheCohl, Émile & Étienne Arnaud1908
IMDBRescued from an Eagle's NestDawley, J. Searle1908
IMDBRomance of a JewessGriffith, D.W.1908
IMDBRunaway Horse, TheGasnier, Louis J.1908
IMDBSculpteur modernede Chomón, Segundo1908
IMDBSide Show WrestlersMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBSleeping BeautyCapellani, Albert & Lucien Nonguet1908
IMDBStenka RazinRomashkov, Vladimir1908
IMDBTempest, TheStow, Percy1908
IMDBTricky Painter's FateMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBWhy That Actor Was LateMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBWoes of Roller SkatesMéliès, Georges1908
IMDBAirship Destroyer, TheUrban, Charles1909
IMDBCountry Doctor, TheGriffith, D.W.1909
IMDBCurtain Pole, TheGriffith, D.W.1909
IMDBDrunkard's ReformationGriffith, D.W.1909
IMDBExcursion Incoherante, Unede Chomón, Segundo1909
IMDBFascinating Mrs. Francis, TheGriffith, D.W.1909
IMDBGolden Louis, TheGriffith, D.W.1909
IMDBHouse of CardsPorter, Edwin S.1909
IMDBKing LearBlackton, J. Stuart & William V. Ranous1909
IMDBMidsummer Night's Dream, ABlackton, J. Stuart & Charles Kent1909
IMDBMonkey RaceItala Film1909
IMDBMr. FlipAnderson, Gilbert M.1909
IMDBOliver TwistBlackton, J. Stuart1909
IMDBPickpock ne craint pas les entravesde Chomón, Segundo1909
IMDBSealed Room, TheGriffith, D.W.1909
IMDBThose Awful HatsGriffith, D.W.1909
IMDBTom Thumb (Le petit poucet)de Chomón, Segundo1909
IMDBTrap for Santa Claus, AGriffith, D.W.1909
IMDBTrip to Jupiterde Chomón, Segundo1909
IMDBVoice of the Violin, TheGriffith, D.W.1909
IMDBVoleur invisible, Lede Chomón, Segundo1909
IMDBWhimsical IllusionsMéliès, Georges1909
 Baby Pantomimes St. MartinFeuillade, Louis1910
IMDBBebe apacheFeuillade, Louis1910
IMDBBirth of a FlowerSmith, F. Percy1910
IMDBChristmas Carol, ADawley, J. Searle & Charles Kent & Ashley Miller1910
IMDBDay in the Life of a Coal MinerKineto Films1910
IMDBEnfance de l'artCohl, Émile1910
IMDBFlash of Light, AGriffith, D.W.1910
IMDBFoundling (Deux petits Jésus)Denola, Georges1910
IMDBFrankensteinDawley, J. Searle1910
IMDBFugitive, TheGriffith, D.W.1910
IMDBHow the Poor Dine in ParisPathé Frères Co.1910
IMDBIn Old CaliforniaGriffith, D.W.1910
IMDBIn the Border StatesGriffith, D.W.1910
IMDBJeffries-Johnson World's Championship Boxing Contest, Held at Reno, Nevada, July 4, 1910Blackton, J. Stuart1910
 Life Wasted, AContinental Films1910
IMDBMatch Box Mystery (Die geheimnisvolle Streichholzdose)Seeber, Guido1910
IMDBMax Takes a BathNonguet, Lucien1910
IMDBMax's First JobLinder, Max1910
IMDBRamonaGriffith, D.W.1910
IMDBSeeing The Real Thing (La tournée des grands ducs)Perret, Léonce1910
IMDBStenographer's Friend, Or, What Was Accomplished by an Edison Business PhonographEdison, Thomas1910
IMDBTout petit FaustCohl, Émile1910
IMDBTwo Roses, TheThanhouser Film Corporation1910
IMDBUnchanging Sea, TheGriffith, D.W.1910
IMDBUsurer, TheGriffith, D.W.1910
IMDBWhiffles Has a Sensible Soul (Rigadin a l'âme sensible)Monca, Georges1910
IMDBWhite Fawn's Devotion: A Play Acted by a Tribe of Red Indians in AmericaDeer, James Young1910
IMDBWonderful Wizard of Oz, TheTurner, Otis1910
IMDBAdventures of Billy, TheGriffith, D.W.1911
IMDBBaron Munchausen’s DreamMéliès, Georges1911
IMDBBattle, TheGriffith, D.W.1911
IMDBBrains RepairedCohl, Émile1911
IMDBDante's InfernoBertolini, Padovan & de Liguoro1911
IMDBEnoch ArdenGriffith, D.W.1911
IMDBHis TrustGriffith, D.W.1911
IMDBLast Drop of Water, TheGriffith, D.W.1911
IMDBMax and His Mother-In-LawLinder, Max1911
IMDBMax en convalescenceLinder, Max1911
IMDBMax et Jane veulent faire du theatreLinder, Max1911
IMDBMerchant of Venice, TheSavio, Gerolamo Lo1911
IMDBMiser's Heart, TheGriffith, D.W.1911
IMDBRoman Orgy, TheFeuillade, Louis1911
IMDBSwords and HeartsGriffith, D.W.1911
IMDBTrust: or The Battles For MoneyFeuillade, Louis1911
IMDBTwo ViolinistsSocietà Italiana Cines1911
IMDBWhat Shall We Do with Our Old?Griffith, D.W.1911
IMDBArtheme Swallows His ClarinetServaès, Ernest1912
IMDBBarcelone, principale ville de la Catalognede Chomón, Segundo1912
IMDBBurglar's DilemmaGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBCameraman's RevengeStarewicz, Wladyslaw1912
IMDBCharge of the Light Brigade, TheDawley, J. Searle1912
IMDBCinderellaMéliès, Georges1912
IMDBConquest of the PoleMéliès, Georges1912
IMDBCry of the ChildrenNichols, George1912
IMDBDash Through the Clouds, ASennett, Mack1912
IMDBEntente CordialeLinder, Max1912
IMDBFalling LeavesGuy, Alice1912
IMDBFor His SonGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBGerone, the Venice of Spainde Chomón, Segundo1912
IMDBHeart and Money, TheFeuillade, Louis & Léonce Perret1912
IMDBJimmie Pulls the TriggerFeuillade, Louis1912
IMDBKnight of the SnowMéliès, Georges1912
IMDBLand Beyond the Sunset, TheShaw, Harold M.1912
IMDBLesser Evil, TheGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBLove UnconquerableLinder, Max1912
IMDBMaking an American CitizenGuy, Alice1912
IMDBMan's GenesisGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBMary Pickford's FriendsGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBMax a peur de l'eauLinder, Max1912
IMDBMax and His DogLinder, Max1912
IMDBMender of Nets, TheGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBMetamorphosesde Chomón, Segundo1912
IMDBMystery of the Rocks of Kador, ThePerret, Léonce1912
IMDBNain, Le (The Dwarf)Feuillade, Louis1912
IMDBNarrow Road, TheGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBNew York Hat, TheGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBOne Is Business, the Other CrimeGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBOnésime, Clock-makerDurand, Jean1912
IMDBPainted Lady, TheGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBSunbeam, TheGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBSuperstition andalousede Chomón, Segundo1912
IMDBUnseen Enemy, AnGriffith, D.W.1912
IMDBWigwam, DeIvens, Joris1912
IMDBAtlantisBlom, August1913
IMDBBattle at Elderbush GulchGriffith, D.W.1913
IMDBBout-de-Zan and the ElephantFeuillade, Louis1913
IMDBDeath's MarathonGriffith, D.W.1913
IMDBEnfant de Paris, L'Perret, Léonce1913
IMDBEvidence of the Film, TheMarston, Lawrence & Edwin Thanhouser1913
IMDBFatty Joins the ForceNichols, George1913
IMDBGranddadInce, Thomas H.1913
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IMDBHouse Divided, AGuy, Alice1913
IMDBHouse of Darkness, TheGriffith, D.W.1913
IMDBHow Men ProposeWeber, Lois1913
IMDBIngeborg HolmSjöström, Victor1913
IMDBInsects' Christmas, TheStarewicz, Wladyslaw1913
IMDBInside of the White Slave TrafficBeal, Frank1913
IMDBLast Days of PompeiiCaserini, Mario & Eleuterio Rodolfi1913
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IMDBMatrimony's Speed LimitGuy, Alice1913
IMDBMothering Heart, TheGriffith, D.W.1913
IMDBNew Desk, TheValentin, Karl1913
IMDBNight Before Christmas, TheStarewicz, Wladyslaw1913
 Oscar et Kiki la midinettePerret, Léonce1913
IMDBProtéaJasset, Victorin-Hippolyte1913
IMDBShepherdess from IvryTourneur, Maurice1913
IMDBTragic ErrorFeuillade, Louis1913
IMDBVoyage of the Bourrichon FamilyMéliès, Georges1913
IMDBAvenging ConscienceGriffith, D.W.1914
IMDBBattle of the Sexes, TheGriffith, D.W.1914
IMDBBetween ShowersLehrman, Henry1914
IMDBBusy Day, AChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBCabiriaPastrone, Giovanni1914
IMDBCaught in a CaberetNormand, Mabel1914
IMDBChild of the Big CityBauer, Yevgeni1914
IMDBChristmas Day in the WorkhousePearson, George1914
IMDBCruel, Cruel LoveNichols, George & Mack Sennett1914
IMDBDough and DynamiteChaplin, Charles1914
 Eiko-Woche 1914
IMDBFace on the Bar Room Floor, TheChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBFatal Mallet, TheSennett, Mack1914
IMDBFilm Johnnie, ANichols, George1914
IMDBHis Favorite PastimeNichols, George1914
IMDBHis Musical CareerChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBHis New ProfessionChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBHis Trysting PlaceChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBHonesty: A Man's Struggle for ExistenceZecca, Ferdinand & Rene Leprince1914
IMDBIn the Land of the Head HuntersCurtis, Edward S.1914
IMDBJudith of BethuliaGriffith, D.W.1914
IMDBKid Auto Races at VeniceLehrman, Henry1914
IMDBKnockout, TheAvery, Charles1914
IMDBLaughing GasChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBLeading Lizzie AstrayArbuckle, Fatty1914
IMDBLittle Match Girl, TheNash, Percy1914
IMDBMabel's Married LifeChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBMabel's Strange PredicamentLehrman, Henry & Mack Sennett1914
IMDBMaking a LivingLehrman, Henry1914
IMDBMasquerader, TheChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBMax PedicureLinder, Max1914
IMDBMax's VacationLinder, Max1914
IMDBMysterious XChristensen, Benjamin1914
IMDBMystery of the Hindu ImageWalsh, Raoul1914
IMDBNew Janitor, TheChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBNew Wizard of Oz, TheBaum, L. Frank1914
IMDBPerils of Pauline, TheGasnier & Mackenzie1914
IMDBPrimitive Man, TheGriffith, D.W.1914
IMDBRecreationChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBRounders, TheChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBStar Boarder, TheNichols, George1914
IMDBTango TanglesSennett, Mack1914
IMDBTess of the Storm CountryPorter, Edwin S.1914
IMDBThose Love PangsChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBTillie's Punctured RomanceSennett, Mack1914
IMDBTwenty Minutes of LoveChaplin, Charles1914
IMDBWishing Ring, TheTourneur, Maurice1914
IMDBWrath of the Gods, TheBarker, Reginald1914
IMDBAfter DeathBauer, Yevgeni1915
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IMDBBirth of a NationGriffith, D.W.1915
IMDBCheat, TheDe Mille, Cecil1915
IMDBCub, TheTourneur, Maurice1915
IMDBDaydreamsBauer, Yevgeni1915
IMDBDinosaur and the Missing Link: A Prehistoric TragedyO'Brien, Willis1915
IMDBEnoch ArdenCabanne, Christy1915
IMDBFatty and Mabel's Simple LifeArbuckle, Fatty1915
IMDBFatty's Faithful FidoArbuckle, Fatty1915
IMDBFatty's Reckless FlingArbuckle, Fatty1915
IMDBFatty's Tintype TangleArbuckle, Fatty1915
IMDBFilibusRoncoroni, Mario1915
IMDBGolem, DerGaleen, Henrik & Paul Wegener1915
IMDBHypocritesWeber, Lois1915
IMDBNoël du poiluFeuillade, Louis1915
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IMDBPool SharksMiddleton, Edwin1915
IMDBRegenerationWalsh, Raoul1915
IMDBWished on MabelNormand, Mabel1915
IMDBBandit's Wager, AFord, Francis1916
IMDBBattle of the SommeMalins, Geoffrey1916
IMDBBlind JusticeChristensen, Benjamin1916
IMDBBobby Bumps Starts a LodgeHurd, Earl1916
IMDBCaptain Grogg's Wonderful JourneyBergdahl, Victor1916
IMDBDiana the HuntressAllen, Charles & Francis Trevelyan Miller1916
IMDBFatty and Mabel AdriftArbuckle, Fatty1916
IMDBGretchen the GreenhornFranklin, Sidney & Chester1916
IMDBHe Did and He Didn'tArbuckle, Fatty1916
IMDBHell's HingesSwickard, Charles1916
IMDBHer Sister's RivalBauer, Yevgeni1916
IMDBKapten Grogg i ballongBergdahl, Victor1916
IMDBKrazy Kat - BugologistSearle, Leon1916
IMDBKrazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse at the CircusSearle, Leon1916
IMDBKrazy Kat Goes A-Wooing 1916
IMDBMary and GretelMoss, Howard1916
IMDBNugget Jim's PardnerBorzage, Frank1916
IMDBPhable of a Busted RomancePowers, Tom E.1916
IMDBPhable of the Phat WomanPowers, Tom E.1916
IMDBPikovaya damaProtazanov, Yakov1916
IMDBPinkus's Shoe PalaceLubitsch, Ernst1916
IMDBSnow WhiteDawley, J. Searle1916
IMDBVigarneStiller, Mauritz1916
IMDBWhere Are My Children?Smalley, Phillips & Lois Weber1916
IMDBBucking BroadwayFord, John1917
IMDBButcher Boy, TheArbuckle, Fatty1917
IMDBConey IslandArbuckle, Fatty1917
IMDBDying Swan, TheBauer, Yevgeni1917
IMDBFather SergiusProtazanov, Yakov & Alexandre Volkoff1917
IMDBGrill Room ExpressBowers, Charley1917
IMDBKapten Grogg vid NordpolenBergdahl, Victor1917
IMDBMan There Was, ASjöström, Victor1917
IMDBMater dolorosaGance, Abel1917
IMDBMerry Jail, TheLubitsch, Ernst1917
IMDBModern Musketeer, ADwan, Allan1917
IMDBMormon Maid, ALeonard, Robert Z.1917
IMDBNär Kapten Grogg skulle porträtterasBergdahl, Victor1917
IMDBOh Doctor!Arbuckle, Fatty1917
IMDBOver the FenceLloyd, Harold1917
IMDBPoor Little Rich GirlTourneur, Maurice1917
IMDBRapsodia Satánica (Satan's Rhapsody)Oxilia, Nino1917
IMDBReckless Romeo, AArbuckle, Fatty1917
IMDBTeddy at the ThrottleBadger, Clarence1917
IMDBA.W.O.L.Bowers, Charley1918
IMDBAre Crooks Dishonest?Pratt, Gilbert1918
IMDBBell Boy, TheArbuckle, Fatty1918
IMDBBlue Bird, TheTourneur, Maurice1918
IMDBBond, TheChaplin, Charles1918
IMDBCity Slicker, ThePratt, Gilbert1918
IMDBCook, TheArbuckle, Fatty1918
IMDBGood Night, Nurse!Arbuckle, Fatty1918
IMDBGypsy Blood or CarmenLubitsch, Ernst1918
IMDBHearts of the WorldGriffith, D.W.1918
IMDBHey ThereGoulding, Alfred1918
IMDBHow to Make MoviesChaplin, Charles1918
IMDBI Don't Want to Be a ManLubitsch, Ernst1918
IMDBJohanna EnlistsTaylor, William Desmond1918
IMDBMoonshineArbuckle, Fatty1918
IMDBNon-Stop Kid, ThePratt, Gilbert1918
IMDBOut WestArbuckle, Fatty1918
IMDBOutlaw and His Wife, TheSjöström, Victor1918
IMDBPolicy and PieLa Cava, Gregory1918
IMDBStella MarisNeilan, Marshall1918
IMDBTake a ChanceGoulding, Alfred1918
IMDBThat's HimPratt, Gilbert1918
IMDBTwo-Gun GussieGoulding, Alfred1918
IMDBUnbeliever, TheCrosland, Alan1918
IMDBVendémiaireFeuillade, Louis1918
IMDBW.S.S. ThriftettesFenton, Paul1918
IMDBWhispering Chorus, TheDe Mille, Cecil1918
IMDBYoung Lady and the Holligan, TheSlavinsky, Yevgeni1918
IMDBBack StageArbuckle, Fatty1919
IMDBBarrabasFeuillade, Louis1919
IMDBBilly Blazes, Esq.Roach, Hal1919
IMDBBreath of a Nation, TheLa Cava, Gregory1919
IMDBBroken BlossomsGriffith, D.W.1919
IMDBBumping Into BroadwayRoach, Hal1919
IMDBCaptain Kidd's KidsRoach, Hal1919
IMDBDaddy-Long-LegsNeilan, Marshall1919
IMDBDelicious Little Devil, TheLeonard, Robert Z.1919
IMDBDon't Change Your HusbandDe Mille, Cecil1919
IMDBFrom Hand to MouthRoach, Hal & Alfred Goulding1919
IMDBHayseed, TheArbuckle, Fatty1919
IMDBJust NeighborsLloyd, Harold1919
IMDBKapten Grogg badarBergdahl, Victor1919
IMDBKapten Grogg bland vilda djurBergdahl, Victor1919
IMDBMadame DuBarryLubitsch, Ernst1919
IMDBMale and FemaleDe Mille, Cecil1919
IMDBMarathon, TheGoulding, Alfred1919
IMDBPresident, TheDreyer, Carl Theodor1919
IMDBProfessor, TheChaplin, Charles1919
IMDBPuppe, Die (The Doll)Lubitsch, Ernst1919
IMDBSentimental Bloke, TheLongford, Raymond1919
IMDBSir Arne's TreasureStiller, Mauritz1919
IMDBSons of Ingmar, TheSjöström, Victor1919
IMDBTrue Heart SusieGriffith, D.W.1919
IMDBWhen the Clouds Roll ByFleming, Victor1919
IMDBWicked DarlingBrowning, Tod1919
IMDBYoung Mr. JazzRoach, Hal1919
IMDBAlgolWerckmeister, Hans1920
IMDBAll Aboard for the MoonFleischer, Max1920
IMDBAnna BoleynLubitsch, Ernst1920
IMDBDr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeRobertson, John S.1920
IMDBErotikonStiller, Mauritz1920
IMDBGarage, TheArbuckle, Fatty1920
IMDBGenuineWiene, Robert1920
IMDBGet Out and Get UnderNewmeyer, Fred1920
IMDBGolem, TheBoese, Carl & Paul Wegener1920
IMDBHigh and DizzyRoach, Hal1920
IMDBHis Royal SlynessRoach, Hal1920
IMDBHuckleberry FinnTaylor, William Desmond1920
IMDBJanus Head, TheMurnau, F.W.1920
IMDBKapten Grogg bland andra konstiga kropparBergdahl, Victor1920
IMDBKapten Grogg på Stora OceanenBergdahl, Victor1920
IMDBLa Fete EspagnoleDulac, Germaine1920
IMDBLast of the MohicansTourneur, Maurice1920
IMDBLove Expert, TheKirkland, David1920
IMDBMan of the SeaL'Herbier, Marcel1920
IMDBMollycoddle, TheFleming, Victor1920
IMDBMonastery of SendomirSjöström, Victor1920
IMDBNumber, Please?Newmeyer, Fred & Hal Roach1920
IMDBOutside the LawBrowning, Tod1920
IMDBParson's WidowDreyer, Carl Theodor1920
IMDBPenalty, TheWorsley, Wallace1920
IMDBSaphead, TheBlaché, Herbert1920
IMDBSoul of the CypressMurphy, Dudley1920
IMDBSudsDillon, Jack1920
IMDBSumurunLubitsch, Ernst1920
IMDBSwallow and the Titmouse, TheAntoine, Andre1920
IMDBWay Down EastGriffith, D.W.1920
IMDBWhy Change Your Wife?De Mille, Cecil1920
IMDBWithin Our GatesMicheaux, Oscar1920
IMDBAce of Hearts, TheWorsley, Wallace1921
IMDBAmong Those PresentNewmeyer, Fred1921
IMDBBe My WifeLinder, Max1921
IMDBEldoradoL'Herbier, Marcel1921
IMDBFirst Circus, TheSarg, Tony1921
IMDBFour Horsemen of the Apocalypse, TheIngram, Rex1921
IMDBGang in die Nacht, DerMurnau, F.W.1921
IMDBHamletGade, Svend & Heinz Schall1921
IMDBHis NibsLa Cava, Gregory1921
IMDBI DoRoach, Hal1921
IMDBIndian Tomb, TheMay, Joe1921
IMDBLeaves From Satan's BookDreyer, Carl Theodor1921
IMDBLittle Lord FauntleroyGreen, Alfred E. & Jack Pickford1921
IMDBMarriage of BabylasStarewicz, Wladyslaw1921
IMDBMiss Lulu BettDe Mille, William C.1921
IMDBMissing HusbandsFeyder, Jacques1921
IMDBModelingFleischer, Dave1921
IMDBMountain Cat, TheLubitsch, Ernst1921
IMDBNever WeakenNewmeyer, Fred1921
IMDBNow or NeverRoach, Hal1921
IMDBSailor-Made Man, ANewmeyer, Fred1921
IMDBScarecrow, TheStarewicz, Wladyslaw1921
IMDBSeven Years Bad LuckLinder, Max1921
IMDBSheik, TheMelford, George1921
IMDBSouls on the RoadMurata, Minoru1921
IMDBTerre, LaAntoine, Andre1921
IMDBThree Musketeers, TheNiblo, Fred1921
IMDBTiger of Eschnapur, TheMay, Joe1921
IMDBTol'able DavidKing, Henry1921
IMDBBallad of Fisher's Boarding HouseCapra, Frank1922
IMDBBeyond the RocksWood, Sam1922
IMDBBlood and SandNiblo, Fred1922
IMDBBurning SoilMurnau, F.W.1922
IMDBCinderellaDisney, Walt1922
IMDBCrainquebilleFeyder, Jacques1922
IMDBDanse MacabreMurphy, Dudley1922
IMDBDaydreamsKeaton, Buster & Edward Cline1922
IMDBDoctor JackNewmeyer, Fred1922
IMDBDr. JackNewmeyer, Fred & Sam Taylor1922
IMDBFour Musicians of BremenDisney, Walt1922
IMDBFrom Morn to MidnightMartin, Karl Heinz1922
IMDBGezeichneten, DieDreyer, Carl Theodor1922
IMDBGrandma's BoyNewmeyer, Fred1922
IMDBJumping BeansFleischer, Dave1922
IMDBKapten Grogg har blivit fetBergdahl, Victor1922
IMDBKindred of the DustWalsh, Raoul1922
IMDBLe Souriante Madame BeudetDulac, Germaine1922
IMDBLittle Red Riding HoodDisney, Walt1922
IMDBLoves of Pharaoh, TheLubitsch, Ernst1922
IMDBManslaughterDe Mille, Cecil1922
IMDBMoran of the Lady LettyMelford, George1922
IMDBNice and FriendlyChaplin, Charles1922
IMDBOliver TwistLloyd, Frank1922
IMDBOnce Upon a Time (Der var engang)Dreyer, Carl Theodor1922
IMDBOrphans of the StormGriffith, D.W.1922
IMDBPasteurEpstein, Jean & Jean Benoît-Lévy1922
IMDBPest, TheRobbins, Jess1922
IMDBPuss in BootsDisney, Walt1922
IMDBRobin HoodDwan, Allan1922
IMDBToll of the Sea, TheFranklin, Chester M.1922
IMDBTommy Tucker's ToothDisney, Walt1922
IMDBBelle Nivernaise, LaEpstein, Jean1923
IMDBBurning Brazier, TheMozzhukhin, Ivan1923
IMDBCovered Wagon, TheCruze, James1923
IMDBErdgeistJessner, Leopold1923
IMDBExtra Girl, TheJones, F. Richard1923
IMDBFait-diversAutant-Lara, Claude1923
IMDBFelix All PuzzledMessmer, Otto1923
IMDBFelix in HollywoodMessmer, Otto1923
IMDBHell Ship, The (Eld Ombord)Sjostrom, Victor1923
IMDBHunchback of Notre Dame, TheWorsley, Wallace1923
IMDBIt's a GiftFay, Hugh1923
IMDBMerry-Go-Roundvon Stroheim, Erich & Rupert Julian1923
IMDBMysteries of a BarbershopBrecht, Bertolt & Erich Engel1923
IMDBRaskolnikov (Crime and Punishment)Wiene, Robert1923
IMDBRoue, LaGance, Abel1923
IMDBScaramoucheIngram, Rex1923
IMDBSchattenRobison, Arthur1923
IMDBShock, TheHillyer, Lambert1923
IMDBSouls for SaleHughes, Rupert1923
IMDBStreet, TheGrune, Karl1923
IMDBTen Commandments, TheDe Mille, Cecil1923
IMDBThis Ancient LawDupont, Ewald André1923
IMDBTreasure, ThePabst, G.W.1923
IMDBWhy Worry?Newmeyer, Fred & Sam Taylor1923
IMDBWoman of ParisChaplin, Charles1923
IMDBZazaDwan, Allan1923
IMDBAlice Hunting in Africa (Alice in the Jungle)Disney, Walt1924
IMDBBackbitersRenoir, Jean & Albert Dieudonné1924
IMDBBeau BrummelBeaumont, Harry1924
IMDBCartoon Factory, TheFleischer, Dave & Max1924
IMDBCigarette Girl from Moscow, TheZhelyabuzhsky, Yuri1924
IMDBCloud Phenomena of MajolaFanck, Arnold1924
IMDBEnchanted Cottage, TheRobertson, John S.1924
IMDBEpic of Everest, TheNoel, J.B.L.1924
IMDBExtraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks, TheKuleshov, Lev1924
IMDBFrogs Who Wanted a King, TheStarewicz, Wladyslaw1924
IMDBGreat White Silence, ThePonting, Herbert1924
IMDBHands of Orlac, TheWiene, Robert1924
IMDBHot WaterNewmeyer, Fred & Sam Taylor1924
IMDBInhumaine, L'L'Herbier, Marcel1924
IMDBInterplanetary RevolutionKhodataev, Nikolai1924
IMDBIron Horse, TheFord, John1924
IMDBIsn't Life WonderfulGriffith, D.W.1924
IMDBJanice MeredithHopper, E. Mason1924
IMDBKino-EyeVertov, Dziga1924
IMDBLion des Mogols, LeEpstein, Jean1924
IMDBLizzies of the FieldLord, Del1924
 Looney Lens: Pas de deuxBrick, Al1924
 Looney Lens: Split SkyscrapersBrick, Al1924
 Looney Lens: Tenth Avenue, NYCBrick, Al1924
IMDBManhandledDwan, Allan1924
IMDBMarriage Circle, TheLubitsch, Ernst1924
IMDBMichaelDreyer, Carl Theodor1924
IMDBOlympic Games as They Were Practiced in Ancient Greecede Rovera, Jean1924
 Other Gods, TheRhodes, Peter1924
IMDBPeter PanBrenon, Herbert1924
IMDBSaga of Gosta BerlingStiller, Mauritz1924
IMDBSecretsBorzage, Frank1924
IMDBSoviet ToysVertov, Dziga1924
IMDBSylvester (New Year's Eve)Pick, Lupu1924
IMDBSymphonie diagonaleEggeling, Viking1924
IMDBThief of Bagdad, TheWalsh, Raoul1924
IMDBWaxworksLeni, Paul1924
IMDB1925 Studio TourDaniels, William H.1925
IMDBAlice Chops the SueyDisney, Walt1925
IMDBAlice Is Stage StruckDisney, Walt1925
IMDBAlice Rattled by RatsDisney, Walt1925
IMDBAlice Solves the PuzzleDisney, Walt1925
IMDBAlice the Jail BirdDisney, Walt1925
IMDBAlice the ToreadorDisney, Walt1925
IMDBAlice Wins the DerbyDisney, Walt1925
IMDBAlice's Egg PlantDisney, Walt1925
IMDBAlice's Tin PonyDisney, Walt1925
IMDBAventures de Robert MacaireEpstein, Jean1925
IMDBBeggar on HorsebackCruze, James1925
IMDBBen-HurNiblo, Fred1925
IMDBBig Parade, TheVidor, King1925
IMDBBody and SoulMicheaux, Oscar1925
IMDBChina in FlamesKhodataev, Nikolai1925
IMDBCircle, TheBorzage, Frank1925
IMDBCobraHenabery, Joseph1925
IMDBDeath Ray, TheKuleshov, Lev1925
IMDBDinky Doodle in the HuntLantz, Walter1925
IMDBDon Q Son of ZorroCrisp, Donald1925
IMDBEagle, TheBrown, Clarence1925
 Episodes in the Life of a Gin BottleVon Block, Bela1925
IMDBEyes of the DragonStarewicz, Wladyslaw1925
IMDBFaces of ChildrenFeyder, Jacques1925
IMDBGames on Reflection and SpeedChomette, Henri1925
IMDBGrass: A Nation's Battle for LifeCooper, Merian C. & Ernest B. Schoedsack1925
IMDBHis Wooden WeddingMcCarey, Leo1925
IMDBIn the Spider's GripStarewicz, Wladyslaw1925
IMDBInnocent HusbandsMcCarey, Leo1925
IMDBJoyless StreetPabst, G.W.1925
IMDBKino-Pravda 21 - Kinopoema o LenineVertov, Dziga1925
IMDBLady of the NightBell, Monta1925
IMDBLady Windermere's FanLubitsch, Ernst1925
IMDBMaciste in HellBrignone, Guido1925
 Magic Pencil, TheGranass, Bruno1925
IMDBMerry Widow, Thevon Stroheim, Erich1925
IMDBMonster, TheWest, Roland1925
IMDBMy Old Kentucky HomeFleischer, Dave1925
IMDBRag Man, TheCline, Edward1925
IMDBRat's Knuckles, TheMcCarey, Leo1925
IMDBSally of the SawdustGriffith, D.W.1925
IMDBSong of HomeMizoguchi, Kenji1925
IMDBStage StruckDwan, Allan1925
IMDBStickleback's Egg, ThePainlevé, Jean1925
IMDBTumbleweedsBaggot, King1925
IMDBVoice of the NightingaleStarewicz, Wladyslaw1925
IMDBWhirlpool of FateRenoir, Jean1925
IMDB3 Bad MenFord, John1926
IMDBAdventures of Prince AchmedReiniger, Lotte1926
IMDBAlice on the FarmDisney, Walt1926
IMDBAlice's Balloon RaceDisney, Walt1926
IMDBAlice's OrphanDisney, Walt1926
IMDBBat, TheWest, Roland1926
IMDBBeau GesteBrenon, Herbert1926
IMDBBlack Pirate, TheParker, Albert1926
IMDBBlackbird, TheBrowning, Tod1926
IMDBBoheme, LaVidor, King1926
IMDBBrown of HarvardConway, Jack1926
IMDBCinq minutes de cinéma purChomette, Henri1926
IMDBCrazy Like a FoxMcCarey, Leo1926
IMDBDevil's CircusChristensen, Benjamin1926
IMDBDog ShyMcCarey, Leo1926
IMDBDon JuanCrosland, Alan1926
IMDBElla CindersGreen, Alfred E.1926
IMDBExit SmilingTaylor, Sam1926
IMDBFig LeavesHawks, Howard1926
IMDBFine MannersRosson, Richard1926
IMDBFlesh and the DevilBrown, Clarence1926
IMDBFor Heaven's SakeTaylor, Sam1926
IMDBGlomdalsbruden (Bride of Glomdal)Dreyer, Carl Theodor1926
IMDBHands Up!Badger, Clarence1926
IMDBHoly Mountain, TheFanck, Arnold1926
IMDBIt's the CatsFleischer, Dave1926
IMDBLate Mathias Pascal (The Living Dead Man)L'Herbier, Marcel1926
IMDBLong Fliv the KingMcCarey, Leo1926
IMDBLove's BerriesDovzhenko, Alexander1926
IMDBMama BehaveMcCarey, Leo1926
IMDBMantrapFleming, Victor1926
IMDBMaupratEpstein, Jean1926
IMDBMénilmontantKirsanoff, Dimitri1926
IMDBMighty Like a MooseMcCarey, Leo1926
IMDBMiss MendOzep, Fedor1926
IMDBMoanaFlaherty, Robert1926
 MoonlandMcQuire, Neil & William A. O'Connor1926
IMDBNanaRenoir, Jean1926
IMDBNow You Tell OneBowers, Charley1926
IMDBParis at MidnightHopper, E. Mason1926
IMDBScarlet Letter, TheSjöström, Victor1926
IMDBSecrets Of A SoulPabst, G.W.1926
IMDBShow Off, TheSt. Clair, Malcolm1926
IMDBSixth Part of the WorldVertov, Dziga1926
IMDBSo This is ParisLubitsch, Ernst1926
IMDBSo's Your Old ManLa Cava, Gregory1926
IMDBSparrowsBeaudine, William1926
IMDBStride, SovietVertov, Dziga1926
IMDBStrong Man, TheCapra, Frank1926
IMDBStudent of Prague, TheGaleen, Henrik1926
IMDBSweet AdelineFleischer, Dave1926
IMDBTell It to the MarinesHill, George W.1926
IMDBTemptress, TheNiblo, Fred1926
IMDBWhat Price GloryWalsh, Raoul1926
IMDBAlice the WhalerDisney, Walt1927
IMDBBed and SofaRoom, Abram1927
IMDBBeloved Rogue, TheCrosland, Alan1927
IMDBCat and the Canary, TheLeni, Paul1927
IMDBChang: A Drama of the WildernessCooper, Merian C. & Ernest B. Schoedsack1927
IMDBChess Player, TheBernard, Raymond1927
IMDBChildren of DivorceLloyd, Frank & Josef von Sternberg1927
IMDBCoquille et le ClergymanDulac, Germaine1927
IMDBCradle Snatchers, TheHawks, Howard1927
IMDBCurses of the Witch (Noidan kirot)Puro, Teuvo1927
IMDBDiplomat's Pouch, TheDovzhenko, Alexander1927
IMDBDon't Tell EverythingMcCarey, Leo1927
IMDBDownhillHitchcock, Alfred1927
IMDBDuck SoupGuiol, Fred1927
IMDBEnd of St. Petersburg, ThePudovkin, Vsevolod1927
IMDBEtudes de mouvements a ParisIvens, Joris1927
IMDBFall of the Romanov DynastyShub, Esther1927
IMDBGirl with the Hat BoxBarnet, Boris1927
IMDBGlace à trois faces, La (Three-sided Mirror)Epstein, Jean1927
IMDBHindle WakesElvey, Maurice1927
IMDBHitting the TrailSherwood & Wadsworth1927
IMDBItBadger, Clarence1927
IMDBJazz Singer, TheCrosland, Alan1927
IMDBKing of KingsDe Mille, Cecil1927
IMDBLodger, TheHitchcock, Alfred1927
IMDBLondon After MidnightBrowning, Tod1927
IMDBLong PantsCapra, Frank1927
 Looney Lens: Anamorphic PeopleBrick, Al1927
IMDBLove of Jeanne Ney, ThePabst, G.W.1927
IMDBLoves of Zero, TheFlorey, Robert & William Cameron Menzies1927
IMDBMany a SlipBowers, Charley1927
IMDBMechanical Cow, TheDisney, Walt1927
IMDBMockeryChristensen, Benjamin1927
IMDBMonkey Talks, TheWalsh, Raoul1927
IMDBMy Best GirlTaylor, Sam1927
IMDBNapoleonGance, Abel1927
IMDBNew Adventures of Felix the CatDodal, Karel1927
IMDBNorth of NowhereSherwood & Wadsworth1927
IMDBNothing DoingBowers, Charley1927
IMDBO Taxi 9297Ferreira, Reinaldo1927
IMDBOne Man DogTerry, Paul1927
 One of ManyKhodataev, Nikolai1927
IMDBPaid to LoveHawks, Howard1927
IMDBPoet and the CzarGardin, Vladimir & Yevgeni Chervyakov1927
IMDBPrey of the WindClair, Rene1927
IMDBPrince of WhalesSherwood & Wadsworth1927
IMDBQueen of the Butterflies (La reine des papillons)Starewicz, Wladyslaw1927
IMDBRed Mill, TheArbuckle, Fatty1927
IMDBRita ou Rito?Ferreira, Reinaldo1927
IMDBRomeeowMessmer, Otto1927
IMDBSailors BewareGuiol, Fred1927
IMDBSenka the AfricanIvanov-Vano & Cherkes & Merkulov1927
IMDBShould Second Husbands Come First?McCarey, Leo1927
IMDBShow, TheBrowning, Tod1927
IMDBSpiritual ConstructionsFischinger, Oskar1927
IMDBStudent Prince in Old HeidelbergLubitsch, Ernst1927
 Thirty Years of Motion Pictures (The March of the Movies)Ramsaye, Terry & Otto Nelson1927
IMDBTwenty-Four-Dollar IslandFlaherty, Robert1927
IMDBTwo Arabian KnightsMilestone, Lewis1927
IMDBWax ExperimentsFischinger, Oskar1927
IMDBWe'll Keep Our Eyes PeeledKhodataev, Nikolai1927
IMDBWedding Marchvon Stroheim, Erich1927
IMDBYour AcquaintanceKuleshov, Lev1927
IMDB4 DevilsMurnau, F.W.1928
IMDBArgent, L'L'Herbier, Marcel1928
IMDBBlack Duck, TheTerry, Paul1928
IMDBBridge, TheIvens, Joris1928
IMDBChampagneHitchcock, Alfred1928
IMDBChapeau de paille d'Italie, UnClair, René1928
IMDBChaser, TheLangdon, Harry1928
IMDBDaphniaPainlevé, Jean1928
IMDBEleventh Year, TheVertov, Dziga1928
IMDBEspionage, or The War Without ArmsChoux, Jean1928
IMDBÉtudes sur ParisSauvage, André1928
IMDBFarmer's Wife, TheHitchcock, Alfred1928
IMDBFazilHawks, Howard1928
IMDBFeed 'em and WeepMcCarey, Leo & Fred Guiol1928
IMDBFour SonsFord, John1928
IMDBFresh Lobster, TheCavalcade Pictures1928
IMDBFrom Soup to NutsKennedy, Edgar1928
IMDBGallopin' GauchoIwerks, Ub1928
IMDBGirl In Every Port, AHawks, Howard1928
 Growing RevoltNoldan, Svend1928
 Hands: The Life and Loves of the Gentler SexSimon, Stella & Miklos Bandy1928
IMDBHouse on Trubnaya, TheBarnet, Boris1928
IMDBImpatienceDekeukeleire, Charles1928
IMDBIn The Big CityDonskoy, Mark & Mikhail Averbakh1928
IMDBJujiroKinugasa, Teinosuke1928
IMDBLaugh, Clown, LaughBrenon, Herbert1928
IMDBLeave 'em LaughingBruckman, Clyde1928
IMDBLove in Black and WhiteStarewicz, Wladyslaw1928
IMDBMagic Clock, TheStarewicz, Wladyslaw1928
IMDBMaldoneGrémillon, Jean1928
IMDBMighty Taro's Reckless TrainingKing Film1928
IMDBMomotarô the UndefeatedYamamoto, Sanae1928
IMDBMysterious Lady, TheNiblo, Fred1928
IMDBOctopus, ThePainlevé, Jean1928
IMDBPass the GravyMcCarey, Leo & Fred Guiol1928
IMDBPatsy, TheVidor, King1928
IMDBPlane CrazyUb Iwerks & Walt Disney1928
IMDBPower of the Press, TheCapra, Frank1928
IMDBRebus Film No. 1Leni, Paul1928
IMDBSad Sack, TheRenoir, Jean1928
IMDBSadie ThompsonWalsh, Raoul1928
IMDBSay Ah-h!Bowers, Charley1928
IMDBSea Urchins, ThePainlevé, Jean1928
IMDBShanghai Document, TheBliokh, Yakov1928
IMDBShooting StarsAsquith, Anthony & A.V. Bramble1928
IMDBShow PeopleVidor, King1928
IMDBSteamboat WillieDisney, Walt1928
IMDBStorm Over AsiaPudovkin, Vsevolod1928
IMDBTwo TarsParrott, James1928
IMDBUndergroundAsquith, Anthony1928
IMDBVormittagsspuk (Ghosts Before Breakfast)Richter, Hans1928
IMDBWe Faw DownMcCarey, Leo1928
IMDBWhite Shadows in the South SeasVan Dyke, W.S.1928
IMDBWind, TheSjöström, Victor1928
IMDBWoman of Affairs, ABrown, Clarence1928
IMDBZamilovaný vodníkTýrlová, Hermína1928
IMDBZvenigoraDovzhenko, Aleksandr1928
 Adventures of MunchausenCherkes, Daniil1929
IMDBAfter the BallFleischer, Dave1929
IMDBAlibiWest, Roland1929
IMDBAll AmericansSantley, Joseph1929
IMDBAlles dreht sich, alles bewegt sichRichter, Hans1929
IMDBApplauseMamoulian, Rouben1929
IMDBAsphaltMay, Joe1929
IMDBBig BusinessMcCarey, Leo & James W. Horne1929
IMDBBig BusinessHorne, James W.1929
IMDBBig NewsLa Cava, Gregory1929
IMDBBlack and TanMurphy, Dudley1929
IMDBBlackmailHitchcock, Alfred1929
IMDBBled, LeRenoir, Jean1929
IMDBBroadwayFejos, Paul1929
IMDBBroadway MelodyBeaumont, Harry1929
IMDBBrumes d'automneKirsanoff, Dimitri1929
IMDBBulldog DrummondJones, F. Richard1929
IMDBCanary Murder Case, TheSt. Clair, Malcolm & Frank Tuttle1929
IMDBChinatown, My ChinatownFleischer, Dave1929
IMDBCocoanuts, TheFlorey, Robert & Joseph Santley1929
IMDBCottage on Dartmoor, AAsquith, Anthony1929
IMDBDays of YouthOzu, Yasujiro1929
IMDBDesert NightsNigh, William1929
IMDBDiary of a Lost GirlPabst, G.W.1929
IMDBDynamiteDe Mille, Cecil1929
IMDBErotikonMachaty, Gustav1929
IMDBFinding His VoiceFleischer, Max1929
IMDBFour Feathers, TheCooper, Merian C. & Ernest B. Schoedsack1929
IMDBGeneral Line, TheEisenstein, Sergei1929
IMDBGodless Girl, TheDe Mille, Cecil1929
IMDBGreat Gabbo, TheCruze, James1929
IMDBH2OSteiner, Ralph1929
IMDBHallelujahVidor, King1929
IMDBHell's BellsIwerks, Ub1929
IMDBHistoire de détectiveDekeukeleire, Charles1929
IMDBHollywood Revue of 1929, TheReisner, Charles F.1929
IMDBI Graduated, But...Ozu, Yasujiro1929
IMDBI've Got Rings on My FingersFleischer, Dave1929
IMDBIron Mask, TheDwan, Allan1929
IMDBIssun-bôshi no shusse (Tiny One Makes It Big)Nakano Mangasha1929
IMDBKarnival Kid, TheUb Iwerks & Walt Disney1929
IMDBKiss, TheFeyder, Jacques1929
IMDBKobutoriAoji, Chuzo & Yasuji Murata1929
IMDBLady of the PavementsGriffith, D.W.1929
IMDBLast Warning, TheLeni, Paul1929
IMDBLibertyMcCarey, Leo1929
IMDBLove Parade, TheLubitsch, Ernst1929
IMDBLullabyDeutsch, Boris1929
IMDBManxman, TheHitchcock, Alfred1929
IMDBMarianneLeonard, Robert Z.1929
IMDBMelody of the WorldRuttmann, Walter1929
IMDBMerveilleuse vie de Jeanne d'Arc, Lade Gastyne, Marco1929
IMDBMickey's FolliesIwerks, Ub1929
IMDBMonte CristoFescourt, Henri1929
IMDBMystères du château de Dé, LesMan Ray1929
IMDBMysterious Island, TheHubbard, Lucien1929
IMDBNew Babylon, TheKozintsev, Grigori & Leonid Trauberg1929
IMDBNew Gentlemen, TheFeyder, Jacques1929
IMDBNoah's LarkFleischer, Dave1929
IMDBOh, You Beautiful DollFleischer, Dave1929
IMDBPair of TightsYates, Hal1929
IMDBPerfect DayParrott, James1929
IMDBPerle, LaUrsel, Henri d'1929
IMDBPiccadillyDupont, Ewald André1929
IMDBPut on Your Old Gray BonnetFleischer, Dave1929
IMDBRennsymphonieRichter, Hans1929
IMDBSeven Footprints to SatanChristensen, Benjamin1929
IMDBShip of Lost MenTourneur, Maurice1929
IMDBSingle Standard, TheRobertson, John S.1929
IMDBSmilesFleischer, Dave1929
IMDBSpeedwayBeaumont, Harry1929
IMDBSpite MarriageSedgwick, Edward1929
IMDBSt. Louis BluesMurphy, Dudley1929
IMDBStraightforward Boy, AOzu, Yasujiro1929
IMDBTaro's Toy Train (Tarô-san no kisha)Murata, Yasuji1929
IMDBThirteenth ChairBrowning, Tod1929
IMDBToday (Segodnya)Shub, Esfir1929
IMDBTokyo MarchMizoguchi, Kenji1929
IMDBTony Sarg's Marionettes in the OrientSmith, Basil1929
IMDBTrespasser, TheGoulding, Edmund1929
IMDBVirginian, TheFleming, Victor1929
IMDBWhite Hell of Pitz PaluFanck, Arnold & G.W. Pabst1929
IMDBWonderful Lies of Nina PetrovnaSchwarz, Hanns1929
IMDBWrong AgainMcCarey, Leo1929
IMDBAbraham LincolnGriffith, D.W.1930
IMDBAfricaLantz, Walter1930
IMDBAimless WalkHammid, Alexander1930
IMDBAll Quiet on the Western FrontMilestone, Lewis1930
IMDBApril MazeMessmer, Otto1930
IMDBBat Whispers, TheWest, Roland1930
IMDBBedeliaFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBBig House, TheHill, George W.1930
IMDBBig Trail, TheWalsh, Raoul1930
IMDBBimbovo smutné dobrodruzstvíDodal, Karel1930
IMDBBorderlineMacPherson, Kenneth1930
IMDBBorn RecklessFord, John1930
 Bridge, TheVidor, Charles1930
IMDBChain Gang, TheGillett, Burt1930
IMDBCome Take a Trip in My AirshipFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBCuckoos, TheSloane, Paul1930
IMDBDawn Patrol, TheHawks, Howard1930
IMDBDevil to Pay!, TheFitzmaurice, George1930
IMDBExperimental Treatment of a Hemorrhage in a DogPainlevé, Jean1930
IMDBFeet FirstBruckman, Clyde1930
IMDBFiddlesticksIwerks, Ub1930
IMDBFire BugsFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBFire FightersGillett, Burt1930
IMDBFollow ThruCorrigan, Lloyd & Laurence Schwab1930
IMDBGolf Specialist, TheBrice, Monte1930
IMDBGood NewsGrinde, Nick1930
IMDBGorilla Mystery, TheGillett, Burt1930
IMDBGrand UproarFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBHarvest Festival (Muramatsuri)Ôfuji, Noburô1930
IMDBHell's AngelsHughes, Howard1930
IMDBHer ManGarnett, Tay1930
IMDBHolidayGriffith, Edward H.1930
IMDBHometownMizoguchi, Kenji1930
IMDBHot DogFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBHot Time in the Old Town TonightFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBI Flunked, But...Ozu, Yasujiro1930
IMDBI'm Afraid to Come Home in the DarkFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBI'm Forever Blowing BubblesFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBIn the Good Old SummertimeFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBIn the Shade of the Old Apple TreeFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBIt's a BirdBowers, Charley1930
IMDBJuno and the PaycockHitchcock, Alfred1930
IMDBKing of JazzAnderson, John Murray1930
IMDBLadies of LeisureCapra, Frank1930
IMDBLaughterd'Arrast, Harry1930
IMDBLiliomBorzage, Frank1930
IMDBLittle Lise (La petit Lise)Grémillon, Jean1930
IMDBManslaughterAbbott, George1930
IMDBMariutchFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBMurder!Hitchcock, Alfred1930
IMDBMy Gal SalFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBMy Pal PaulLantz, Walter1930
IMDBMystery of the Yellow ChamberL'Herbier, Marcel1930
IMDBOl' King CottonCozine, Ray1930
IMDBOn a Sunday AfternoonFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBOur Baseball GameMurata, Yasuji1930
IMDBPaidWood, Sam1930
IMDBPaloma, LaFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBPioneer DaysGillett, Burt1930
IMDBPrisoner's SongFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBPuddle PranksIwerks, Ub1930
IMDBRadi-AtorsBrady, Jasper Ewing1930
IMDBRadio RiotFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBRafflesFitzmaurice, George1930
IMDBRomance sentimentaleEisenstein, Sergei & Grigori Alexandrov1930
IMDBRow Row RowFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBSalt for SvanetiaKalatozishvili, Mikheil1930
IMDBSaru Masamune (The Monkey Sword)Murata, Yasuji1930
IMDBSky ScrapingFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBSong o' My HeartBorzage, Frank1930
IMDBStein SongFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBStory of the Fox, TheStarewicz, Wladyslaw & Irene1930
IMDBStrike Up the BandFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBSurf and SeaweedSteiner, Ralph1930
IMDBSwing You Sinners!Fleischer, Dave1930
IMDBThat Night's WifeOzu, Yasujiro1930
IMDBTurksibTurin, Victor1930
IMDBUnholy ThreeConway, Jack1930
IMDBUp the RiverFord, John1930
IMDBUp to MarsFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBVillage Barber, TheIwerks, Ub1930
IMDBWalk CheerfullyOzu, Yasujiro1930
IMDBWestfront 1918Pabst, G.W.1930
IMDBWhoopee!Freeland, Thornton1930
IMDBWise FliesFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBYes! We Have No BananasFleischer, Dave1930
IMDBZehn Minuten MozartReiniger, Lotte1930
IMDBÀ nous la libertéClair, René1931
 Adí, medvídek mývalWoelz, Georg1931
IMDBAlexander's Ragtime BandFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBAmerican Tragedy, Anvon Sternberg, Josef1931
IMDBAnd the Green Grass Grew All AroundFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBAnimal Sumo 1931
IMDBAnna ChristieFeyder, Jacques1931
IMDBAny Little Girl That’s a Nice Little GirlFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBAutumn FireWeinberg, Herman G.1931
IMDBBaby's LaxativeRenoir, Jean1931
IMDBBachelor ApartmentSherman, Lowell1931
IMDBBad GirlBorzage, Frank1931
IMDBBehind Office DoorsBrown, Melville1931
IMDBBerceaux, LesEpstein, Jean1931
IMDBBerlin AlexanderplatzJutzi, Phil1931
IMDBBetty Co-edFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBBirds of a FeatherGillett, Burt1931
IMDBBirthday Party, TheGillett, Burt1931
IMDBBlonde CrazyDel Ruth, Roy1931
IMDBBlue RhythmGillett, Burt1931
IMDBBy the Beautiful SeaFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBBy the Light of the Silvery MoonFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBChamp, TheVidor, King1931
IMDBCimarronRuggles, Wesley1931
IMDBCity StreetsMamoulian, Rouben1931
IMDBDavid GolderDuvivier, Julien1931
 Day in Santa Fe, ARiggs, Lynn & James Hughes1931
IMDBDizzy Red Riding-HoodFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBDoctors' WivesBorzage, Frank1931
IMDBDr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeMamoulian, Rouben1931
IMDBEgyptian MelodiesJackson, Wilfred1931
IMDBFin du Monde, LaGance, Abel1931
IMDBFive and TenLeonard, Robert Z.1931
IMDBFive Star FinalLeRoy, Mervyn1931
IMDBFlunky, Work Hard! (Koshiben Gambare)Naruse, Mikio1931
IMDBFront Page, TheMilestone, Lewis1931
IMDBGirls About TownCukor, George1931
IMDBHarlekinReiniger, Lotte1931
IMDBHerring Murder CaseFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBHittin' the Trail for Hallelujah LandIsing, Rudolf1931
IMDBHouse Divided, AWyler, William1931
IMDBI Wonder Who's Kissing Her NowFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBI'd Climb the Highest MountainFleischer, Dave1931
 In Berlin StudioFischinger, Oskar1931
IMDBIn My Merry OldsmobileFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBIndiscreetMcCarey, Leo1931
IMDBIndustrial BritainFlaherty, Robert1931
IMDBIns Blaue HineinSchüfftan, Eugen1931
IMDBKameradschaftPabst, G.W.1931
IMDBKômori (The Bat)Murata, Yasuji1931
IMDBKuhle WampeDudow, Slatan1931
IMDBKuronyago (The Black Cat)Ôfuji, Noburô1931
IMDBLady and the BeardOzu, Yasujiro1931
IMDBLast Flight, TheDieterle, William1931
IMDBLedolom (The Thaw)Barnet, Boris1931
IMDBLight RhythmsBruguière, Francis & Oswell Blakeston1931
IMDBLimitePeixoto, Mario1931
IMDBLittle Annie RooneyFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBLittle CaesarLeRoy, Mervyn1931
IMDBLooking For His MurdererSiodmak, Robert1931
IMDBMaison de dansesTourneur, Maurice1931
IMDBMaison jaune de Rio, LaGrune, Karl & Robert Péguy1931
IMDBMale Man, TheFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBMaltese Falcon, TheDel Ruth, Roy1931
 Manhattan MedleyPowell, Bonney1931
IMDBMariusKorda, Alexander1931
IMDBMata HariFitzmaurice, George1931
IMDBMelodie der WellenFischerkoesen, Hans1931
IMDBMickey Cuts UpGillett, Burt1931
IMDBMickey Steps OutGillett, Burt1931
IMDBMickey's OrphansGillett, Burt1931
IMDBMiracle Woman, TheCapra, Frank1931
IMDBMomotaro's Sky AdventureMurata, Yasuji1931
IMDBMor’vran (Sea of Ravens)Epstein, Jean1931
IMDBMusical JusticeScotto, Aubrey1931
IMDBMy Baby Just Cares for MeFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBMy Wife's Gone to the CountryFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBMädchen in UniformSagan, Leontine1931
IMDBNail in the BootKalatozishvili, Mikheil1931
IMDBNational Anthem (Kokka kimigayo)Ôfuji, Noburô1931
IMDBNeighbor's Wife and MineGosho, Heinosuke1931
IMDBNezumi no rusubanOishi, Ikuo1931
IMDBOpéra de quat'sous, L'Pabst, G.W.1931
IMDBParlor, Bedroom and BathSedgwick, Edward1931
IMDBPhilips-RadioIvens, Joris1931
IMDBPlatinum BlondeCapra, Frank1931
IMDBPlease Go 'Way and Let Me SleepFleischer, Dave1931
 Portrait of a Young ManRodakiewicz, Henwar1931
IMDBPossessedBrown, Clarence1931
IMDBPrague Castle, TheHammid, Alexander1931
IMDBPrivate LivesFranklin, Sidney1931
IMDBPublic Enemy, TheWellman, William A.1931
IMDBRich and StrangeHitchcock, Alfred1931
IMDBRoad to LifeEkk, Nikolai1931
IMDBRussian LullabyFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBSilly ScandalsFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBSkin Game, TheHitchcock, Alfred1931
IMDBSmart MoneyGreen, Alfred E.1931
IMDBSomebody Stole My GalFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBSoup Song, TheIwerks, Ub1931
 Spejblovo filmové opojeníSkupa, Josef1931
IMDBSpray of Plum Blossoms, ABu, Wancang1931
IMDBSpring Song (Haru no uta)Ôfuji, Noburô1931
IMDBStar WitnessWellman, William A.1931
IMDBStreet SceneVidor, King1931
IMDBStruggle, TheGriffith, D.W.1931
IMDBStudie Nr. 9Fischinger, Oskar1931
IMDBSvengaliMayo, Archie1931
IMDBTarnished LadyCukor, George1931
IMDBTeacher's PestFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBThat Old Gang of MineFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBThreepenny OperaPabst, G.W.1931
IMDBTokyo ChorusOzu, Yasujiro1931
IMDBTrader HornVan Dyke, W.S.1931
IMDBTree SapsFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBTwenty Legs Under the SeaFleischer, Dave1931
IMDBUnlucky Butterfly (Chô no sainan) 1931
IMDBUrashima TarôMiyashita, Manzo1931
IMDBVillage Smitty, TheIwerks, Ub1931
IMDBWaterloo BridgeWhale, James1931
IMDBYellow Ticket, TheWalsh, Raoul1931
IMDBYou're Driving Me CrazyFleischer, Dave1931
IMDB20,000 Years in Sing SingCurtiz, Michael1932
IMDBA Hunting We Will GoFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBAdmission FreeFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBAfter TomorrowBorzage, Frank1932
IMDBAmerican MadnessCapra, Frank1932
IMDBAny RagsFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBAtlantide, L'Pabst, G.W.1932
IMDBBabes in the WoodsGillett, Burt1932
IMDBBack StreetStahl, John M.1932
IMDBBetty Boop’s Bizzy BeeFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBBetty Boop’s MuseumFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBBetty Boop’s Ups and DownsFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBBill of Divorcement, ACukor, George1932
IMDBBlack and WhiteIvanov-Vano, Ivan & Leonid Amalrik1932
IMDBBlonde Venusvon Sternberg, Josef1932
IMDBBlue Light, TheRiefenstahl, Leni1932
IMDBCartomancienne, LaHill, Jerome1932
IMDBChandu the MagicianMenzies, William Cameron & Marcel Varnel1932
IMDBCrash, TheDieterle, William1932
IMDBCrazy-TownFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBDaïnah la métisseGrémillon, Jean1932
IMDBDancing Fool, TheFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBDankichi-jima no olympic taikai 1932
IMDBDoctor XCurtiz, Michael1932
IMDBDown Among the Sugar CaneFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBDuck Hunt, TheGillett, Burt1932
IMDBFalse FacesSherman, Lowell1932
IMDBFannyAllégret, Marc1932
IMDBFantômasFejos, Paul1932
IMDBFarewell To Arms, ABorzage, Frank1932
IMDBForbiddenCapra, Frank1932
IMDBFunny FaceIwerks, Ub1932
IMDBGirl from ChicagoMicheaux, Oscar1932
IMDBGrand HotelGoulding, Edmund1932
IMDBGreeks Had a Word for Them, TheSherman, Lowell1932
IMDBHalf-Naked Truth, TheLa Cava, Gregory1932
IMDBHatchet Man, TheWellman, William A.1932
IMDBHell's HighwayBrown, Rowland1932
IMDBHelpmatesParrott, James1932
IMDBHey, Pop!Goulding, Alfred1932
IMDBHide and SeekFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBI Ain't Got NobodyFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBI am a Fugitive from a Chain GangLeRoy, Mervyn1932
IMDBIdée, L'Bartosch, Berthold1932
IMDBI’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead You Rascal YouFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBJewel RobberyDieterle, William1932
IMDBJust DogsGillett, Burt1932
IMDBJust One More ChanceFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBKlondike Kid, TheJackson, Wilfred1932
IMDBKoloraturenFischinger, Oskar1932
IMDBLet Me Call You SweetheartFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBLiebeleiOphüls, Max1932
IMDBLittle GeezerHuff, Theodore1932
IMDBMan I Killed, The (Broken Lullaby)Lubitsch, Ernst1932
IMDBMarie, légende hongroiseFejos, Paul1932
IMDBMask of Fu Manchu, TheBrabin, Charles1932
IMDBMe and My GalWalsh, Raoul1932
IMDBMeloCzinner, Paul1932
IMDBMickey's RevueJackson, Wilfred1932
IMDBMillion Dollar LegsCline, Edward1932
IMDBMinnie the MoocherFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBMomotaro's Underwater AdventureMurata, Yasuji1932
IMDBMovie CrazyBruckman, Clyde1932
IMDBMummy, TheFreund, Karl1932
IMDBMurders in the Rue MorgueFlorey, Robert1932
IMDBMusic Box, TheParrott, James1932
IMDBMusic Lesson, TheIwerks, Ub1932
IMDBNo Blood Relation (Nasanu Naka)Naruse, Mikio1932
IMDBNumber SeventeenHitchcock, Alfred1932
IMDBÔatari sora no en-takuKatô, Teizô1932
IMDBOh! How I Hate to Get Up in the MorningFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBOne Hour With YouLubitsch, Ernst1932
IMDBOne Way PassageGarnett, Tay1932
IMDBOr des mers, L'Epstein, Jean1932
IMDBParade of the Award NomineesWalt Disney Productions1932
IMDBParis-MéditerranéeMay, Joe1932
IMDBPayment DeferredMendes, Lothar1932
IMDBPie, Pie BlackbirdMack, Roy1932
IMDBQue Viva MexicoEisenstein, Sergei & Grigori Alexandrov1932
IMDBRainMilestone, Lewis1932
IMDBRed DustFleming, Victor1932
IMDBRed Head, TheDuvivier, Julien1932
IMDBRhapsody in Black and BlueScotto, Aubrey1932
IMDBRobot, TheFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBRomantic MelodiesFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBRudy Vallee MelodiesFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBS.O.S.Fleischer, Dave1932
IMDBScarfaceHawks, Howard1932
IMDBSchool DaysFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBService for LadiesKorda, Alexander1932
IMDBShine on Harvest MoonFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBShow Me the Way to Go HomeFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBSign of the Cross, TheDe Mille, Cecil1932
 Simple Case, APudovkin, Vsevolod1932
IMDBSing a SongFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBSleepy Time Down SouthFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBSmash Your BaggageMack, Roy1932
IMDBSmilin' ThroughFranklin, Sidney1932
IMDBSports DayMurata, Yasuji1932
IMDBSweet Jennie LeeFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBTarzan the Ape ManVan Dyke, W.S.1932
IMDBTen Minutes to LiveMicheaux, Oscar1932
IMDBThose BluesParamount Pictures1932
IMDBThree on a MatchLeRoy, Mervyn1932
IMDBTiger SharkHawks, Howard1932
 Tilly Losch in her Dance of the HandsBel Geddes, Norman1932
IMDBTime on My HandsFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBTip Tap ToeGoulding, Alfred1932
IMDBTouchdown MickeyJackson, Wilfred1932
 Travel NotesEvans, Walker1932
IMDBTumultesSiodmak, Robert1932
IMDBTwo SecondsLeRoy, Mervyn1932
IMDBUnheimliche GeschichtenOswald, Richard1932
IMDBUnion DepotGreen, Alfred E.1932
IMDBWait Till the Sun Shines, NellieFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBWedding RehearsalKorda, Alexander1932
IMDBWhat Price Hollywood?Cukor, George1932
IMDBWhen the Red, Red, Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' AlongFleischer, Dave1932
IMDBWhere Now Are the Dreams of Youth?Ozu, Yasujiro1932
IMDBWhoopee Party, TheJackson, Wilfred1932
IMDBWindy Ledge FarmWright, Elizabeth Woodman1932
IMDBWooden CrossesBernard, Raymond1932
IMDBYoung AmericaBorzage, Frank1932
IMDB42nd StreetBacon, Lloyd1933
IMDB7 Till 5McLaren, Norman1933
IMDB90 Degrees SouthPonting, Herbert1933
IMDBAin't She SweetFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBAir Race, TheIwerks, Ub1933
IMDBAlice in WonderlandMcLeod, Norman Z.1933
IMDBAloha OeFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBAnna and ElizabethWisbar, Frank1933
IMDBApart From You (Kimi to Wakarete)Naruse, Mikio1933
IMDBBarber Shop, TheRipley, Arthur1933
IMDBBetty Boop’s Big BossFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBBetty Boop’s Crazy InventionsFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBBetty Boop’s Ker-ChooFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBBetty Boop’s May PartyFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBBitter Tea of General Yen, TheCapra, Frank1933
 Black DawnBerne, Josef & Seymour Stern1933
IMDBBlood MoneyBrown, Rowland1933
IMDBBoileskFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBBombshellFleming, Victor1933
IMDBBoo, Boo, Theme Song!Fleischer, Dave1933
IMDBBowery, TheWalsh, Raoul1933
IMDBBuilding a BuildingHand, David1933
IMDBBundle of BluesWaller, Fred1933
IMDBBureau of Missing PersonsDel Ruth, Roy1933
IMDBChotard and CompanyRenoir, Jean1933
IMDBCounsellor at LawWyler, William1933
IMDBDancing Girl of Izu, TheGosho, Heinosuke1933
IMDBDaybreakSun Yu1933
IMDBDinahFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBDoctor BullFord, John1933
IMDBDon QuixotePabst, G.W.1933
IMDBDown by the Old Mill StreamFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBDragnet GirlOzu, Yasujiro1933
IMDBEagle and the Hawk, TheWalker, Stuart1933
IMDBEcstasyMachaty, Gustav1933
IMDBEmperor Jones, TheMurphy, Dudley1933
IMDBEmployee's EntranceDel Ruth, Roy1933
IMDBEnglish Potter, TheFlaherty, Robert1933
IMDBFast WorkersBrowning, Tod1933
IMDBFatal Glass of Beer, TheBruckman, Clyde1933
IMDBFootnote to FactJacobs, Lewis1933
IMDBFriday the ThirteenthSaville, Victor1933
IMDBGabriel Over The White HouseLa Cava, Gregory1933
IMDBGanga BrutaMauro, Humberto1933
IMDBGiantlandGillett, Burt1933
IMDBGoing HollywoodWalsh, Raoul1933
IMDBGood Companions, TheSaville, Victor1933
IMDBGreat Consoler, TheKuleshov, Lev1933
IMDBHeroes for SaleWellman, William A.1933
IMDBHibari no yadogae (The Larks' Moving Day)Murata, Yasuji1933
IMDBHow've You Bean?Goulding, Alfred1933
IMDBI Cover the WaterfrontCruze, James1933
IMDBI HeardFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBI Know Everybody and Everybody's RacketBrice, Monte1933
IMDBI Like Mountain MusicFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBIs My Palm ReadFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBJack and the BeanstalkIwerks, Ub1933
IMDBJapanese Girls at the HarborShimizu, Hiroshi1933
IMDBJazz a la Cuba 1933
IMDBJofroiPagnol, Marcel1933
IMDBKennel Murder Case, TheCurtiz, Michael1933
IMDBKomsomolsk, Song of HeroesIvens, Joris1933
IMDBLadies They Talk AboutBretherton, Howard & William Keighley1933
IMDBLady KillerDel Ruth, Roy1933
IMDBLittle Giant, TheDel Ruth, Roy1933
IMDBMad Doctor, TheHand, David1933
IMDBMadame BovaryRenoir, Jean1933
IMDBMail Pilot, TheHand, David1933
IMDBMan's CastleBorzage, Frank1933
IMDBMaternelle, LaBenoit-Levy, Jean1933
IMDBMickey's Gala PremierGillett, Burt1933
IMDBMidnight MaryWellman, William A.1933
IMDBMisère au BorinageIvens, Joris & Henri Storck1933
IMDBMorning GlorySherman, Lowell1933
IMDBMorning, Noon and NightFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBMystery of the Wax MuseumCurtiz, Michael1933
IMDBNew EarthIvens, Joris1933
IMDBNight On Bald MountainAlexeieff, Alexander1933
IMDBNightly Dreams (Yogoto no Yume)Naruse, Mikio1933
IMDBObsessionTourneur, Maurice1933
IMDBOil: A Symphony In MotionMacPherson, MG & Jean Michelson1933
IMDBOld Man of the Mountain, TheFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBOnly YesterdayStahl, John M.1933
IMDBOrganchik (Little Music Box)Khodataev, Nikolai1933
IMDBOutskirtsBarnet, Boris1933
IMDBPassing FancyOzu, Yasujiro1933
IMDBPeanut VendorFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBPenthouseVan Dyke, W.S.1933
IMDBPerfect UnderstandingGardner, Cyril1933
 PeriodWoelz, Georg1933
IMDBPet Store, TheJackson, Wilfred1933
IMDBPharmacist, TheRipley, Arthur1933
IMDBPopular MelodiesFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBPower and the Glory, TheHoward, William K.1933
IMDBPrivate 2nd Class NorakuroMurata, Yasuji1933
IMDBPrivate Life of Henry VIII, TheKorda, Alexander1933
IMDBPrizefighter and the Lady, TheVan Dyke, W.S.1933
IMDBPuppy LoveJackson, Wilfred1933
IMDBQueen ChristinaMamoulian, Rouben1933
IMDBReaching for the MoonFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBRollende Rad, DasReiniger, Lotte1933
IMDBRufus Jones for PresidentMack, Roy1933
IMDBSailor's LuckWalsh, Raoul1933
IMDBSankô to tako (Sanko and the Octopus)Murata, Yasuji1933
IMDBSecretsBorzage, Frank1933
IMDBShe Done Him WrongSherman, Lowell1933
IMDBSin of Nora MoranGoldstone, Phil1933
IMDBSing, Babies, Sing!Fleischer, Dave1933
IMDBSing, Sisters, Sing!Fleischer, Dave1933
IMDBSong of Songs, TheMamoulian, Rouben1933
IMDBSong ShoppingFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBSonnenstrahl (Ray of Sunshine)Fejos, Paul1933
IMDBSons of the DesertSeiter, William A.1933
IMDBStoopnocracyFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBStory of Temple Drake, TheRoberts, Stephen1933
IMDBStranger's Return, TheVidor, King1933
IMDBTête d'un homme, LaDuvivier, Julien1933
IMDBThat's the SpiritMack, Roy1933
IMDBToday We LiveHawks, Howard1933
IMDBTopazed'Arrast, Harry1933
IMDBWater Magician, TheMizoguchi, Kenji1933
IMDBWhen Yuba Plays the Rumba on the TubaFleischer, Dave1933
IMDBWoman of TokyoOzu, Yasujiro1933
IMDBYe Olden DaysGillett, Burt1933
 Ženit se a nezoufat!Vosahlik, Bohumil1933
IMDBAladdin and the Wonderful LampIwerks, Ub1934
IMDBAllez-Oop!Keaton, Buster & Charles Lamont1934
IMDBAmokOzep, Fedor1934
IMDBAngèlePagnol, Marcel1934
 Atom of Eternity, TheZahradnicek, Cenek & Vladimir Smejkal1934
IMDBBarretts of Wimpole Street, TheFranklin, Sidney1934
IMDBBetty Boop's Life GuardFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBBetty Boop's Little PalFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBBetty Boop's Prize ShowFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBBetty Boop's Rise to FameFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBBetty Boop's TrialFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBBetty in BlunderlandFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBBig Bad Wolf, TheGillett, Burt1934
IMDBBlack MoonNeill, Roy William1934
IMDBBorn to Be BadSherman, Lowell1934
IMDBBrave Tin Soldier, TheIwerks, Ub1934
IMDBBroadway BillCapra, Frank1934
IMDBBulldog Drummond Strikes BackDel Ruth, Roy1934
IMDBCab Calloway's Hi-De-HoWaller, Fred1934
IMDBCamping OutHand, David1934
IMDBCat's Paw, TheTaylor, Sam1934
IMDBChanson d'ArmorEpstein, Jean1934
IMDBCleopatraDe Mille, Cecil1934
IMDBConfirmation Day (Der Firmling)Valentin, Karl1934
IMDBCorn on the CopStaub, Ralph1934
IMDBCrime Without PassionHecht, Ben & Charles MacArthur1934
IMDBDamesEnright, Ray1934
IMDBDeath Takes a HolidayLeisen, Mitchell1934
IMDBDognapper, TheHand, David1934
IMDBDon QuixoteIwerks, Ub1934
IMDBDream Walking, AFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBEvergreenSaville, Victor1934
IMDBFétiche prestidigitateurStarewicz, Wladyslaw1934
IMDBFire Raisers, ThePowell, Michael1934
IMDBFlirtation WalkBorzage, Frank1934
IMDBFlying Mouse, TheHand, David1934
IMDBFour Frightened PeopleDe Mille, Cecil1934
IMDBFunny Little BunniesJackson, Wilfred1934
IMDBGood Scout, TheIwerks, Ub1934
IMDBGrand Jeu, LeFeyder, Jacques1934
IMDBGrasshopper and the AntsJackson, Wilfred1934
IMDBGulliver MickeyGillett, Burt1934
IMDBHa! Ha! Ha!Fleischer, Dave1934
IMDBHere Is My HeartTuttle, Frank1934
IMDBI ScreamMcCarey, Ray1934
IMDBImitation of LifeStahl, John M.1934
IMDBInsultin' the SultanIwerks, Ub1934
IMDBIt's a GiftMcLeod, Norman Z.1934
IMDBJoie de vivreGross, Anthony & Hector Hoppin1934
IMDBJolly FellowsAleksandrov, Grigori1934
IMDBKeep in StyleFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBKeeps Rainin' All the TimeFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBLa Signora di TuttiOphüls, Max1934
IMDBLast Millionaire, TheClair, René1934
IMDBLazybonesFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBLet's All Sing Like the Birdies SingFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBLet's Sing with PopeyeFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBLittle Dutch MillFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBLittle Man, What Now?Borzage, Frank1934
IMDBLittle Red Hen, TheIwerks, Ub1934
IMDBLost Patrol, TheFord, John1934
 Louis Armstrong in Copenhagen 1934
IMDBLove Thy NeighborFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBMan of AranFlaherty, Robert1934
IMDBManhattan MelodramaVan Dyke, W.S.1934
IMDBMascot, TheStarewicz, Wladyslaw1934
IMDBMaskeradeForst, Willi1934
IMDBMerry Widow, TheLubitsch, Ernst1934
IMDBMessieurs de la SanteColombier, Pierre1934
IMDBMisérables, LesBernard, Raymond1934
IMDBModern Hero, APabst, G.W.1934
IMDBMother Should Be Loved, AOzu, Yasujiro1934
IMDBMuratti greift einFischinger, Oskar1934
IMDBMurder at the VanitiesLeisen, Mitchell1934
IMDBNo Greater GloryBorzage, Frank1934
IMDBOld Fashioned Way, TheBeaudine, William1934
IMDBOne Night of LoveSchertzinger, Victor1934
IMDBOperator 13Boleslawski, Richard1934
IMDBOur Neighbor Miss YaeShimazu, Yasujiro1934
IMDBPhilips CavalcadePal, George1934
IMDBPoor CinderellaFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBPrivate Life of Don Juan, TheKorda, Alexander1934
IMDBPuss in BootsIwerks, Ub1934
IMDBQueen of HeartsIwerks, Ub1934
IMDBQueen of SportsYu, Sun1934
IMDBRasslin' RoundIwerks, Ub1934
IMDBRed Hot MammaFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBReturn of Bulldog DrummondSummers, Walter1934
IMDBRhythm in LightBute, Mary Ellen & Ted Nemeth1934
IMDBRichest Girl in the World, TheSeiter, William A.1934
IMDBRise of Catherine the Great, TheCzinner, Paul1934
IMDBRoi des Champs-Elysees, LeNosseck, Max1934
IMDBS.S. TenacityDuvivier, Julien1934
IMDBScarlet Pimpernel, TheYoung, Harold1934
 Secrets of SuccessTovárek, Arnošt1934
IMDBSequoiaMarin, Edwin & Chester Franklin1934
IMDBShe Reminds Me of YouFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBShen nu (Goddess)Wu Yonggang1934
IMDBShip of the EtherPal, George1934
IMDBSong of CeylonWright, Basil1934
IMDBSong of the FishermanCai Chusheng1934
IMDBStolen Heart, TheReiniger, Lotte1934
IMDBStreet Without End (Kagirinaki Hodo)Naruse, Mikio1934
 Tale of the Melancholy KingPal, George1934
IMDBThis Little Piggie Went to MarketFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBThree Songs About LeninVertov, Dziga1934
IMDBTreasure IslandFleming, Victor1934
IMDBTriumph of the WillRiefenstahl, Leni1934
IMDBTune Up and SingFleischer, Dave1934
IMDBValiant Tailor, TheIwerks, Ub1934
IMDBViva WillieIwerks, Ub1934
IMDBWe Live AgainMamoulian, Rouben1934
 WinnerPal, George1934
IMDBYou're Telling Me!Kenton, Erle C.1934
IMDBAerograd (Frontier)Dovzhenko, Alexander1935
IMDBAlice AdamsStevens, George1935
IMDBAll-Colored Vaudeville ShowMack, Roy1935
IMDBAnnie OakleyStevens, George1935
 Atelier du Val de Grace, L'Man Ray1935
IMDBBalloonlandIwerks, Ub1935
IMDBBand Concert, TheJackson, Wilfred1935
IMDBBandera, LaDuvivier, Julien1935
IMDBBarbary CoastHawks, Howard1935
IMDBBecky SharpMamoulian, Rouben1935
IMDBBelly Drum Dance at Shojoji TempleOishi, Ikuo1935
IMDBBonheur, LeL'Herbier, Marcel1935
IMDBBrementown Musicians, TheIwerks, Ub1935
IMDBBurden of LifeGosho, Heinosuke1935
IMDBCab Calloway's Jitterbug PartyWaller, Fred1935
IMDBCall of the Wild, TheWellman, William A.1935
IMDBCamera Makes WhoopeeMcLaren, Norman1935
IMDBCaptain BloodCurtiz, Michael1935
IMDBCarnival In FlandersFeyder, Jacques1935
IMDBCharlie Chan in EgyptKing, Louis1935
IMDBChina SeasGarnett, Tay1935
IMDBCoal FaceCavalcanti, Alberto1935
IMDBDancing on the MoonFleischer, Dave1935
IMDBDay of FreedomRiefenstahl, Leni1935
IMDBDivineOphüls, Max1935
IMDBDon Quintín el amargaoBuñuel, Luis y Luis Marquina1935
IMDBDownfall of OsenMizoguchi, Kenji1935
IMDBDushi fengguangYuan Muzhi1935
IMDBEquipage, L'Litvak, Anatole1935
IMDBEvery Night at EightWalsh, Raoul1935
IMDBFarmer Takes a Wife, TheFleming, Victor1935
IMDBFétiche se marieStarewicz, Wladyslaw1935
IMDBFour Hours to Kill!Leisen, Mitchell1935
IMDBGai dimancheTati, Jacques1935
IMDBGalatheaReiniger, Lotte1935
IMDBGay Deception, TheWyler, William1935
IMDBGhost Goes West, TheClair, René1935
IMDBGirl in the Rumor (Uwasa no Musume)Naruse, Mikio1935
IMDBGold Diggers of 1935Berkeley, Busby1935
IMDBGolgothaDuvivier, Julien1935
IMDBHands Across the TableLeisen, Mitchell1935
IMDBHenry, The Funniest Living AmericanFleischer, Dave1935
IMDBHighway, TheSun Yu1935
IMDBHumpty DumptyIwerks, Ub1935
IMDBI Wished on the MoonFleischer, Dave1935
IMDBInformerFord, John1935
IMDBInn in TokyoOzu, Yasujiro1935
IMDBIt's Easy to RememberFleischer, Dave1935
IMDBKoenigsmarkTourneur, Maurice1935
IMDBKomposition in BlauFischinger, Oskar1935
IMDBLast Days of Pompeii, TheSchoedsack, Ernest B.1935
IMDBLes MisérablesBoleslawski, Richard1935
IMDBLittle Chimney Sweep, TheReiniger, Lotte1935
IMDBLives of a Bengal LancerHathaway, Henry1935
IMDBLiving on VelvetBorzage, Frank1935
IMDBLove Me ForeverSchertzinger, Victor1935
IMDBMad LoveFreund, Karl1935
IMDBMagic AtlasPal, George1935
IMDBMagnificent ObsessionStahl, John M.1935
IMDBMan on the Flying TrapezeBruckman, Clyde1935
IMDBMark of the VampireBrowning, Tod1935
IMDBMary's Little LambIwerks, Ub1935
IMDBMickey's Fire BrigadeSharpsteen, Ben1935
IMDBMickey's GardenJackson, Wilfred1935
IMDBMickey's Service StationSharpsteen, Ben1935
 Midnight WeddingDodal, Karel & Irena Dodalová1935
 Mother's Trip to HeavenDodal, Karel & Irena Dodalová1935
IMDBMunkbrogreven (Count of the Old Town)Wallén, Sigurd1935
IMDBMuratti privatFischinger, Oskar1935
IMDBMusic LandJackson, Wilfred1935
IMDBMutiny on the BountyLloyd, Frank1935
IMDBNew WomenCai Chusheng1935
IMDBNight at the OperaWood, Sam1935
IMDBNight of StorytellingFlaherty, Robert1935
IMDBOld Mother HubbardIwerks, Ub1935
IMDBOn IceSharpsteen, Ben1935
IMDBPage Miss GloryLeRoy, Mervyn1935
IMDBPeter IbbetsonHathaway, Henry1935
IMDBPhantom Light, ThePowell, Michael1935
IMDBPie in the SkySteiner, Ralph1935
IMDBPluto's Judgement DayHand, David1935
IMDBPot Worth a Million Ryo, AYamanaka, Sadao1935
IMDBPrivate WorldsLa Cava, Gregory1935
IMDBRecklessFleming, Victor1935
IMDBRobber Kitten, TheHand, David1935
IMDBScoundrel, TheHecht, Ben & Charles MacArthur1935
IMDBShe Couldn't Take ItGarnett, Tay1935
IMDBShe Married Her BossLa Cava, Gregory1935
IMDBShipmates ForeverBorzage, Frank1935
IMDBShow Them No Mercy!Marshall, George1935
IMDBSimple SimonIwerks, Ub1935
IMDBSinbad the SailorIwerks, Ub1935
IMDBSleeping BeautyPal, George1935
IMDBSong of ChinaFei Mu1935
IMDBSteamboat Round the BendFord, John1935
IMDBSummertimeIwerks, Ub1935
IMDBSwedenhielmsMolander, Gustaf1935
IMDBSymphony in BlackWaller, Fred1935
IMDBTale of Two Cities, AConway, Jack1935
 Taming of the Black GiantDodal, Karel & Irena Dodalová1935
IMDBThree Bears, TheIwerks, Ub1935
IMDBThree Orphan KittensHand, David1935
IMDBThree Sisters With Maiden Hearts (Otome-gokoro Sannin Shimai)Naruse, Mikio1935
IMDBTit for TatRogers, Charley1935
IMDBTop HatSandrich, Mark1935
IMDBWalpurgis NightEdgren, Gustaf1935
IMDBWater BabiesJackson, Wilfred1935
IMDBWedding Night, TheVidor, King1935
IMDBWerewolf of LondonWalker, Stuart1935
IMDBWho Killed Cock Robin?Hand, David1935
IMDBWhole Town's Talking, TheFord, John1935
IMDBWife, Be Like a Rose (Tsuma yo Bara no Yo ni)Naruse, Mikio1935
IMDBAladdin and the Magic LampPal, George1936
IMDBAli BabaIwerks, Ub1936
IMDBAlpine ClimbersHand, David1936
IMDBAnne-MarieBernard, Raymond1936
IMDBBig Brown EyesWalsh, Raoul1936
IMDBBlack Network, TheMack, Roy1936
IMDBBlood on Wolf MountainFei Mu1936
IMDBBy The Bluest of SeasBarnet, Boris1936
IMDBCain and MabelBacon, Lloyd1936
IMDBCalendar of the YearCherry, Evelyn1936
IMDBCeiling ZeroHawks, Howard1936
IMDBCésarPagnol, Marcel1936
IMDBCharge of the Light Brigade, TheCurtiz, Michael1936
IMDBCharlie Chan at the Race TrackHumberstone, H. Bruce1936
IMDBCome and Get ItHawks, Howard & William Wyler1936
IMDBConquest of the AirKorda, Zoltan1936
IMDBDevil Is a Sissy, TheVan Dyke, W.S.1936
IMDBDick Whittington's CatIwerks, Ub1936
IMDBDodsworthWyler, William1936
IMDBDracula's DaughterHillyer, Lambert1936
IMDBEther SymphonyPal, George1936
IMDBFairy of the PhoneColdstream, William1936
IMDBFaisons un rêveGuitry, Sacha1936
IMDBFantaisie érotiqueDodal, Karel & Irena Dodalová1936
IMDBFétiche en voyage de nocesStarewicz, Wladyslaw1936
IMDBFinal AccordSirk, Douglas1936
IMDBFollow the FleetSandrich, Mark1936
IMDBForget Me NotKorda, Zoltan1936
IMDBFourth Dimension, ThePainlevé, Jean1936
IMDBGarden of Allah, TheBoleslawski, Richard1936
IMDBHappy DaysIwerks, Ub1936
IMDBHats OffPetroff, Boris1936
IMDBHearts DividedBorzage, Frank1936
IMDBHills of Old Wyomin'Fleischer, Dave1936
IMDBHra bublinekTýrlová, Hermína & Karel Dodal & Irena Dodalová1936
IMDBI Can't Escape from YouFleischer, Dave1936
IMDBI Don't Want to Make HistoryFleischer, Dave1936
IMDBI Feel Like a Feather in the BreezeFleischer, Dave1936
IMDBIntermezzoMolander, Gustaf1936
IMDBIt's Love AgainSaville, Victor1936
IMDBLe Crime de Monsieur LangeRenoir, Jean1936
IMDBLibeled LadyConway, Jack1936
IMDBLittle Beau PorkyTashlin, Frank1936
IMDBLittle Boy BlueIwerks, Ub1936
IMDBMan Who Could Work MiraclesMendes, Lothar1936
IMDBMary of ScotlandFord, John1936
IMDBMayerlingLitvak, Anatole1936
IMDBMelody On Parade 1936
IMDBMen Are Not GodsReisch, Walter1936
IMDBMickey's CircusSharpsteen, Ben1936
IMDBMickey's ElephantHand, David & Hamilton Luske1936
IMDBMickey's Grand OperaJackson, Wilfred1936
IMDBMickey's Polo TeamHand, David1936
IMDBMickey's RivalJackson, Wilfred1936
IMDBMilky Way, TheMcCarey, Leo1936
IMDBMoving DaySharpsteen, Ben1936
IMDBMr. Deeds Goes to TownCapra, Frank1936
IMDBMr. Thank YouShimizu, Hiroshi1936
IMDBNo Other OneFleischer, Dave1936
IMDBOnly Son, TheOzu, Yasujiro1936
IMDBOrphans' PicnicSharpsteen, Ben1936
IMDBOsaka ElegyMizoguchi, Kenji1936
IMDBPage Miss GloryAvery, Tex1936
IMDBPartie de campagne / A Day in the CountryRenoir, Jean1936
IMDBPetrified Forest, TheMayo, Archie1936
IMDBPlainsman, TheDe Mille, Cecil1936
IMDBPlay SafeFleischer, Dave1936
IMDBPlough and the StarsFord, John1936
 Pooch DogMackerle, Jaroslav1936
IMDBPopeye the Sailor Meets Sinbad the SailorFleischer, Dave1936
IMDBPorky in the North WoodsTashlin, Frank1936
IMDBPorky's Poultry PlantTashlin, Frank1936
IMDBPriest of DarknessYamanaka, Sadao1936
IMDBPrisoner of Shark Island, TheFord, John1936
IMDBQuién me quiere a mí?Buñuel, Luis y José Luis Sáenz de Heredia1936
IMDBRedes (The Wave)Zinnemann, Fred & Emilio Gomez Muriel1936
IMDBReefer MadnessGasnier, Louis J.1936
IMDBRomeo and JulietCukor, George1936
IMDBSabotageHitchcock, Alfred1936
IMDBSant TukaramFattelal, Sheikh & Vishnupant Govind Damle1936
IMDBSaving of Bill BlewittWatt, Harry1936
IMDBSecret AgentHitchcock, Alfred1936
IMDBShow BoatWhale, James1936
IMDBSisters of GionMizoguchi, Kenji1936
IMDBSoigne ton gaucheClement, Rene1936
IMDBSong of FreedomWills, J. Elder1936
IMDBSunday Go to Meetin' TimeFreleng, Friz1936
IMDBTajemství lucernyTýrlová, Hermína1936
IMDBTalking Through My HeartFleischer, Dave1936
IMDBTheodora Goes WildBoleslawski, Richard1936
IMDBThese ThreeWyler, William1936
IMDBThey Were FiveDuvivier, Julien1936
IMDBThru the MirrorHand, David1936
IMDBTom ThumbIwerks, Ub1936
IMDBTournage à la campagne, UnRenoir, Jean1936
IMDBValse brillante de ChopinOphüls, Max1936
IMDBVillage SmithyAvery, Tex1936
IMDBWaves Washing The SandWu Yonggang1936
IMDBWith a Smile (Avec le sourire)Tourneur, Maurice1936
IMDBAdventures of a Good Citizen, TheThemerson, Stefan1937
IMDBAngelLubitsch, Ernst1937
IMDBBig CityBorzage, Frank1937
IMDBBig MoneyWatt, Harry1937
IMDBBlack LegionMayo, Archie1937
 Black LegionSteiner, Ralph & Willard Van Dyke1937
IMDBBulldog Drummond at BayLee, Norman1937
IMDBBulldog Drummond Comes BackKing, Louis1937
IMDBBulldog Drummond EscapesHogan, James P.1937
IMDBBulldog Drummond's RevengeKing, Louis1937
IMDBCaptain Kidding (What Ho, She Bumps)Pal, George1937
IMDBCaptains CourageousFleming, Victor1937
IMDBCarnet de bal, UnDuvivier, Julien1937
IMDBCentinela, alerta!Buñuel, Luis y Jean Grémillon1937
IMDBClean PasturesFreleng, Friz1937
IMDBClock CleanersSharpsteen, Ben1937
 Course landaiseMan Ray1937
IMDBDanger: Love at WorkPreminger, Otto1937
IMDBDay at the Races, AWood, Sam1937
IMDBDead EndWyler, William1937
IMDBDésiréGuitry, Sacha1937
IMDBDing Dong DoggieFleischer, Dave1937
IMDBDrôle de drame ou L'étrange aventure de Docteur MolyneuxCarné, Marcel1937
IMDBDybbuk, TheWaszynski, Michal1937
IMDBElephant BoyKorda, Zoltan & Robert Flaherty1937
IMDBEspaña 1936Buñuel, Luis y Jean-Paul Le Chanois1937
IMDBEven As You and IBarlow, Roger & Harry Hay & Le Roy Robbins1937
IMDBEvil Eye, TheDekeukeleire, Charles1937
 Fetiche et les sirenesStarewicz, Wladyslaw1937
IMDBFire Over EnglandHoward, William K.1937
IMDBFoxy Hunter, TheFleischer, Dave1937
IMDBFrancis the FirstChristian-Jaque1937
IMDBGlens Falls SequenceCrockwell, Douglass1937
IMDBGreat Garrick, TheWhale, James1937
IMDBGreen LightBorzage, Frank1937
IMDBGueule d'amour (Lady Killer)Grémillon, Jean1937
IMDBHawaiian HolidaySharpsteen, Ben1937
IMDBHistory is Made at NightBorzage, Frank1937
IMDBHotel HaywireArchainbaud, Arthur1937
IMDBHound of the BaskervillesLamac, Carl1937
IMDBHumanity and Paper BalloonsYamanaka, Sadao1937
IMDBHurricane, TheFord, John1937
IMDBInternes Can’t Take MoneySantell, Alfred1937
IMDBJail BaitLamont, Charles1937
IMDBKid GalahadCurtiz, Michael1937
IMDBKing Solomon's MinesStevenson, Robert1937
IMDBKnight Without ArmorFeyder, Jacques1937
 Letíme raketouFridrich, Jiri1937
IMDBLife of Emile Zola, TheDieterle, William1937
IMDBLittle Match Girl, TheDavis, Arthur1937
IMDBLonesome GhostsGillett, Burt1937
IMDBLost HorizonCapra, Frank1937
IMDBMagic on BroadwayFleischer, Dave1937
IMDBMagician MickeyHand, David1937
IMDBMannequinBorzage, Frank1937
IMDBMarked WomanBacon, Lloyd1937
IMDBMickey's AmateursColvig & Penner & Pfeiffer1937
IMDBModern InventionsKing, Jack1937
IMDBMoose HuntersSharpsteen, Ben1937
IMDBMurder in the OratoryFei Mu1937
IMDBNever Should Have Told YouFleischer, Dave1937
IMDBNews for the NavyMcLaren, Norman1937
IMDBOh, Mr. Porter!Varnel, Marcel1937
 Pancakes For AllDodal, Karel & Irena Dodalová1937
IMDBPaneless Window WasherFleischer, Dave1937
IMDBParábolaBute, Mary Ellen & Ted Nemeth1937
IMDBPearls of the CrownGuitry, Sacha1937
IMDBPépé le MokoDuvivier, Julien1937
IMDBPlease Keep Me in Your DreamsFleischer, Dave1937
IMDBPorky's RailroadTashlin, Frank1937
IMDBPrisoner of Zenda, TheCromwell, John1937
IMDBReturn of the Scarlet PimpernelSchwarz, Hanns1937
IMDBRoadwaysColdstream, William1937
IMDBSeeing the WorldBurckhardt, Rudy1937
IMDBSeven RavensDiehl, Ferdinand1937
IMDBSimilarities Between Length and SpeedPainlevé, Jean1937
IMDBSlave ShipGarnett, Tay1937
 SlipperFridrich, Jiri1937
IMDBSomething to Sing AboutSchertzinger, Victor1937
IMDBSqueaker, TheHoward, William K.1937
IMDBStage DoorLa Cava, Gregory1937
IMDBStar Is Born, AWellman, William A.1937
IMDBStella DallasVidor, King1937
IMDBStraits of Love and Hate, TheMizoguchi, Kenji1937
IMDBStreet AngelYuan Muzhi1937
 Struggle For Survival, ThePainlevé, Jean1937
IMDBSwing High, Swing LowLeisen, Mitchell1937
IMDBTakadanobaba DuelInagaki, Hiroshi & Masahiro Makino1937
IMDBTale of the Fisherman and the FishPtushko, Aleksandr1937
IMDBThey Won't ForgetLeRoy, Mervyn1937
IMDBThirteen, TheRomm, Mikhail1937
IMDBThis Spanish EarthIvens, Joris1937
IMDBTopperMcLeod, Norman Z.1937
IMDBTrue ConfessionRuggles, Wesley1937
IMDBTwilight on the TrailFleischer, Dave1937
IMDBUncle Tom's BungalowAvery, Tex1937
IMDBVoyage to the SkyPainlevé, Jean1937
IMDBWe Live in Two WorldsCavalcanti, Alberto1937
IMDBWeltraumschiff 1 startet...Kutter, Anton1937
IMDBWhat Did the Lady Forget?Ozu, Yasujiro1937
IMDBWhispers in the DarkFleischer, Dave1937
IMDBWoodland CafeJackson, Wilfred1937
IMDBWorm Turns, TheSharpsteen, Ben1937
IMDBYou Came to My RescueFleischer, Dave1937
 AdyMan Ray1938
IMDBAngels With Dirty FacesCurtiz, Michael1938
IMDBBaker's Wife, ThePagnol, Marcel1938
IMDBBoat BuildersSharpsteen, Ben1938
 BookstallsCornell, Joseph1938
IMDBBrave Little TailorRoberts, Bill1938
IMDBBulldog Drummond in AfricaKing, Louis1938
IMDBBulldog Drummond's PerilHogan, James P.1938
IMDBBuzzy BoopFleischer, Dave1938
IMDBChallenge, TheRosmer, Milton1938
IMDBChildhood of Maxim Gorky, TheDonskoy, Mark1938
IMDBChildren's Jury, TheCornell, Joseph1938
IMDBChildren's PartyCornell, Joseph1938
IMDBCracked IceTashlin, Frank1938
 Důležité 2 minutyFischerkoesen, Hans1938
IMDBDawn Patrol, TheGoulding, Edmund1938
IMDBDisparus de St. Agil, LesChristian-Jaque1938
IMDBDivorce of Lady X, TheWhelan, Tim1938
IMDBDollarMolander, Gustaf1938
IMDBDrum, TheKorda, Zoltan1938
IMDBFace Behind the MaskTourneur, Jacques1938
IMDBFour's a CrowdCurtiz, Michael1938
IMDBGangs of New YorkCruze, James1938
IMDBGibraltarOzep, Fedor1938
IMDBGod's Step ChildrenMicheaux, Oscar1938
IMDBGreat Waltz, TheDuvivier, Julien1938
IMDBHaitiBurckhardt, Rudy1938
IMDBHôtel du NordCarné, Marcel1938
IMDBIsle of Pingo PongoAvery, Tex1938
IMDBJ'accuse!Gance, Abel1938
IMDBJezebelWyler, William1938
IMDBJungle JittersFreleng, Friz1938
IMDBKatnip KollegeDalton, Cal & Cal Howard1938
IMDBKing of AlcatrazFlorey, Robert1938
IMDBLittle Pancho VanillaTashlin, Frank1938
IMDBLone Ranger, TheWitney, William & John English1938
IMDBMad Miss Manton, TheJason, Leigh1938
IMDBMarie AntoinetteVan Dyke, W.S.1938
IMDBMarseillaise, LaRenoir, Jean1938
IMDBMasseurs and a WomanShimizu, Hiroshi1938
IMDBMickey's ParrotRoberts, Bill1938
IMDBMickey's TrailerSharpsteen, Ben1938
IMDBMony a PickleMcLaren, Norman1938
IMDBMyslenka hledající svetloDodal, Karel & Irena Dodalová1938
IMDBN or NWLye, Len1938
IMDBNew MoscowMedvedkin, Aleksandr1938
IMDBNow That Summer Is GoneTashlin, Frank1938
IMDBOlympiaRiefenstahl, Leni1938
IMDBPete Roleum And His CousinsLosey, Joseph1938
IMDBPhilips Broadcast of 1938Pal, George1938
IMDBPorky in EgyptClampett, Robert1938
IMDBPorky's Hare HuntHardaway, Ben1938
IMDBPort of ShadowsCarné, Marcel1938
 ProtestDodal, Karel & Irena Dodalová1938
IMDBPudgy and the Lost KittenFleischer, Dave1938
IMDBQuadrilleGuitry, Sacha1938
IMDBRemontons les Champs-ElyseesGuitry, Sacha1938
IMDBRoman de Werther, LeOphüls, Max1938
IMDBShining Hour, TheBorzage, Frank1938
IMDBShopworn Angel, ThePotter, H.C.1938
IMDBTears of an OnionFleischer, Dave1938
IMDBTest PilotFleming, Victor1938
IMDBThanks for the MemoryFleischer, Dave1938
IMDBThree ComradesBorzage, Frank1938
 Tree Trunk to HeadJacobs, Lewis1938
IMDBWhalers, TheHand, David & Dick Huemer1938
IMDBWoman's Face, AMolander, Gustaf1938
IMDBYou Leave Me BreathlessFleischer, Dave1938
IMDBYou Took the Words Right Out of My HeartFleischer, Dave1938
IMDBYou're an EducationTashlin, Frank1938
 1126 Dewey Avenue, Apt. 207Hecker, John C.1939
IMDB400 Million, TheIvens, Joris1939
IMDBAdventures of Sherlock Holmes, TheWerker, Alfred1939
IMDBArrest Bulldog DrummondHogan, James P.1939
IMDBBabes in ArmsBerkeley, Busby1939
IMDBBachelor MotherKanin, Garson1939
IMDBBack Door to HeavenHoward, William K.1939
IMDBBulldog Drummond's BrideHogan, James P.1939
IMDBBulldog Drummond's Secret PoliceHogan, James P.1939
IMDBCat and the Canary, TheNugent, Elliott1939
IMDBDaredevils of the Red CircleWitney, William & John English1939
IMDBDark VictoryGoulding, Edmund1939
IMDBDernier Tournant, LeChenal, Pierre1939
IMDBDestry Rides AgainMarshall, George1939
IMDBDisputed PassageBorzage, Frank1939
IMDBDodge CityCurtiz, Michael1939
IMDBDrums Along the MohawkFord, John1939
IMDBFilm No. 1Smith, Harry1939
IMDBFin du Jour, LaDuvivier, Julien1939
IMDBFive Came BackFarrow, John1939
IMDBFrontier MarshalDwan, Allan1939
IMDBGolden BoyMamoulian, Rouben1939
IMDBGulliver's TravelsFleischer, Dave1939
IMDBGunga DinStevens, George1939
IMDBHare-um Scare-umHardaway, Ben & Cal Dalton1939
IMDBHoagy CarmichaelRoush, Leslie1939
IMDBHound of the BaskervillesLanfield, Sidney1939
IMDBHunchback of Notre Dame, TheDieterle, William1939
IMDBJamaica InnHitchcock, Alfred1939
 Jazz HotGrade, Lew1939
IMDBLand of the Midnight FunAvery, Tex1939
IMDBLet Us LiveBrahm, John1939
IMDBLion Has Wings, ThePowell, Michael & Brunel, Hurst, Korda1939
IMDBLittle Lion HunterJones, Chuck1939
IMDBMan in the Iron Mask, TheWhale, James1939
IMDBMickey's Surprise PartyWalt Disney Productions1939
IMDBMikado, TheSchertzinger, Victor1939
IMDBMooching Through GeorgiaWhite, Jules1939
IMDBMr. Smith Goes To WashingtonCapra, Frank1939
IMDBMusical MountaineersFleischer, Dave1939
IMDBNinotchkaLubitsch, Ernst1939
IMDBObedient Flame, TheMcLaren, Norman1939
IMDBOf Mice and MenMilestone, Lewis1939
IMDBOld GloryJones, Chuck1939
IMDBOld Maid, TheGoulding, Edmund1939
IMDBOn His OwnDonskoy, Mark1939
IMDBOnly One NightMolander, Gustaf1939
IMDBOshidori utagassenMakino, Masahiro1939
IMDBOver the MoonFreeland, Thornton1939
IMDBPest from the WestLord, Del1939
IMDBPrest-O Change-OJones, Chuck1939
IMDBQ PlanesWhelan, Tim & Arthur B. Woods1939
IMDBReturn of Doctor XSherman, Vincent1939
IMDBRoaring Twenties, TheWalsh, Raoul1939
IMDBSchorsDovzhenko, Alexander1939
IMDBSpare TimeJennings, Humphrey1939
IMDBSpy in Black, ThePowell, Michael1939
IMDBStars and StripesMcLaren, Norman1939
IMDBThey All Come OutTourneur, Jacques1939
IMDBTower of LondonLee, Rowland1939
IMDBUndersea FantasyRossellini, Roberto1939
IMDBUnion PacificDe Mille, Cecil1939
IMDBVictorious DestinationAmalrik, Leonid1939
IMDBWar ChroniclesBabichenko, Dmitriy1939
IMDBWhen Tomorrow ComesStahl, John M.1939
IMDBWhole Family Works (Hataraku Ikka)Naruse, Mikio1939
IMDBWilton's Zoo (Boefje)Sirk, Douglas1939
IMDBWuthering HeightsWyler, William1939
IMDBYip-Yip-YippyFleischer, Dave1939
IMDB'Til We Meet AgainGoulding, Edmund1940
IMDB21 DaysDean, Basil1940
 Abstract Experiment in KodachromeVorkapich, Slavko1940
IMDBAngels Over BroadwayHecht, Ben1940
IMDBArise, My LoveLeisen, Mitchell1940
IMDBBeyond TomorrowSutherland, A. Edward1940
IMDBBring Himself Back AliveFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBCharlie Chan at the Wax MuseumShores, Lynn1940
IMDBCharlie Chan's Murder CruiseForde, Eugene1940
IMDBComédie du bonheur, LaL'Herbier, Marcel1940
IMDBComrade XVidor, King1940
IMDBConfuciusFei Mu1940
IMDBDance, Girl, DanceArzner, Dorothy1940
IMDBDandy Lion, TheFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBDark CommandWalsh, Raoul1940
IMDBDe Mayerling à SarajevoOphüls, Max1940
IMDBDevil Bat, TheYarbrough, Jean1940
IMDBDotsMcLaren, Norman1940
IMDBDr. Ehrlich's Magic BulletDieterle, William1940
IMDBFlight CommandBorzage, Frank1940
IMDBFowl Ball PlayerFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBFulla Bluff ManFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBGaslightDickinson, Thorold1940
IMDBGhost Breakers, TheMarshall, George1940
IMDBGirl in the NewsReed, Carol1940
IMDBGranite HotelFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBGrapes of WrathFord, John1940
IMDBHandful of Rice (Man och kvinna)Fejos, Paul & Gunnar Skoglund1940
IMDBHis Ex Marks the SpotWhite, Jules1940
IMDBHouse of the Seven Gables, TheMay, Joe1940
IMDBJohnny ApolloHathaway, Henry1940
 JulietMan Ray1940
IMDBJune NightLindberg, Per1940
IMDBLetter, TheWyler, William1940
IMDBLiberationDovzhenko, Alexander1940
IMDBLittle Tree that Wished for Different LeavesTischmeyer, Heinz1940
IMDBLondon Can Take It!Jennings, Humphrey1940
IMDBLong Voyage Home, TheFord, John1940
IMDBLoopsMcLaren, Norman1940
IMDBMark of Zorro, TheMamoulian, Rouben1940
IMDBMommy Loves PuppyFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBMortal Storm, TheBorzage, Frank1940
IMDBMr. Duck Steps OutKing, Jack1940
IMDBMysterious Doctor SatanWitney, William & John English1940
IMDBNBC Valentine GreetingMcLaren, Norman1940
IMDBNothing But PleasureWhite, Jules1940
IMDBPardon My Berth MarksWhite, Jules1940
IMDBPedagogical Institution (College to You)Fleischer, Dave1940
IMDBPinocchioSharpsteen, Ben & Hamilton Luske1940
IMDBPodkidysh (The Foundling)Lukashevich, Tatyana1940
IMDBPrimrose PathLa Cava, Gregory1940
IMDBProud Valley, TheTennyson, Pen1940
IMDBPut-Put TroublesThomson, Riley1940
IMDBSea Hawk, TheCurtiz, Michael1940
IMDBShop Around the Corner, TheLubitsch, Ernst1940
IMDBSimple Destiny AbstrationsCrockwell, Douglass1940
IMDBSneak, Snoop and SnitchFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBSpringtime in the Rock AgeFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBStrange CargoBorzage, Frank1940
IMDBStranger on the Third FloorIngster, Boris1940
IMDBTaming of the Snood, TheWhite, Jules1940
IMDBThey Drive By NightWalsh, Raoul1940
IMDBTrail of the VigilantesDwan, Allan1940
IMDBTraveling Actors (Tabi Yakusha)Naruse, Mikio1940
IMDBTroublemaker (Der Störenfried)Held, Hans1940
IMDBUgly DinoFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBUniversity of LifeDonskoy, Mark1940
IMDBWaterloo BridgeLeRoy, Mervyn1940
IMDBWay Back When a Nag Was Only a HorseFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBWay Back When a Nightclub Was a StickFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBWay Back When a Razzberry Was a FruitFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBWay Back When Women Had Their WeighFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBWedding BeltsFleischer, Dave1940
IMDBWesterner, TheWyler, William1940
IMDBWild Hare, AAvery, Tex1940
IMDBYou Ought to Be in PicturesFreleng, Friz1940
IMDB47 Ronin, TheMizoguchi, Kenji1941
IMDBAdventures of Captain MarvelWitney, William & John English1941
IMDBAin't Misbehavin'Murray, Warren1941
IMDBAll Through the NightSherman, Vincent1941
IMDBAmerican MarchFischinger, Oskar1941
IMDBAmong the LivingHeisler, Stuart1941
 Bicycle Polo at San MateoStauffacher, Frank1941
IMDBBlood and SandMamoulian, Rouben1941
IMDBBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company BLantz, Walter1941
IMDBBrothers and Sisters of the Toda FamilyOzu, Yasujiro1941
IMDBCase of the Black ParrotSmith, Noel M.1941
IMDBConfirm or DenyMayo, Archie1941
 ContrathemisGrant, Dwinell1941
IMDBCopy CatFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBDonald's CameraLundy, Dick1941
IMDBDr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeFleming, Victor1941
IMDBDumboSharpsteen, Ben1941
IMDBFamalicãoOliveira, Manoel de1941
IMDBFascist Boots Shall Not Trample Our MotherlandIvanov-Vano, Ivan1941
IMDBFeminine Touch, TheVan Dyke, W.S.1941
IMDBFilm No. 2: Message from the SunSmith, Harry1941
IMDBFlame of New Orleans, TheClair, René1941
IMDBGolden EggsJackson, Wilfred1941
IMDBGreat Lie, TheGoulding, Edmund1941
IMDBHere Comes Mr. JordanHall, Alexander1941
IMDBHiawatha's Rabbit HuntFreleng, Friz1941
IMDBHideko the Bus ConductorNaruse, Mikio1941
IMDBHigh SierraWalsh, Raoul1941
IMDBHold Back the DawnLeisen, Mitchell1941
IMDBHollywood Steps OutAvery, Tex1941
IMDBHoola BoolaPal, George1941
IMDBHow Green Was My ValleyFord, John1941
IMDBI Wake Up ScreamingHumberstone, H. Bruce1941
IMDBInvisible GhostLewis, Joseph H.1941
IMDBIron Crown, TheBlasetti, Alessandro1941
IMDBJohnny EagerLeRoy, Mervyn1941
IMDBLast One of the SixLacombe, Georges1941
IMDBLend a PawGeronimi, Clyde1941
IMDBLittle Foxes, TheWyler, William1941
IMDBLove on the DoleBaxter, John1941
IMDBLydiaDuvivier, Julien1941
IMDBMail EarlyMcLaren, Norman1941
IMDBMajor BarbaraPascal, Gabriel1941
IMDBManpowerWalsh, Raoul1941
IMDBMechanical Monsters, TheFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBMeet John DoeCapra, Frank1941
IMDBMoods of the SeaHoffman, John & Slavko Vorkapich1941
IMDBNever Give a Sucker an Even BreakCline, Edward1941
 Object LessonYoung, Christopher1941
IMDBOrnamental HairpinShimizu, Hiroshi1941
IMDBPenny SerenadeStevens, George1941
IMDBPot o' GoldMarshall, George1941
IMDBPrincess Iron FanWan Guchan & Wan Laiming1941
IMDBRaggedy Ann and Raggedy AndyFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBRhythm in the RanksPal, George1941
IMDBScherzoMcLaren, Norman1941
 Schichlegruber Doing The Lambeth WalkRidley, Charles A.1941
IMDBScrub Me Mama with a Boogie BeatLantz, Walter1941
IMDBSea Wolf, TheCurtiz, Michael1941
IMDBShanghai Gesture, Thevon Sternberg, Josef1941
IMDBShe's Oil MineWhite, Jules1941
IMDBSmilin' ThroughBorzage, Frank1941
IMDBSneak, Snoop and Snitch in Triple TroubleFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBSo You Won't SquawkLord, Del1941
IMDBStage Door CanteenBorzage, Frank1941
IMDBStormy Waters (Remorques)Grémillon, Jean1941
IMDBStory of ToscaKoch, Carl1941
IMDBSupermanFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBSwamp WaterRenoir, Jean1941
IMDBSwing CleaningFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBTell-Tale Heart, TheDassin, Jules1941
IMDBThat Hamilton WomanKorda, Alexander1941
IMDBThat Uncertain FeelingLubitsch, Ernst1941
IMDBThemisGrant, Dwinell1941
IMDBThey Died With Their Boots OnWalsh, Raoul1941
IMDBTobacco RoadFord, John1941
IMDBTortoise Beats HareAvery, Tex1941
IMDBTwinkletoes - Where He Goes Nobody KnowsFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBTwinkletoes Gets the BirdFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBTwinkletoes in Hat StuffFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBTwo for the ZooFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBUnfinished BusinessLa Cava, Gregory1941
 War Came to KenyaJohnson, Guy1941
IMDBWhite Ship, TheRossellini, Roberto1941
IMDBWizard of ArtsFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBWolf Man, TheWaggner, George1941
IMDBWoman's Face, ACukor, George1941
IMDBWords for BattleJennings, Humphrey1941
IMDBYellow CaesarCavalcanti, Alberto1941
IMDBZero the HoundFleischer, Dave1941
IMDBAcross the PacificHuston, John1942
IMDBAniki BoboOliveira, Manoel de1942
IMDBAny Bonds Today? (Bugs Bunny Bond Rally)Clampett, Robert1942
IMDBArctic Giant, TheFleischer, Dave1942
IMDBAssassin Habite... au 21, L'Clouzot, Henri-Georges1942
IMDBBattle of MidwayFord, John1942
IMDBBillion Dollar LimitedFleischer, Dave1942
IMDBBulleteers, TheFleischer, Dave1942
IMDBBy Night with Torch and SpearCornell, Joseph1942
IMDBColor RhythmFischinger, Oskar1942
IMDBDesperate JourneyWalsh, Raoul1942
IMDBDestruction Inc.Sparber, Izzy1942
IMDBElectric EarthquakeFleischer, Dave1942
IMDBEleventh HourGordon, Dan1942
IMDBFantastic NightL'Herbier, Marcel1942
IMDBGentleman JimWalsh, Raoul1942
IMDBGlass Key, TheHeisler, Stuart1942
IMDBHen HopMcLaren, Norman1942
IMDBHep CatClampett, Robert1942
IMDBIn This Our LifeHuston, John1942
IMDBIn Which We ServeLean, David & Noel Coward1942
IMDBJapoteursKneitel, Seymour1942
IMDBJasper and the Haunted HousePal, George1942
IMDBJungle BookKorda, Zoltan1942
IMDBKeeper of the FlameCukor, George1942
IMDBKings RowWood, Sam1942
IMDBLady for a NightJason, Leigh1942
IMDBLarceny, Inc.Bacon, Lloyd1942
IMDBLes Visiteurs du SoirCarné, Marcel1942
IMDBLettres d'amour (Love Letters)Autant-Lara, Claude1942
IMDBListen To BritainJennings, Humphrey1942
IMDBMagnetic Telescope, TheFleischer, Dave1942
IMDBMan Who Came To Dinner, TheKeighley, William1942
IMDBMarriage of ChiffonAutant-Lara, Claude1942
IMDBMoon and Sixpence, TheLewin, Albert1942
IMDBMoontideMayo, Archie1942
IMDBNative LandHurwitz, Leo & Paul Strand1942
IMDBNight to Remember, AWallace, Richard1942
IMDBNow, VoyagerRapper, Irving1942
IMDBPilot Returns, ARossellini, Roberto1942
IMDBQuiet Please: MurderLarkin, John1942
IMDBRaven, TheFleischer, Dave1942
IMDBReap the Wild WindDe Mille, Cecil1942
IMDBRoad to MoroccoButler, David1942
IMDBSaboteurHitchcock, Alfred1942
IMDBSafeguarding Military InformationSturges, Preston1942
IMDBShowdownSparber, Izzy1942
IMDBSpitfireHoward, Leslie1942
IMDBStreet of ChanceHively, Jack1942
IMDBSyncopationDieterle, William1942
IMDBTales of ManhattanDuvivier, Julien1942
IMDBThere Was a FatherOzu, Yasujiro1942
IMDBThis Gun for HireTuttle, Frank1942
IMDBThunder RockBoulting, Roy1942
IMDBVacationer's Paradise, TheFleischer, Dave1942
IMDBVolcanoFleischer, Dave1942
IMDBWent the Day Well?Cavalcanti, Alberto1942
IMDBWho Done It?Kenton, Erle C.1942
IMDBWoman of the YearStevens, George1942
IMDBYankee Doodle DandyCurtiz, Michael1942
IMDBAir ForceHawks, Howard1943
IMDBArmer HansiLeberecht, Frank1943
IMDBBackground to DangerWalsh, Raoul1943
IMDBBury the AxisBunin, Lou1943
IMDBCabin in the SkyMinnelli, Vincente1943
IMDBCamouflageDonnelly, Eddie1943
IMDBCorbeau, Le (The Raven)Clouzot, Henri-Georges1943
IMDBCorny Concerto, AClampett, Robert1943
IMDBDesiderioRossellini, Roberto1943
IMDBDona BarbaraFuentes, Fernando de1943
IMDBDonald's Tire TroubleLundy, Dick1943
IMDBDouce (Love Story)Autant-Lara, Claude1943
IMDBEdge of DarknessMilestone, Lewis1943
IMDBFalling HareClampett, Robert1943
IMDBFerda MravenecTýrlová, Hermína & Vladimir Zastéra1943
IMDBFilm Exercise #1Whitney, John1943
IMDBFires Were StartedJennings, Humphrey1943
IMDBFive Graves to CairoWilder, Billy1943
IMDBGang's All Here, TheBerkeley, Busby1943
IMDBGeography of the BodyMaas, Willard1943
IMDBGhost Ship, TheRobson, Mark1943
IMDBHis Butler's SisterBorzage, Frank1943
IMDBHuman Comedy, TheBrown, Clarence1943
IMDBImmortal FranceDuvivier, Julien1943
IMDBInki and the Minah BirdJones, Chuck1943
IMDBIt Happened at the InnBecker, Jacques1943
IMDBItch in Time, AnClampett, Robert1943
IMDBJourney Into FearFoster, Norman1943
IMDBJungle DrumsGordon, Dan1943
IMDBLittle Broadcast, ThePal, George1943
IMDBLiving Magoroku, TheKinoshita, Keisuke1943
 Love and MoneyHavlík, Antonín1943
IMDBLove EternalDelannoy, Jean1943
IMDBLumière d'étéGrémillon, Jean1943
IMDBMan in Grey, TheArliss, Leslie1943
IMDBMan of the CrossRossellini, Roberto1943
IMDBMargin for ErrorPreminger, Otto1943
IMDBMummy Strikes, TheSparber, Izzy1943
IMDBMunchhausenVon Baky, Josef1943
IMDBNo Time for LoveLeisen, Mitchell1943
IMDBNorthern PursuitWalsh, Raoul1943
IMDBOld AcquaintanceSherman, Vincent1943
IMDBOutlaw, TheHughes, Howard1943
IMDBOx-Bow Incident, TheWellman, William A.1943
IMDBPhantom Baron, ThePoligny, Serge de1943
IMDBPigs in a PolkaFreleng, Friz1943
IMDBPort of FlowersKinoshita, Keisuke1943
IMDBPuss n' BootyTashlin, Frank1943
IMDBSaddles and SagebrushBerke, William1943
IMDBSaharaKorda, Zoltan1943
IMDBSanshiro SugataKurosawa, Akira1943
IMDBSecret AgentKneitel, Seymour1943
IMDBSilent Village, TheJennings, Humphrey1943
IMDBSomeone to RememberSiodmak, Robert1943
IMDBSon of DraculaSiodmak, Robert1943
 Sorcerer's ApprenticeDillenz, Richard1943
 Sredni VashtarBradley, David1943
IMDBStormBurnford, Paul1943
IMDBStrich-Punkt-BallettSeggelke, Herbert1943
IMDBTake Heed Mr. TojoCulhane, Shamus1943
IMDBThank Your Lucky StarsButler, David1943
IMDBThis Land Is MineRenoir, Jean1943
IMDBTokio JokioMcCabe, Norm1943
IMDBUnderground World, TheKneitel, Seymour1943
IMDBVolunteer, ThePressburger & Powell1943
IMDBVoyage Without Hope (Voyage sans espoir)Christian-Jaque1943
IMDBWeatherbeaten MelodyFischerkoesen, Hans1943
IMDBWise Quacking DuckClampett, Robert1943
IMDBYankee Doodle MouseHanna & Barbera1943
IMDBAdventures of Baron MünchhausenHeld, Hans1944
IMDBAmerican Romance, AnVidor, King1944
IMDBAngel PussJones, Chuck1944
IMDBArmyKinoshita, Keisuke1944
IMDBAventure malgacheHitchcock, Alfred1944
IMDBBad, Bad Bunny (Neposlusný zajícek)von Möllendorff, Horst1944
IMDBBarber of Seville, TheCulhane, Shamus1944
IMDBBattle for Soviet UkraineDovzhenko, Alexander1944
IMDBBetween Two WorldsBlatt, Edward A.1944
IMDBBirdy and the BeastClampett, Robert1944
IMDBBluebeardUlmer, Edgar G.1944
IMDBBooby HatchedTashlin, Frank1944
IMDBBooby TrapsClampett, Robert1944
IMDBBuckaroo BugsClampett, Robert1944
IMDBBugs Bunny Nips the NipsFreleng, Friz1944
IMDBCanterville Ghost, TheDassin, Jules1944
IMDBCecile Is DeadTourneur, Maurice1944
IMDBCensoredTashlin, Frank1944
IMDBChants PopulairesAlexeieff, Alexander1944
IMDBChildren Are Watching Us, TheDe Sica, Vittorio1944
IMDBChimney Thief, TheGrimault, Paul1944
IMDBChow Hound, TheTashlin, Frank1944
IMDBChristmas HolidaySiodmak, Robert1944
IMDBCiel est à vous, LeGrémillon, Jean1944
IMDBCobra WomanSiodmak, Robert1944
IMDBDark WatersDe Toth, André1944
IMDBFilm Exercise #2Whitney, James1944
IMDBFilm Exercise #3Whitney, James1944
IMDBFilm Exercise #4Whitney, James1944
IMDBFilm Exercise #5Whitney, John1944
IMDBFlat HattingHubley, John1944
IMDBFrenchman's CreekLeisen, Mitchell1944
IMDBGaslightCukor, George1944
IMDBGoing My WayMcCarey, Leo1944
IMDBGoldilocks and the Jivin' BearsFreleng, Friz1944
IMDBGreat Moment, TheSturges, Preston1944
IMDBHell-Bent for ElectionJones, Chuck1944
IMDBHenry VOlivier, Laurence1944
IMDBHouse of FrankensteinKenton, Erle C.1944
IMDBI Got Plenty of MuttonTashlin, Frank1944
IMDBI'll Be Seeing YouDieterle, William1944
IMDBIt Happened TomorrowClair, René1944
IMDBJubilation StreetKinoshita, Keisuke1944
IMDBKeys of the Kingdom, TheStahl, John M.1944
IMDBLauraPreminger, Otto1944
IMDBLecture on CamouflageJones, Chuck1944
IMDBLodger, TheBrahm, John1944
IMDBMaria CandelariaFernandez, Emilio1944
IMDBMask of Dimitrios, TheNegulesco, Jean1944
IMDBMiyamoto MusashiMizoguchi, Kenji1944
IMDBMost Beautiful, TheKurosawa, Akira1944
IMDBMouse TroubleHanna & Barbera1944
IMDBMrs. ParkingtonGarnett, Tay1944
IMDBMurder, My SweetDmytryk, Edward1944
IMDBNimbus LibéréJeannin, Raymond1944
IMDBOn ApprovalBrook, Clive1944
IMDBSanshiro Sugata IIKurosawa, Akira1944
IMDBSeventh Cross, TheZinnemann, Fred1944
IMDBSince You Went AwayCromwell, John1944
IMDBSnowman in July (Der Schneemann)Fischerkoesen, Hans1944
IMDBStrangers in the NightMann, Anthony1944
IMDBStupid CupidTashlin, Frank1944
IMDBSuspect, TheSiodmak, Robert1944
 Tale of CinderellaBrenten, Otakar1944
IMDBThis Happy BreedLean, David1944
IMDBTormentSjöberg, Alf1944
IMDBToscanini: Hymn of the NationsHammid, Alexander1944
IMDBTower of the Seven Hunchbacks, TheNeville, Edgar1944
IMDBUncertain GloryWalsh, Raoul1944
IMDBUnder the BridgesKäutner, Helmut1944
IMDBWhen Strangers MarryCastle, William1944
IMDBWhy We FightCapra, Frank1944
IMDBWitch's CradleDeren, Maya1944
IMDB24 Hours in the Life of a ClownMelville, Jean-Pierre1945
IMDBAlong Came JonesHeisler, Stuart1945
IMDBAnd Then There Were NoneClair, René1945
IMDBBashful BuzzardClampett, Robert1945
IMDBBattle of San PietroHuston, John1945
IMDBBells of St. Mary'sMcCarey, Leo1945
IMDBBlithe SpiritLean, David1945
IMDBBlood on the SunLloyd, Frank1945
IMDBBody Snatcher, TheWise, Robert1945
IMDBBrewster's MillionsDwan, Allan1945
IMDBBrotherhood of ManCannon, Robert1945
IMDBCaesar and CleopatraPascal, Gabriel1945
IMDBCap'n CubEshbaugh, Ted1945
IMDBChristmas Dream, TheZeman, Borivoj & Hermína Týrlová1945
IMDBChristmas PartyCavalcanti, Alberto1945
IMDBClock, TheMinnelli, Vincente1945
IMDBConflictBernhardt, Curtis1945
IMDBCorneredDmytryk, Edward1945
IMDBCounter-AttackKorda, Zoltan1945
IMDBDanger SignalFlorey, Robert1945
IMDBDays of GloryDe Santis, Giuseppe1945
IMDBDiary For Timothy, AJennings, Humphrey1945
IMDBDraftee DaffyClampett, Robert1945
IMDBDuce NarratesPolenakis, Stamatis1945
IMDBDuel in the SunVidor, King1945
IMDBEnchanted Cottage, TheCromwell, John1945
IMDBEscape in the FogBoetticher, Budd1945
IMDBEspoir, L'Malraux, André1945
IMDBFalbalasBecker, Jacques1945
IMDBFallen AngelPreminger, Otto1945
IMDBGolfing StoryCrichton, Charles1945
IMDBGood Egg, TheJones, Chuck1945
IMDBGreat Flamarion, TheMann, Anthony1945
IMDBGruesome TwosomeClampett, Robert1945
IMDBGun in His HandLosey, Joseph1945
IMDBHangover SquareBrahm, John1945
IMDBHaunted MirrorHamer, Robert1945
IMDBHearse DriverDearden, Basil1945
IMDBHorn Blows at Midnight, TheWalsh, Raoul1945
IMDBHouse on 92nd Street, TheHathaway, Henry1945
IMDBIsle of the DeadRobson, Mark1945
IMDBJasper and the BeanstalkPal, George1945
IMDBJohnny AngelMarin, Edwin L.1945
IMDBKittyLeisen, Mitchell1945
IMDBKolbergHarlan, Veit1945
IMDBLeave Her To HeavenStahl, John M.1945
IMDBLife With FeathersFreleng, Friz1945
IMDBLost Weekend, TheWilder, Billy1945
IMDBMadonna of the Seven MoonsCrabtree, Arthur1945
IMDBMemory of the CampsHitchcock, Alfred1945
IMDBMen Who Tread on the Tiger's TailKurosawa, Akira1945
IMDBMildred PierceCurtiz, Michael1945
IMDBMurder, He SaysMarshall, George1945
IMDBMy Name is Julia RossLewis, Joseph H.1945
IMDBNasty QuacksTashlin, Frank1945
IMDBObjective, Burma!Walsh, Raoul1945
IMDBOur Vines Have Tender GrapesRowland, Roy1945
IMDBPerfect StrangersKorda, Alexander1945
IMDBPicture of Dorian Gray, TheLewin, Albert1945
IMDBPride of the MarinesDaves, Delmer1945
IMDBQuiet Please!Hanna & Barbera1945
IMDBReturn of Mr. HookMcKimson, Robert1945
IMDBRoyal Scandal, APreminger, Otto & Ernst Lubitsch1945
IMDBSalty O'RourkeWalsh, Raoul1945
IMDBSeventh Veil, TheBennett, Compton1945
IMDBShanghai Cobra, TheKarlson, Phil1945
IMDBSilly Goose (Das dumme Gänslein)Fischerkoesen, Hans1945
IMDBSong to Remember, AVidor, Charles1945
IMDBSoutherner, TheRenoir, Jean1945
IMDBSpanish Main, TheBorzage, Frank1945
IMDBStory of G.I. Joe, TheWellman, William A.1945
IMDBStrange Affair of Uncle HarrySiodmak, Robert1945
IMDBStrange IllusionUlmer, Edgar G.1945
IMDBThey Were ExpendableFord, John1945
IMDBThin Man Goes HomeThorpe, Richard1945
IMDBThree CaballerosFerguson, Norman1945
IMDBTokyo WoesClampett, Robert1945
IMDBTree Grows in Brooklyn, AKazan, Elia1945
IMDBTwo PeopleDreyer, Carl Theodor1945
IMDBVentriloquist's DummyCavalcanti, Alberto1945
IMDBVictory in UkraineDovzhenko, Alexander1945
 Visual Variations on NoguchiMenken, Marie1945
IMDBWalk in the Sun, AMilestone, Lewis1945
IMDBWay to the Stars, TheAsquith, Anthony1945
IMDBWicked Lady, TheArliss, Leslie1945
IMDBWoman in Green, TheNeill, Roy William1945
IMDBYolanda and the ThiefMinnelli, Vincente1945
IMDBAcrobatty BunnyMcKimson, Robert1946
IMDBAnna and the King of SiamCromwell, John1946
IMDBBaby BottleneckClampett, Robert1946
IMDBBataille du rail, LaClement, Rene1946
IMDBBedlamRobson, Mark1946
IMDBBig Snooze, TheClampett, Robert1946
IMDBBlack AngelNeill, Roy William1946
IMDBChase, TheRipley, Arthur1946
IMDBChimney Sweep (Springman and the S.S.)Trnka, Jirí & Jirí Brdecka1946
IMDBCluny BrownLubitsch, Ernst1946
IMDBCrack-UpReis, Irving1946
IMDBCrisisBergman, Ingmar1946
IMDBDaffy DoodlesMcKimson, Robert1946
IMDBDark AlibiKarlson, Phil1946
IMDBDark Corner, TheHathaway, Henry1946
IMDBDark Mirror, TheSiodmak, Robert1946
IMDBDeadline at DawnClurman, Harold1946
IMDBDeceptionRapper, Irving1946
IMDBDefeated People, AJennings, Humphrey1946
IMDBDevil and the AngelChenal, Pierre1946
IMDBDevotionBernhardt, Curtis1946
IMDBDiary of a ChambermaidRenoir, Jean1946
IMDBFlight Safety: After the CutHubley, John1946
IMDBFriend Will Come Tonight, ABernard, Raymond1946
IMDBFrom This Day ForwardBerry, John1946
IMDBGirl I Loved, TheKinoshita, Keisuke1946
IMDBGirl in Room 20Williams, Spencer1946
IMDBGreat ExpectationsLean, David1946
IMDBGreen For DangerGilliat, Sidney1946
IMDBHoppity PopMcLaren, Norman1946
IMDBHumoresqueNegulesco, Jean1946
IMDBI See a Dark StrangerLaunder, Frank1946
IMDBImmortal Journey of Dr. KotnisShantaram, Rajaram1946
IMDBIndonesia CallingIvens, Joris1946
 IntrospectionArledge, Sara Kathryn1946
IMDBIt Rains On Our LoveBergman, Ingmar1946
IMDBJasper in a JamGoldstone, Duke1946
IMDBJasper's DerbyGoldstone, Duke1946
IMDBJohn Henry and the Inky-PooPal, George1946
IMDBKid From Brooklyn, TheMcLeod, Norman Z.1946
IMDBKitty KorneredClampett, Robert1946
IMDBLet There Be LightHuston, John1946
IMDBLocket, TheBrahm, John1946
IMDBMagnificent DollBorzage, Frank1946
IMDBMargieKing, Henry1946
IMDBMorning for the Osone FamilyKinoshita, Keisuke1946
IMDBMurderers Are Among UsStaudte, Wolfgang1946
IMDBNo Regrets For Our YouthKurosawa, Akira1946
IMDBNobody Lives ForeverNegulesco, Jean1946
IMDBNocturneMarin, Edwin L.1946
IMDBOlio for JasperPal, George1946
IMDBOverlanders, TheWatt, Harry1946
IMDBPortes de la Nuit, LesCarné, Marcel1946
IMDBPostman Always Rings Twice, TheGarnett, Tay1946
IMDBRevolt of the Toys( Vzpoura Hracek)Sádek, Frantisek & Hermina Tyrlova1946
IMDBShadowedSturges, John1946
IMDBShockWerker, Alfred1946
IMDBShoeshineDe Sica, Vittorio1946
IMDBSo Dark the NightLewis, Joseph H.1946
IMDBSomewhere in the NightMankiewicz, Joseph1946
IMDBSong of the SouthJackson, Wilfred & Harve Foster1946
IMDBStolen Life, ABernhardt, Curtis1946
IMDBStrange ImpersonationMann, Anthony1946
IMDBStrange Love of Martha Ivers, TheMilestone, Lewis1946
IMDBStrange Woman, TheUlmer, Edgar G.1946
IMDBSuspenseTuttle, Frank1946
IMDBSylvie et le fantômeAutant-Lara, Claude1946
IMDBSymphonie Pastorale, LaDelannoy, Jean1946
IMDBTo Each His OwnLeisen, Mitchell1946
IMDBTogether in the WeatherPal, George1946
IMDBUndercurrentMinnelli, Vincente1946
IMDBUtamaro and His Five WomenMizoguchi, Kenji1946
IMDBVerdict, TheSiegel, Don1946
IMDBWalky Talky HawkyMcKimson, Robert1946
IMDB13 Rue MadeleineHathaway, Henry1947
 Abstract MoviesMorris, George L.K.1947
IMDBAngel and the BadmanGrant, James Edward1947
IMDBAntoine et AntoinetteBecker, Jacques1947
IMDBBody and SoulRossen, Robert1947
IMDBBoomerangKazan, Elia1947
IMDBBorn to KillWise, Robert1947
IMDBBrasher Doubloon, TheBrahm, John1947
IMDBBrighton RockBoulting, John1947
IMDBBrute ForceDassin, Jules1947
 Cage, ThePeterson, Sidney1947
IMDBDaisy KenyonPreminger, Otto1947
IMDBDamned, The (Les Maudits)Clement, Rene1947
IMDBDark PassageDaves, Delmer1947
IMDBDead ReckoningCromwell, John1947
IMDBDesperateMann, Anthony1947
IMDBDevil in the FleshAutant-Lara, Claude1947
IMDBDouble Life, ACukor, George1947
IMDBDreams That Money Can BuyRichter, Hans & Man Ray1947
IMDBEaster YeggsMcKimson, Robert1947
IMDBÉcole des facteurs, L' (School for Postmen)Tati, Jacques1947
IMDBEgg and I, TheErskine, Chester1947
IMDBExile, TheOphüls, Max1947
IMDBFarmer's Daughter, ThePotter, H.C.1947
IMDBFear in the NightShane, Maxwell1947
IMDBFilm No. 4: MantecaSmith, Harry1947
IMDBFramedWallace, Richard1947
IMDBFreshwater AssassinsPainlevé, Jean1947
IMDBFugitive, TheFord, John1947
IMDBGoémonsBellon, Yannick1947
IMDBGolden EarringsLeisen, Mitchell1947
IMDBHare Grows in ManhattanFreleng, Friz1947
IMDBHigh WallBernhardt, Curtis1947
IMDBHorsefly FleasMcKimson, Robert1947
 House of CardsVogel, Joseph1947
IMDBHue and CryCrichton, Charles1947
IMDBHunchedback HorseIvanov-Vano, Ivan1947
IMDBIdeal Husband, AnKorda, Alexander1947
IMDBInki at the CircusJones, Chuck1947
IMDBIt Always Rains on SundayHamer, Robert1947
IMDBIt Happened in BrooklynWhorf, Richard1947
IMDBIt's a Grand Old NagClampett, Robert1947
IMDBJohnny O'ClockRossen, Robert1947
IMDBKiss of DeathHathaway, Henry1947
IMDBLady in the LakeMontgomery, Robert1947
IMDBLife and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, TheCavalcanti, Alberto1947
IMDBLife with FatherCurtiz, Michael1947
IMDBLong Bodies, TheCrockwell, Douglass1947
IMDBLong Live the MistressHu Sang1947
IMDBLong Night, TheLitvak, Anatole1947
IMDBLost Moment, TheGabel, Martin1947
IMDBLove of Sumako the ActressMizoguchi, Kenji1947
IMDBLuredSirk, Douglas1947
IMDBMacomber Affair, TheKorda, Zoltan1947
IMDBMan I Love, TheWalsh, Raoul1947
IMDBMiracle on 34th StreetSeaton, George1947
IMDBNora PrentissSherman, Vincent1947
IMDBOne Wonderful SundayKurosawa, Akira1947
IMDBPaniqueDuvivier, Julien1947
IMDBParadine CaseHitchcock, Alfred1947
IMDBParis 1900Vedres, Nicole1947
IMDBPearl, TheFernández, Emilio1947
IMDBPest in the HouseJones, Chuck1947
IMDBPetit Soldat, LeGrimault, Paul1947
IMDBPhoenixKinoshita, Keisuke1947
IMDBPossessedBernhardt, Curtis1947
IMDBPrivate Affairs of Bel Ami, TheLewin, Albert1947
IMDBPursuedWalsh, Raoul1947
IMDBRabbit TransitFreleng, Friz1947
IMDBRailroaded!Mann, Anthony1947
IMDBRamrodDe Toth, André1947
IMDBRecord of a Tenement GentlemanOzu, Yasujiro1947
IMDBRed House, TheDaves, Delmer1947
IMDBRide the Pink HorseMontgomery, Robert1947
IMDBSea of Grass, TheKazan, Elia1947
IMDBShip Bound for India, ABergman, Ingmar1947
IMDBSin of Harold Diddlebock, TheSturges, Preston1947
IMDBSlick HareFreleng, Friz1947
IMDBSnow TrailTaniguchi, Senkichi1947
IMDBSong of the Thin ManBuzzell, Edward1947
IMDBT-MenMann, Anthony1947
IMDBTears of the Yang-Tse (The Spring River Flows East)Cai Chusheng1947
IMDBTempestaire, LeEpstein, Jean1947
IMDBThat's My ManBorzage, Frank1947
IMDBThey Made Me a FugitiveCavalcanti, Alberto1947
IMDBThey Won't Believe MePichel, Irving1947
IMDBTweetie PieFreleng, Friz1947
IMDBUncle Silas (The Inheritance)Frank, Charles1947
IMDBUnconqueredDe Mille, Cecil1947
IMDBUnfaithful, TheSherman, Vincent1947
IMDBUnsuspected, TheCurtiz, Michael1947
IMDBVoyage SurprisePrévert, Pierre1947
IMDBWay of Peace, TheTashlin, Frank1947
IMDBWeb, TheGordon, Michael1947
IMDBWhispering CityOzep, Fedor1947
IMDBWoman on the BeachRenoir, Jean1947
IMDB3 GodfathersFord, John1948
IMDBAbbott and Costello Meet FrankensteinBarton, Charles1948
IMDBAct of ViolenceZinnemann, Fred1948
IMDBAmazing Mr. X, TheVorhaus, Bernard1948
IMDBAnna KareninaDuvivier, Julien1948
IMDBApostasyKinoshita, Keisuke1948
IMDBArgyle Secrets, TheEndfield, Cy1948
IMDBBack Alley OproarFreleng, Friz1948
IMDBBehind Locked DoorsBoetticher, Budd1948
IMDBBerlin ExpressTourneur, Jacques1948
IMDBBig Clock, TheFarrow, John1948
IMDBBoy With Green Hair, TheLosey, Joseph1948
IMDBBuccaneer BunnyFreleng, Friz1948
IMDBCall Northside 777Hathaway, Henry1948
IMDBCry of the CitySiodmak, Robert1948
IMDBDark Past, TheMaté, Rudolph1948
IMDBDough Ray Me-owDavis, Arthur1948
IMDBDrunken AngelKurosawa, Akira1948
IMDBEagle Has Two Heads, TheCocteau, Jean1948
IMDBEaster ParadeWalters, Charles1948
IMDBEscapeMankiewicz, Joseph1948
IMDBEvaMolander, Gustaf1948
IMDBFilm No. 3: InterwovenSmith, Harry1948
IMDBFort ApacheFord, John1948
IMDBGente del PoAntonioni, Michelangelo1948
IMDBGorilla My DreamsMcKimson, Robert1948
IMDBHamletOlivier, Laurence1948
IMDBHe Walked by NightWerker, Alfred & Anthony Mann1948
IMDBHen in the Wind, AOzu, Yasujiro1948
IMDBHollow Triumph (The Scar)Sekely, Steve1948
IMDBI Walk AloneHaskin, Byron1948
IMDBJohnny BelindaNegulesco, Jean1948
IMDBJungle PatrolNewman, Joseph M.1948
IMDBKey LargoHuston, John1948
IMDBKiss the Blood Off My HandsFoster, Norman1948
IMDBLa Terra TremaVisconti, Luchino1948
IMDBLadies of the ChorusKarlson, Phil1948
IMDBLast Stage, TheJakubowska, Wanda1948
IMDBLights That Never Fail (Les feux de la mer)Epstein, Jean1948
IMDBLittle Orphan, TheHanna & Barbera1948
IMDBLouisiana StoryFlaherty, Robert1948
IMDBLove and the Zeppelin (Vzducholod a láska)Brdecka, Jirí1948
IMDBMake Mine FreedomSutherland, John1948
IMDBMeet the PioneersAnderson, Lindsay1948
IMDBMichurin (Life in Bloom)Dovzhenko, Alexander1948
IMDBMillionaire Who Stole the Sun, TheMiler, Zdenek1948
IMDBMoonriseBorzage, Frank1948
IMDBMother's DayBroughton, James1948
IMDBMouse WreckersJones, Chuck1948
IMDBMr. Blandings Builds His Dream HousePotter, H.C.1948
IMDBMuider Group Revived, TheHaanstra, Bert1948
IMDBN.U.Antonioni, Michelangelo1948
IMDBNew Year's NightKhodatayeva, Olga & Pyotr Nosov1948
IMDBNight Has a Thousand EyesFarrow, John1948
IMDBNosotros, los pobresRodriguez, Ismael1948
IMDBOliver TwistLean, David1948
IMDBPaleface, TheMcLeod, Norman Z.1948
 Petrified Dog, ThePeterson, Sidney1948
IMDBPitfallDe Toth, André1948
IMDBPort of CallBergman, Ingmar1948
IMDBPortrait of JennieDieterle, William1948
IMDBPortrait, TheKinoshita, Keisuke1948
IMDBProzess, Der (The Trial)Pabst, G.W.1948
IMDBPsycheMarkopoulos, Gregory1948
IMDBQuiet One, TheMeyers, Sidney1948
IMDBRachel and the StrangerFoster, Norman1948
IMDBRaw DealMann, Anthony1948
IMDBRoad HouseNegulesco, Jean1948
IMDBRuthlessUlmer, Edgar G.1948
IMDBRuy BlasBillon, Pierre1948
IMDBSausalitoStauffacher, Frank1948
IMDBSearch, TheZinnemann, Fred1948
IMDBSleep, My LoveSirk, Douglas1948
IMDBSnake Pit, TheLitvak, Anatole1948
IMDBSo This Is New YorkFleischer, Richard1948
IMDBSorrows of the Forbidden CityZhu Shilin1948
IMDBState of the UnionCapra, Frank1948
IMDBStrange VictoryHurwitz, Leo1948
IMDBStreet with No NameKeighley, William1948
IMDBStupor Salesman, TheDavis, Arthur1948
IMDBThat Lady in ErmineLubitsch, Ernst1948
IMDBThey Caught the FerryDreyer, Carl Theodor1948
 Uncomfortable Man, TheMunson, Kent & Theodore Huff1948
IMDBUstedes, los ricosRodriguez, Ismael1948
IMDBWalk a Crooked MileDouglas, Gordon1948
IMDBWhat Makes Daffy DuckDavis, Arthur1948
IMDBWomanKinoshita, Keisuke1948
IMDBWoman's Vengeance, AKorda, Zoltan1948
IMDBWomen of the NightMizoguchi, Kenji1948
IMDBYellow SkyWellman, William A.1948
IMDBAccused, TheDieterle, William1949
IMDBAdventures of Ichabod and Mr. ToadGeronimi & Algar & Kinney1949
IMDBAi le zhongnian (Miserable at Middle Age)Sang Hu1949
IMDBAlias Nick BealFarrow, John1949
IMDBAll The King's MenRossen, Robert1949
IMDBAux Quatre CoinsRivette, Jacques1949
IMDBBattlegroundWellman, William A.1949
IMDBBeyond the ForestVidor, King1949
IMDBBig Steal, TheSiegel, Don1949
IMDBBitter RiceDe Santis, Giuseppe1949
IMDBBorder IncidentMann, Anthony1949
IMDBBroken Drum, AKinoshita, Keisuke1949
IMDBCaughtOphüls, Max1949
IMDBChainsMatarazzo, Raffaello1949
IMDBChampionRobson, Mark1949
IMDBChrist in Concrete (Give Us This Day)Dmytryk, Edward1949
 Christmas, USAMarkopoulos, Gregory1949
IMDBCisaruv slavík (The Emperor and the Nightingale)Trnka, Jirí1949
IMDBColorado TerritoryWalsh, Raoul1949
IMDBCrooked Way, TheFlorey, Robert1949
IMDBCrows and Sparrows (Wuya yu maque)Zheng Junli1949
IMDBDown to the Sea in ShipsHathaway, Henry1949
IMDBEdward, My SonCukor, George1949
IMDBFarewell, AmericaDovzhenko, Alexander1949
IMDBFiamma che non si spegneCottafavi, Vittorio1949
IMDBFilm No. 5: Circular TensionsSmith, Harry1949
IMDBFollow Me QuietlyFleischer, Richard1949
IMDBFountainhead, TheVidor, King1949
IMDBGran Calavera, ElBuñuel, Luis1949
IMDBGun CrazyLewis, Joseph H.1949
IMDBHam in a RoleMcKimson, Robert1949
IMDBHeiress, TheWyler, William1949
IMDBHere's to the Young LadyKinoshita, Keisuke1949
IMDBHometown in HeartYoon, Yong-Kyu1949
IMDBHouse of StrangersMankiewicz, Joseph1949
IMDBImpactLubin, Arthur1949
IMDBInspiraceZeman, Karel1949
IMDBIntruder in the DustBrown, Clarence1949
IMDBIt Happens Every SpringBacon, Lloyd1949
IMDBKing of the Rocket MenBrannon, Fred C.1949
IMDBKnock on Any DoorRay, Nicholas1949
IMDBLead Shoes, ThePeterson, Sidney1949
IMDBMadame BovaryMinnelli, Vincente1949
IMDBMan on the Eiffel TowerMeredith, Burgess1949
IMDBManonClouzot, Henri-Georges1949
IMDBMayaBernard, Raymond1949
IMDBMy Love Has Been BurningMizoguchi, Kenji1949
IMDBNot WantedClifton, Elmer1949
IMDBObsession (The Hidden Room)Dmytryk, Edward1949
IMDBPacific 231Mitry, Jean1949
IMDBPassionate Friends, TheLean, David1949
IMDBPassport to PimlicoCornelius, Henry1949
IMDBPattes blanchesGrémillon, Jean1949
IMDBPrisonBergman, Ingmar1949
IMDBQueen of Spades, TheDickinson, Thorold1949
IMDBRed LightDel Ruth, Roy1949
IMDBReign of TerrorMann, Anthony1949
IMDBRendez-vous de JuilletBecker, Jacques1949
IMDBRiptideAllegret, Yves1949
IMDBRocking Horse Winner, ThePelissier, Anthony1949
IMDBRose of Bagdad (The Singing Princess)Domenighini, Anton Gino1949
IMDBRotationStaudte, Wolfgang1949
IMDBSamson and DelilahDe Mille, Cecil1949
IMDBSecret Garden, TheWilcox, Fred1949
IMDBSet-Up, TheWise, Robert1949
IMDBShe Wore a Yellow RibbonFord, John1949
IMDBSilence de la Mer, LeMelville, Jean-Pierre1949
IMDBSlattery's HurricaneDe Toth, Andre1949
IMDBSo Much for So LittleJones, Chuck1949
IMDBSomeone Else's VoiceIvanov-Vano, Ivan1949
IMDBSpider and the Fly, TheHamer, Robert1949
IMDBTensionBerry, John1949
IMDBThirstBergman, Ingmar1949
IMDBThreat, TheFeist, Felix1949
IMDBToo Late for TearsHaskin, Byron1949
IMDBTwelve O'Clock HighKing, Henry1949
IMDBUnder CapricornHitchcock, Alfred1949
IMDBUndercover Man, TheLewis, Joseph H.1949
IMDBWe Were StrangersHuston, John1949
IMDBWhirlpoolPreminger, Otto1949
IMDBWhisky GaloreMackendrick, Alexander1949
IMDBWhite HeatWalsh, Raoul1949
IMDBWindow, TheTetzlaff, Ted1949
IMDBWoman on Pier 13 (I Married a Communist)Stevenson, Robert1949
IMDBWoman's Secret, ARay, Nicholas1949
IMDBYotsuya KaidanKinoshita, Keisuke1949
IMDBYotsuya Kaidan 2Kinoshita, Keisuke1949
IMDB711 Ocean DriveNewman, Joseph M.1950
IMDB8 Ball BunnyJones, Chuck1950
IMDBAdventures of JimmyBroughton, James1950
IMDBAfrique 50Vautier, Rene1950
IMDBAnnie Get Your GunSidney, George1950
IMDBArmored Car RobberyFleischer, Richard1950
IMDBArrière-saisonKirsanoff, Dimitri1950
IMDBAventureraGout, Alberto1950
IMDBBackfireSherman, Vincent1950
IMDBBataille sur le grand fleuve (Hippopotamus Hunt)Rouch, Jean1950
IMDBBeauty and the DevilClair, René1950
IMDBBorn to Be BadRay, Nicholas1950
IMDBBreaking Point, TheCurtiz, Michael1950
IMDBBright LeafCurtiz, Michael1950
IMDBCagedCromwell, John1950
IMDBCassisHill, Jerome1950
IMDBCaveman InkiJones, Chuck1950
IMDBchant d'amour, UnGenet, Jean1950
IMDBCinderellaGeronimi & Jackson & Luske1950
IMDBClouded Yellow, TheThomas, Ralph1950
IMDBD.O.A.Maté, Rudolph1950
IMDBDamned Don't Cry, TheSherman, Vincent1950
IMDBDark CityDieterle, William1950
IMDBDestination MurderCahn, Edward L.1950
IMDBDevil's DoorwayMann, Anthony1950
IMDBDog Gone SouthJones, Chuck1950
IMDBDuchess of IdahoLeonard, Robert Z.1950
IMDBEdge of DoomRobson, Mark1950
IMDBElusive Pimpernel, ThePressburger & Powell1950
IMDBFather of the BrideMinnelli, Vincente1950
IMDBFile on Thelma Jordon, TheSiodmak, Robert1950
IMDBFilm No. 6Smith, Harry1950
IMDBFlame and the Arrow, TheTourneur, Jacques1950
IMDBGirl with HyacinthsEkman, Hasse1950
IMDBGrandma MosesHill, Jerome1950
IMDBGuilty BystanderLerner, Joseph1950
IMDBGunfighter, TheKing, Henry1950
IMDBHappiest Days of Your Life, TheLaunder, Frank1950
IMDBHillbilly HareMcKimson, Robert1950
IMDBHome, Tweet HomeFreleng, Friz1950
 Jazz at the Philharmonic 1950
IMDBKid, TheFeng Feng1950
IMDBKill the UmpireBacon, Lloyd1950
IMDBKiller That Stalked New YorkMcEvoy, Earl1950
IMDBKiss Tomorrow GoodbyeDouglas, Gordon1950
IMDBKon-TikiHeyerdahl, Thor1950
IMDBLady Without PassportLewis, Joseph H.1950
IMDBLast Days of Pompeii, TheL'Herbier, Marcel1950
IMDBLast HolidayCass, Henry1950
IMDBLawless, TheLosey, Joseph1950
IMDBLife of a Beijing PolicemanShi Hui1950
IMDBLife of Her Own, ACukor, George1950
IMDBLion's Busy, TheFreleng, Friz1950
IMDBMadeleineLean, David1950
IMDBMan Who Cheated Himself, TheFeist, Felix1950
IMDBMunekata Sisters, TheOzu, Yasujiro1950
IMDBMystery StreetSturges, John1950
IMDBNext Voice You Hear, TheWellman, William A.1950
IMDBNo Man of Her OwnLeisen, Mitchell1950
IMDBNo Way OutMankiewicz, Joseph1950
IMDBOne Way StreetFregonese, Hugo1950
IMDBOutrageLupino, Ida1950
IMDBPagan Love SongAlton, Robert1950
IMDBPanic in the StreetsKazan, Elia1950
IMDBQuadrille, LeRivette, Jacques1950
IMDBRio GrandeFord, John1950
IMDBScandalKurosawa, Akira1950
IMDBSecond Woman, TheKern, James V.1950
IMDBSide StreetMann, Anthony1950
IMDBSleeping CitySherman, George1950
IMDBSound of Fury, The (Try and Get Me)Endfield, Cy1950
IMDBSouthside 1-1000Ingster, Boris1950
IMDBStage FrightHitchcock, Alfred1950
IMDBStory of a Love AffairAntonioni, Michelangelo1950
IMDBStrife with FatherMcKimson, Robert1950
IMDBSummer StockWalters, Charles1950
IMDBSwainMarkopoulos, Gregory1950
IMDBTattooed StrangerMontagne, Edward1950
IMDBTo JoyBergman, Ingmar1950
IMDBTormentoMatarazzo, Raffaello1950
IMDBTrouble IndemnityHubley, John & Pete Burness1950
IMDBUnderworld Story, TheEndfield, Cy1950
IMDBUnion StationMaté, Rudolph1950
IMDBVariety LightsFellini & Lattuada1950
IMDBVendettaOphüls, Max & Preston Sturges & Stuart Heisler1950
IMDBVenom and EternityIsou, Jean-Isadore1950
IMDBWagonmasterFord, John1950
IMDBWedding RingKinoshita, Keisuke1950
IMDBWhen Willie Comes Marching HomeFord, John1950
IMDBWhere Danger LivesFarrow, John1950
IMDBWhere the Sidewalk EndsPreminger, Otto1950
IMDBWoman in Question, TheAsquith, Anthony1950
IMDBWoman on the RunFoster, Norman1950
IMDBAfrican QueenHuston, John1951
IMDBAlice in WonderlandGeronimi & Jackson & Luske1951
IMDBAlong the Great DivideWalsh, Raoul1951
IMDBAnne of the IndiesTourneur, Jacques1951
IMDBAppointment With DangerAllen, Lewis1951
IMDBAwaaraKapoor, Raj1951
IMDBBear for PunishmentJones, Chuck1951
IMDBBellissimaVisconti, Luchino1951
IMDBBig Night, TheLosey, Joseph1951
IMDBBoyhoodKinoshita, Keisuke1951
IMDBBrowning Version, TheAsquith, Anthony1951
IMDBBullfighter and the LadyBoetticher, Budd1951
IMDBBunny HuggedJones, Chuck1951
IMDBCaptain Horatio Hornblower R.N.Walsh, Raoul1951
IMDBCarmen Comes HomeKinoshita, Keisuke1951
IMDBCause for AlarmGarnett, Tay1951
IMDBCircle of DangerTourneur, Jacques1951
IMDBColletteBellon, Yannick1951
IMDBCry DangerParrish, Robert1951
IMDBDaughter of DeceitBuñuel, Luis1951
 Death of a StagKirsanoff, Dimitri1951
IMDBDecision Before DawnLitvak, Anatole1951
IMDBDetective StoryWyler, William1951
IMDBEarly SummerOzu, Yasujiro1951
IMDBEdward and CarolineBecker, Jacques1951
IMDBFather's Little DividendMinnelli, Vincente1951
IMDBFilm No. 7Smith, Harry1951
IMDBFireworks Over the SeaKinoshita, Keisuke1951
IMDBFirst Legion, TheSirk, Douglas1951
IMDBFlying LeathernecksRay, Nicholas1951
IMDBFourteen HoursHathaway, Henry1951
IMDBGinza CosmeticsNaruse, Mikio1951
IMDBGolden Fish (O Zlate Rybce)Trnka, Jiri1951
IMDBGood Fairy, TheKinoshita, Keisuke1951
IMDBGreen Grow the RushesTwist, Derek1951
IMDBHe Ran All the WayBerry, John1951
IMDBHis Kind of WomanFleischer, Richard and John Farrow1951
IMDBHis Kind of WomanFarrow, John1951
IMDBI Was a Communist for the FBIDouglas, Gordon1951
IMDBIdiot, TheKurosawa, Akira1951
IMDBJuliette, or Key of DreamsCarne, Marcel1951
IMDBLady of Musashino, TheMizoguchi, Kenji1951
IMDBLavender Hill Mob, TheCrichton, Charles1951
IMDBLemon Drop Kid, TheLanfield, Sidney & Frank Tashlin1951
 LonghornsHarris, Hilary1951
IMDBLoony TomBroughton, James1951
IMDBLovelorn LeghornMcKimson, Robert1951
IMDBMan from Planet X, TheUlmer, Edgar G.1951
IMDBMan in the White Suit, TheMackendrick, Alexander1951
IMDBMedieval Dutch SculptureHaanstra, Bert1951
IMDBMiracle in MilanDe Sica, Vittorio1951
IMDBMiss JulieSjöberg, Alf1951
IMDBMiss OyoMizoguchi, Kenji1951
IMDBMob, TheParrish, Robert1951
IMDBPanta RheiHaanstra, Bert1951
IMDBPeople Against O'Hara, TheSturges, John1951
IMDBPeople Will TalkMankiewicz, Joseph1951
IMDBPlace in the Sun, AStevens, George1951
 Plague SummerKessler, Chester1951
IMDBPoisonGuitry, Sacha1951
IMDBProwler, TheLosey, Joseph1951
IMDBRabbit Every MondayFreleng, Friz1951
IMDBRacket, TheCromwell, John1951
IMDBRed Badge of Courage, TheHuston, John1951
IMDBRed Inn (L'auberge rouge)Autant-Lara, Claude1951
IMDBRepastNaruse, Mikio1951
IMDBRoadblockDaniels, Harold1951
IMDBScent-imental RomeoJones, Chuck1951
IMDBShow BoatSidney, George1951
IMDBSi usted no puede, yo síBuñuel, Luis y Julián Soler1951
IMDBStreetcar Named DesireKazan, Elia1951
IMDBStrip, TheKardos, Leslie1951
IMDBSummer InterludeBergman, Ingmar1951
IMDBTanks Are Coming, TheSeiler, Lewis1951
IMDBThunder on the HillSirk, Douglas1951
IMDBTwo Mouseketeers, TheHanna & Barbera1951
IMDBUnknown Man, TheThorpe, Richard1951
IMDBVerlorene, DerLorre, Peter1951
IMDBWell, ThePopkin, Leo & Russell Rouse1951
IMDBWhen Worlds CollideMaté, Rudolph1951
IMDBYou Never Can TellBreslow, Lou1951
IMDBAll Clues Lead to BerlinCáp, Frantisek1952
IMDBAndrocles and the LionErskine, Chester1952
IMDBAngel FacePreminger, Otto1952
IMDBApril in ParisButler, David1952
IMDBAvarice and AngerDe Filippo, Eduardo1952
IMDBBad and the Beautiful, TheMinnelli, Vincente1952
IMDBBakubaDe Boe, Gérard1952
IMDBBeep, BeepJones, Chuck1952
IMDBBeware, My LovelyHorner, Harry1952
IMDBBlackbeard, the PirateWalsh, Raoul1952
IMDBBop-ScotchBelson, Jordan1952
IMDBBruteBuñuel, Luis1952
IMDBCaptive City, TheWise, Robert1952
IMDBCaravanBelson, Jordan1952
IMDBCarmen's Innocent LoveKinoshita, Keisuke1952
IMDBCarrieWyler, William1952
IMDBCasque d'OrBecker, Jacques1952
 Celery Stalks at MidnightWhitney, John1952
 Chicken, TheRossellini, Roberto1952
IMDBChildren of HiroshimaShindo, Kaneto1952
IMDBCimarron Kid, TheBoetticher, Budd1952
IMDBCrimson Pirate, TheSiodmak, Robert1952
IMDBCry, the Beloved CountryKorda, Zoltan1952
IMDBDivertissement, LeRivette, Jacques1952
IMDBEight Iron MenDmytryk, Edward1952
IMDBEighth SinLacombe, Georges1952
IMDBEnvyRossellini, Roberto1952
IMDBFanfan La TulipeChristian-Jaque1952
IMDBFirst Time, TheTashlin, Frank1952
IMDBFive FingersMankiewicz, Joseph1952
IMDBFlavor of Green Tea Over RiceOzu, Yasujiro1952
IMDBForbidden GamesClement, Rene1952
IMDBGift WrappedFreleng, Friz1952
IMDBGluttonyRim, Carlo1952
IMDBGoing! Going! Gosh!Jones, Chuck1952
IMDBGreatest Show on Earth, TheDe Mille, Cecil1952
IMDBHans Christian AndersenVidor, Charles1952
IMDBHas Anybody Seen My Gal?Sirk, Douglas1952
IMDBHasty Hare, TheJones, Chuck1952
IMDBHe Who Is Without SinMatarazzo, Raffaello1952
IMDBHôtel des InvalidesFranju, Georges1952
IMDBHurlements en faveur de SadeDebord, Guy1952
 Image in the SnowMaas, Willard1952
IMDBImportance of Being Earnest, TheAsquith, Anthony1952
IMDBInterimBrakhage, Stan1952
IMDBJazz Singer, TheCurtiz, Michael1952
IMDBKansas City ConfidentialKarlson, Phil1952
IMDBLightningNaruse, Mikio1952
IMDBLittle Red Rodent HoodFreleng, Friz1952
IMDBLoan SharkFriedman, Seymour1952
IMDBLustAllégret, Yves1952
IMDBMacaoRay, Nicholas & Josef Von Sternberg1952
IMDBMachine That Kills Bad People, TheRossellini, Roberto1952
IMDBMadelineCannon, Robert1952
IMDBMamboBelson, Jordan1952
IMDBMarrying Kind, TheCukor, George1952
IMDBMember of the Wedding, TheZinnemann, Fred1952
IMDBMother (Okasan)Naruse, Mikio1952
IMDBMujer sin amor, UnaBuñuel, Luis1952
IMDBMy Son JohnMcCarey, Leo1952
IMDBMy Wife's LodgerElvey, Maurice1952
IMDBNarrow Margin, TheFleischer, Richard1952
IMDBNobody's ChildrenMatarazzo, Raffaello1952
IMDBO. Henry's Full HouseHawks, King, Negulesco, et al1952
IMDBOlympia 52Marker, Chris1952
IMDBOn Dangerous GroundRay, Nicholas1952
IMDBOperation: RabbitJones, Chuck1952
IMDBOutcast of the IslandsReed, Carol1952
IMDBPat and MikeCukor, George1952
IMDBPete HotheadBurness, Pete1952
IMDBPhantasy, AMcLaren, Norman1952
IMDBPortrait of GaTait, Margaret1952
IMDBPrideAutant-Lara, Claude1952
IMDBQuiet ManFord, John1952
IMDBRed Ball ExpressBoetticher, Budd1952
IMDBRetreat, Hell!Lewis, Joseph H.1952
IMDBRichesses ignoréesDe Boe, Gérard1952
IMDBRome 11 O'ClockDe Santis, Giuseppe1952
IMDBRuby GentryVidor, King1952
IMDBScaramoucheSidney, George1952
IMDBSecrets of WomenBergman, Ingmar1952
IMDBSeven Capital SinsRossellini, Allegret, Autant-Lara, et al1952
 Singing Street, TheMcIsaac, Ritchie & Townsend1952
IMDBSlothDréville, Jean1952
IMDBSniper, TheDmytryk, Edward1952
IMDBStranger Left No Card, TheToye, Wendy1952
IMDBSudden FearMiller, David1952
IMDBTalk About a StrangerBradley, David1952
IMDBThief, TheRouse, Russell1952
IMDBTree for TwoFreleng, Friz1952
IMDBTruth About Bebe DongeDecoin, Henri1952
IMDBTurning Point, TheDieterle, William1952
IMDBTwo Cents Worth of HopeCastellani, Renato1952
IMDBVendetta of a SamuraiMori, Kazuo1952
IMDBViva Zapata!Kazan, Elia1952
IMDBWakefield ExpressAnderson, Lindsay1952
IMDBWhite Reindeer, TheBlomberg, Erik1952
IMDBWillie the KidCannon, Robert1952
IMDBWorld in His Arms, TheWalsh, Raoul1952
IMDBYouth of the SonKobayashi, Masaki1952
IMDB5000 Fingers of Dr. TRowland, Roy1953
IMDB99 River StreetKarlson, Phil1953
IMDBActress, TheCukor, George1953
IMDBAll I DesireSirk, Douglas1953
IMDBAmore in città, L'Antonioni, Fellini, 5 more1953
IMDBAmore in citta: Gli Italiani Si VoltanoLattuada, Alberto1953
IMDBAmore in citta: L'Amore che si pagaLizzani, Carlo1953
IMDBAmore in citta: Paradiso per 3 oreRisi, Dino1953
IMDBAmore in citta: Storia di CaterinaMaselli, Francesco1953
IMDBAmore in citta: Tentato SuicidoAntonioni, Michelangelo1953
IMDBAmore in citta: Un Agenzia MatrimonialeFellini, Federico1953
IMDBAppunti su un fatto di cronacaVisconti, Luchino1953
IMDBBeat the DevilHuston, John1953
IMDBBienvenido Mister MarshallBerlanga, Luis García1953
IMDBBigamist, TheLupino, Ida1953
IMDBBlowing WildFregonese, Hugo1953
IMDBChristopher CrumpetCannon, Robert1953
IMDBCity Beneath the SeaBoetticher, Budd1953
IMDBCity That Never SleepsAuer, John1953
IMDBCry of the HuntedLewis, Joseph H.1953
IMDBDangerous When WetWalters, Charles1953
IMDBDo Bigha ZaminRoy, Bimal1953
IMDBEmperor's New ClothesParmelee, Ted1953
IMDBEscape from Fort BravoSturges, John1953
IMDBFear and DesireKubrick, Stanley1953
IMDBFestival MoonZhu Shilin1953
IMDBForever FemaleRapper, Irving1953
IMDBForm Phases IIIBreer, Robert1953
IMDBFrom A to Z-Z-Z-ZJones, Chuck1953
IMDBGate of HellKinugasa, Teinosuke1953
IMDBGeisha, AMizoguchi, Kenji1953
IMDBGenevieveCornelius, Henry1953
IMDBGerald McBoing Boing's SymphonyCannon, Robert1953
IMDBGlen or Glenda?Wood, Edward D. Jr.1953
IMDBGrand Méliès, LeFranju, Georges1953
IMDBGun FuryWalsh, Raoul1953
IMDBHokusaiTeshigahara, Hiroshi1953
IMDBHusband and Wife (Fufu)Naruse, Mikio1953
IMDBI, the JuryEssex, Harry1953
IMDBIn the Face of DemolitionLee Tie1953
IMDBInfernoBaker, Roy Ward1953
IMDBInvaders from MarsMenzies, William Cameron1953
 IranRichter, Kenneth1953
IMDBIt Came from Outer SpaceArnold, Jack1953
IMDBJeopardySturges, John1953
IMDBKiss Me CatJones, Chuck1953
IMDBKiss Me KateSidney, George1953
IMDBLawless Breed, TheWalsh, Raoul1953
IMDBLittle Boy with a Big HornCannon, Robert1953
IMDBLittle FugitiveEngel, Morris1953
IMDBLove of a WomanGrémillon, Jean1953
IMDBMan Between, TheReed, Carol1953
IMDBMan From the Alamo, TheBoetticher, Budd1953
IMDBMandalaBelson, Jordan1953
IMDBMogamboFord, John1953
IMDBMoon Is Blue, ThePreminger, Otto1953
IMDBNiagaraHathaway, Henry1953
IMDBOld Czech LegendsTrnka, Jirí1953
IMDBOlder Brother, Younger Sister (Ani Imoto)Naruse, Mikio1953
IMDBPeter PanGeronimi & Jackson & Luske1953
IMDBPleasure Garden, TheBroughton, James1953
IMDBPoussières, LesFranju, Georges1953
IMDBRaya wa SekinaAbouseif, Salah1953
IMDBSaadiaLewin, Albert1953
IMDBSeminoleBoetticher, Budd1953
IMDBSincere HeartKobayashi, Masaki1953
IMDBStooge, TheTaurog, Norman1953
IMDBStory of Three Loves, TheMinnelli, Vincente & Gottfried Reinhardt1953
IMDBStranger Wore a Gun, TheDe Toth, André1953
IMDBTake Me to TownSirk, Douglas1953
IMDBTell-Tale Heart, TheWilliams, J.B.1953
IMDBTerminal StationDe Sica, Vittorio1953
IMDBThick-Walled Room, TheKobayashi, Masaki1953
IMDBThunder BayMann, Anthony1953
IMDBTitanicNegulesco, Jean1953
IMDBTo Kill a ChildWerner, Gösta1953
IMDBTragedy of JapanKinoshita, Keisuke1953
IMDBTwonky, TheOboler, Arch1953
IMDBUnglassed Windows Cast a Terrible ReflectionBrakhage, Stan1953
IMDBUnicorn in the GardenHurtz, William T.1953
IMDBVickiHorner, Harry1953
IMDBVinti, IAntonioni, Michelangelo1953
IMDBVoices, TheSchmitz, John E.1953
IMDBWar of the WorldsHaskin, Byron1953
IMDBWife (Tsuma)Naruse, Mikio1953
IMDBWild GeeseToyoda, Shiro1953
IMDBZipping AlongJones, Chuck1953
IMDB20,000 Leagues Under the SeaFleischer, Richard1954
IMDBAdventures of Hajji BabaWeis, Don1954
IMDBAnimal FarmBatchelor, Joy & John Halas1954
IMDBAnother SkyLambert, Gavin1954
IMDBBallet-OopCannon, Robert1954
IMDBBarefoot Contessa, TheMankiewicz, Joseph1954
IMDBBlack TuesdayFregonese, Hugo1954
IMDBBounty Hunter, TheDe Toth, André1954
IMDBBoyfriend in Sight (Novio a la vista)Berlanga, Luis García1954
IMDBBrigadoonMinnelli, Vincente1954
IMDBBringing Up MotherHurtz, William T.1954
IMDBCaine Mutiny, TheDmytryk, Edward1954
IMDBCarmen JonesPreminger, Otto1954
IMDBCattle Queen of MontanaDwan, Allan1954
IMDBChants de fleuveDe Boe, Gérard1954
IMDBClosed VisionMarc'o1954
IMDBCommand, TheButler, David1954
IMDBCrazy Mixed Up PupAvery, Tex1954
IMDBCreature From the Black LagoonArnold, Jack1954
IMDBCrime WaveDe Toth, André1954
IMDBCrucified Lovers (A Story from Chikamatsu)Mizoguchi, Kenji1954
IMDBCrucified Woman (The Woman of Rumour)Mizoguchi, Kenji1954
IMDBDog PoundedFreleng, Friz1954
IMDBDov'è la libertà...?Rossellini, Roberto1954
IMDBDragnetWebb, Jack1954
IMDBDrive a Crooked RoadQuine, Richard1954
IMDBElisabethvilleDe Boe, Gérard1954
IMDBExecutive SuiteWise, Robert1954
IMDBExtraordinary Child, TheBrakhage, Stan1954
IMDBFar Country, TheMann, Anthony1954
IMDBFather BrownHamer, Robert1954
IMDBFear (La Paura)Rossellini, Roberto1954
IMDBFeline Frame-UpJones, Chuck1954
IMDBFilm No. 8Smith, Harry1954
IMDBFilm No. 9Smith, Harry1954
IMDBForm Phases IVBreer, Robert1954
IMDBFour Wheels, No BrakesParmelee, Ted1954
IMDBFudget's BudgetCannon, Robert1954
IMDBGarden of WomenKinoshita, Keisuke1954
 Ghost Cat of Ouma CrossingKado, Bin1954
IMDBGlenn Miller Story, TheMann, Anthony1954
IMDBGolden DemonShima, Koji1954
 Good FriendWei Te1954
IMDBHow Now Boing BoingCannon, Robert1954
IMDBIllusions Travel by StreetcarBuñuel, Luis1954
IMDBIt Should Happen To YouCukor, George1954
IMDBJazz DanceTilton, Roger1954
IMDBJoan of ArcRossellini, Roberto1954
IMDBKarius and BaktusCaprino, Ivo1954
IMDBL'affaire MauriziusDuvivier, Julien1954
IMDBLate ChrysanthemumsNaruse, Mikio1954
IMDBLesson in Love, ABergman, Ingmar1954
IMDBLong, Long Trailer, TheMinnelli, Vincente1954
IMDBMan on the Flying TrapezeParmelee, Ted1954
IMDBMangbetuDe Boe, Gérard1954
IMDBMonsieur Ripois (Lovers, Happy Lovers)Clement, Rene1954
IMDBMy Little DuckarooJones, Chuck1954
IMDBOpération bétonGodard, Jean-Luc1954
IMDBPrivate Hell 36Siegel, Don1954
IMDBPurple Plain, TheParrish, Robert1954
IMDBPushoverQuine, Richard1954
IMDBRaid, TheFregonese, Hugo1954
IMDBRiding ShotgunDe Toth, André1954
IMDBRiver of No ReturnPreminger, Otto1954
IMDBRivieraLattuada, Alberto1954
IMDBRogue CopRowland, Roy1954
IMDBSalt of the EarthBiberman, Herbert1954
IMDBSandy ClawsFreleng, Friz1954
IMDBSatan's Waitin'Freleng, Friz1954
IMDBSilver LodeDwan, Allan1954
IMDBSleeping Tiger, TheLosey, Joseph1954
IMDBSomewhere Beneath the Wide SkyKobayashi, Masaki1954
IMDBSound of the MountainNaruse, Mikio1954
IMDBSpare the ChildLiss, Abe1954
IMDBStar is Born, ACukor, George1954
IMDBStruggle in the ValleyChahine, Youssef1954
IMDBSuddenlyAllen, Lewis1954
IMDBThree Coins in the FountainNegulesco, Jean1954
IMDBTornaMatarazzo, Raffaello1954
IMDBTouchez pas au GrisbiBecker, Jacques1954
IMDBTwenty-Four EyesKinoshita, Keisuke1954
IMDBVera CruzAldrich, Robert1954
IMDBWitness to MurderRowland, Roy1954
IMDBWorld for RansomAldrich, Robert1954
IMDBWuthering HeightsBuñuel, Luis1954
IMDBYoung at HeartDouglas, Gordon1954
IMDBAfrique sur SeineSarr, Mamadou & Paulin Vieyra1955
IMDBAguaespejo granadino (Water-Mirror of Granada)Val del Omar, Jose1955
IMDBAmiche, LeAntonioni, Michelangelo1955
IMDBAnd There Was No More SeaHaanstra, Bert1955
IMDBAround the World with Orson WellesWelles, Orson1955
IMDBBaby BoogieJulian, Paul1955
IMDBBad Day at Black RockSturges, John1955
IMDBBeautiful DaysKobayashi, Masaki1955
IMDBBespoke Overcoat, TheClayton, Jack1955
IMDBBig Combo, TheLewis, Joseph H.1955
IMDBBig Knife, TheAldrich, Robert1955
IMDBCaptain LightfootSirk, Douglas1955
IMDBChristopher Crumpet's PlaymateCannon, Robert1955
IMDBCobweb, TheMinnelli, Vincente1955
IMDBCold NightsLee Sun-fung1955
IMDBCourt Jester, TheFrank, Melvin & Norman Panama1955
IMDBCult of the CobraLyon, Francis1955
IMDBDaddy Long LegsNegulesco, Jean1955
IMDBDay The World EndedCorman, Roger1955
IMDBDeath of a CyclistBardem, Juan Antonio1955
IMDBDesperate Hours, TheWyler, William1955
IMDBDevdasRoy, Bimal1955
IMDBDreamsBergman, Ingmar1955
IMDBEast of EdenKazan, Elia1955
IMDBEnchanted Boy, ThePolkovnikov, Vladimir1955
IMDBEternal BreastsTanaka, Kinuyo1955
IMDBFloating CloudsNaruse, Mikio1955
IMDBFrench, They are a Funny RaceSturges, Preston1955
IMDBGirl in the Red Velvet Swing, TheFleischer, Richard1955
IMDBGod ShivaHaanstra, Bert1955
IMDBGodzilla Raids AgainOda, Motoyoshi1955
IMDBGrandes Manoeuvres, LesClair, René1955
IMDBGuided MuscleJones, Chuck1955
IMDBHero of Our Times, AMonicelli, Mario1955
IMDBHitch in Time, AJones, Chuck1955
IMDBHole of My Own MakingUchida, Tomu1955
IMDBI Died a Thousand TimesHeisler, Stuart1955
IMDBI live in fearKurosawa, Akira1955
IMDBKid For Two Farthings, AReed, Carol1955
IMDBKokoroIchikawa, Kon1955
IMDBLady Without CameliasAntonioni, Michelangelo1955
IMDBLand of the PharaohsHawks, Howard1955
IMDBLast Ten Days (Der Letzte Akt)Pabst, G.W.1955
IMDBLegend of Rockabye PointAvery, Tex1955
IMDBLong Gray Line, TheFord, John1955
IMDBLord MountdragoO'Ferrall, George More1955
IMDBLove Me or Leave MeVidor, Charles1955
IMDBMan with the Golden ArmPreminger, Otto1955
IMDBMarguerite de la nuitAutant-Lara, Claude1955
IMDBMartyMann, Delbert1955
 Mechanics of LoveMaas, Willard & Ben Moore1955
IMDBMeet The GovernorMcCarey, Leo1955
IMDBMiracle of MarcelinoVajda, Ladislao1955
IMDBMon ChienFranju, Georges1955
IMDBMosaik im Vertrauen (Mosaic in Confidence)Kubelka, Peter1955
IMDBMy Sister EileenQuine, Richard1955
IMDBNaked Dawn, TheUlmer, Edgar G.1955
IMDBNew Tales of the Taira ClanMizoguchi, Kenji1955
IMDBNot as a StrangerKramer, Stanley1955
IMDBOh Rosalinda!Pressburger & Powell1955
IMDBParents' HeartsChun Kim1955
IMDBPete Kelly's BluesWebb, Jack1955
IMDBPhantom Horse, TheShima, Koji1955
IMDBPhenix City Story, TheKarlson, Phil1955
IMDBPicnicLogan, Joshua1955
IMDBPicture, TheToye, Wendy1955
IMDBPrincess YangMizoguchi, Kenji1955
IMDBRio 40 DegreesDos Santos, Nelson Pereira1955
IMDBRío y la muerte, ElBuñuel, Luis1955
IMDBRise of Duton LangEvans, Osmond1955
IMDBRival World, TheHaanstra, Bert1955
IMDBRun for CoverRay, Nicholas1955
IMDBShack Out On 101Dein, Edward1955
IMDBSwindlers, TheFellini, Federico1955
IMDBTall Men, TheWalsh, Raoul1955
IMDBTattered Wings, TheKinoshita, Keisuke1955
IMDBTender Trap, TheWalters, Charles1955
IMDBThree Cases of MurderEady, O'Ferrall, Toye1955
IMDBTicket for Thaddeus, ABorzage, Frank1955
IMDBTo Catch a ThiefHitchcock, Alfred1955
IMDBTrouble With HarryHitchcock, Alfred1955
IMDBTwilight SaloonUchida, Tomu1955
IMDBUne Femme Coquette (A Flirtatious Woman)Godard, Jean-Luc1955
IMDBViolent SaturdayFleischer, Richard1955
IMDBWhite Angel, TheMatarazzo, Raffaello1955
IMDBWichitaTourneur, Jacques1955
IMDBYou Killed ElizabethEady, David1955
IMDBYou Were Like a Wild ChrysanthemumKinoshita, Keisuke1955
IMDB23 Paces to Baker StreetHathaway, Henry1956
IMDB90 Day WonderingJones, Chuck1956
IMDBA to ZSnow, Michael1956
IMDBAnd God Created WomanVadim, Roger1956
IMDBAround the World in Eighty DaysAnderson, Michael1956
IMDBAttackAldrich, Robert1956
IMDBAutumn LeavesAldrich, Robert1956
IMDBBaby DollKazan, Elia1956
IMDBBacklashSturges, John1956
IMDBBad Seed, TheLeRoy, Mervyn1956
IMDBBandidoFleischer, Richard1956
IMDBBarbary Coast BunnyJones, Chuck1956
IMDBBattle of the River Plate, ThePressburger & Powell1956
IMDBBetween Heaven and HellFleischer, Richard1956
IMDBBhowani JunctionCukor, George1956
IMDBBitter Stems (Los tallos amargos)Ayala, Fernando1956
IMDBBoy Who Saw Through, TheBute, Mary Ellen1956
IMDBBroom-Stick BunnyJones, Chuck1956
IMDBBurmese Harp, TheIchikawa, Kon1956
IMDBBus StopLogan, Joshua1956
IMDBCalle Mayor (The Lovemaker)Bardem, Juan Antonio1956
IMDBCatered Affair, TheBrooks, Richard1956
IMDBCatsBreer, Robert1956
IMDBCela s'appelle l'auroreBuñuel, Luis1956
 Conceited General, TheWei Te1956
IMDBCrazed FruitNakahira, Kô1956
IMDBDay I Met Caruso, TheBorzage, Frank1956
IMDBDay Is DoneBorzage, Frank1956
IMDBEarly SpringOzu, Yasujiro1956
IMDBEddy Duchin Story, TheSidney, George1956
IMDBFarewell to DreamKinoshita, Keisuke1956
IMDBFilm No. 10Smith, Harry1956
IMDBFilm No. 11: Mirror AnimationsSmith, Harry1956
IMDBFinger of GuiltLosey, Joseph1956
IMDBFire is Burning in the YarangaKhodatayeva, Olga1956
IMDBFlowingNaruse, Mikio1956
IMDBForbidden PlanetWilcox, Fred1956
IMDBFriendly PersuasionWyler, William1956
IMDBGerald McBoing Boing on Planet MooCannon, Robert1956
IMDBGervaiseClement, Rene1956
IMDBGodzilla, King of the MonstersHonda, Ishirô & Terry Morse1956
IMDBHarder They Fall, TheRobson, Mark1956
IMDBHigh and the FlightyMcKimson, Robert1956
IMDBHot BloodRay, Nicholas1956
IMDBI'll Buy You (Anata Kaimasu)Kobayashi, Masaki1956
IMDBIkebanaTeshigahara, Hiroshi1956
IMDBIzumi (Fountainhead)Kobayashi, Masaki1956
IMDBJaywalker, TheCannon, Robert1956
IMDBJubalDaves, Delmer1956
IMDBKiller is Loose, TheBoetticher, Budd1956
IMDBKiss Before Dying, AOswald, Gerd1956
IMDBLast Wagon, TheDaves, Delmer1956
IMDBLust For LifeMinnelli, Vincente1956
IMDBMan in the Gray Flannel Suit, TheJohnson, Nunnally1956
IMDBMan Who Never Was, TheNeame, Ronald1956
IMDBMoby DickHuston, John1956
IMDBMomma Don't AllowReisz, Karel & Tony Richardson1956
IMDBMonsieur et Madame CurieFranju, Georges1956
IMDBMort en ce jardin, LaBuñuel, Luis1956
IMDBMotion Pictures No. 1Breer, Robert1956
IMDBNestasni robot (The Playful Robot)Vukotic, Dusan1956
IMDBNightmareShane, Maxwell1956
IMDBPainter and the City, TheOliveira, Manoel de1956
IMDBPardnersTaurog, Norman1956
IMDBPillars of the SkyMarshall, George1956
IMDBPlucking the DaisyAllégret, Marc1956
IMDBRack, TheLaven, Arnold1956
IMDBRocket from CalabuchBerlanga, Luis García1956
IMDBRocket-bye BabyJones, Chuck1956
IMDBRoof, TheDe Sica, Vittorio1956
IMDBRose on his ArmKinoshita, Keisuke1956
IMDBSea BallerinasPainlevé, Jean1956
IMDBSeven Men From NowBoetticher, Budd1956
IMDBShort Vision, AFoldes, Peter & Joan1956
IMDBShozo, a Cat and Two WomenToyoda, Shiro1956
IMDBSilent World, TheMalle, Louis & Jacques Cousteau1956
IMDBSlightly ScarletDwan, Allan1956
IMDBSomebody Up There Likes MeWise, Robert1956
IMDBSonate a KreutzerRohmer, Eric1956
IMDBStar of BethlehemReiniger, Lotte1956
IMDBStorm CenterTaradash, Daniel1956
IMDBSudden RainNaruse, Mikio1956
IMDBTea and SympathyMinnelli, Vincente1956
IMDBTen Commandments, TheDe Mille, Cecil1956
IMDBThere's Always TomorrowSirk, Douglas1956
IMDBTogetherMazzetti, Lorenza1956
IMDBTrapezeReed, Carol1956
IMDBTrumpitJordan, Larry1956
IMDBVoici le temps des assassins (Deadlier Than The Male)Duvivier, Julien1956
IMDBWar and PeaceVidor, King1956
IMDBWife's Heart, A (Tsuma no Kokoro)Naruse, Mikio1956
IMDB1/57 Experiment with Synthetic Sound TestKren, Kurt1957
IMDB3:10 to YumaDaves, Delmer1957
IMDBAbominable Snowman, TheGuest, Val1957
 AbracadabraVukotic, Dusan1957
IMDBAdebarKubelka, Peter1957
IMDBAll at SeaFrend, Charles1957
IMDBAt Great Cost (Dorogoy tsenoy)Donskoy, Mark1957
IMDBAu Service de L'Agriculture (In dienst van de landbouw)De Boe, Gérard1957
IMDBBand of AngelsWalsh, Raoul1957
IMDBBanner of YouthBorowczyk, Walerican & Jan Lenica1957
IMDBBedevilled RabbitMcKimson, Robert1957
IMDBBitter VictoryRay, Nicholas1957
IMDBBlack River (Kuroi Kawa)Kobayashi, Masaki1957
IMDBBlue Sky MaidenMasumura, Yasuzo1957
IMDBBoyhood DazeJones, Chuck1957
IMDBBridge on the River KwaiLean, David1957
IMDBBurglar, TheWendkos, Paul1957
IMDBCasa del ángel, LaNilsson, Leopoldo Torre1957
IMDBCowboy JimmyVukotic, Dusan1957
IMDBCrime of PassionOswald, Gerd1957
IMDBD.I., TheWebb, Jack1957
IMDBDancer's World, AGlushanok, Peter1957
IMDBDanger Stalks NearKinoshita, Keisuke1957
IMDBDecision at SundownBoetticher, Budd1957
IMDBDelicate Delinquent, TheMcGuire, Don1957
IMDBDesigning WomanMinnelli, Vincente1957
IMDBDjango ReinhardtPaviot, Paul1957
IMDBDrafty, Isn't It?Jones, Chuck1957
IMDBDucking the DevilMcKimson, Robert1957
IMDBDumkaParajanov, Sergei1957
IMDBEdge of the CityRitt, Martin1957
IMDBEight Hours of TerrorSuzuki, Seijun1957
IMDBEspions, LesClouzot, Henri-Georges1957
IMDBEvery Day Except ChristmasAnderson, Lindsay1957
IMDBFace in the Crowd, AKazan, Elia1957
IMDBFear Strikes OutMulligan, Robert1957
IMDBFunny FaceDonen, Stanley1957
IMDBGirls, LesCukor, George1957
IMDBGrido, IlAntonioni, Michelangelo1957
IMDBGunfight at the O.K. CorralSturges, John1957
IMDBHelen la belleReiniger, Lotte1957
IMDBHell DriversEndfield, Cy1957
IMDBI Am WaitingKurahara, Koreyoshi1957
IMDBIncredible Shrinking Man, TheArnold, Jack1957
IMDBKing in New YorkChaplin, Charles1957
IMDBLiving Idol, TheLewin, Albert1957
IMDBLove in the AfternoonWilder, Billy1957
IMDBMambo GirlYi Wen1957
IMDBMan in the RaincoatDuvivier, Julien1957
IMDBMan on the TracksMunk, Andrzej1957
IMDBMarines, LesReichenbach, Francois1957
IMDBMatter of Dignity, AKakogiannis, Mihalis1957
IMDBMen in WarMann, Anthony1957
IMDBMiracles of ThursdayBerlanga, Luis García1957
IMDBMother IndiaKhan, Mehboob1957
IMDBNice TimeGoretta, Claude & Alain Tanner1957
IMDBNight Ambush (Ill Met By Moonlight)Pressburger & Powell1957
IMDBNightfallTourneur, Jacques1957
IMDBNotti bianche, LeVisconti, Luchino1957
IMDBOn the BoweryRogosin, Lionel1957
IMDBOnce Upon a TimeBorowczyk, Walerican & Jan Lenica1957
IMDBOne Potato Two PotatoDaiken, Leslie1957
IMDBOperation Mad BallQuine, Richard1957
IMDBOur Sister HedyDoe Ching1957
IMDBParisienne, UneBoisrond, Michel1957
IMDBPlunder RoadCornfield, Hubert1957
IMDBPot-BouilleDuvivier, Julien1957
IMDBPyaasaDutt, Guru1957
IMDBQuatermass 2Guest, Val1957
IMDBRaintree CountyDmytryk, Edward1957
IMDBRembrandt: Painter of ManHaanstra, Bert1957
IMDBRiver's Edge, TheDwan, Allan1957
IMDBSaint JoanPreminger, Otto1957
IMDBSait-on jamais (No Sun In Venice)Vadim, Roger1957
IMDBSeine a recontre ParisIvens, Joris1957
IMDBShow Biz BugsFreleng, Friz1957
IMDBSteal WoolJones, Chuck1957
IMDBStrange One, TheGarfein, Jack1957
IMDBSun Legend of the End of the Tokugawa Era (Bakumatsu Taiyoden)Kawashima, Yuzo1957
IMDBTabasco RoadMcKimson, Robert1957
IMDBTime Without PityLosey, Joseph1957
IMDBTokyo TwilightOzu, Yasujiro1957
IMDBTrooper HookWarren, Charles Marquis1957
IMDBTrue Story of Jesse James, TheRay, Nicholas1957
IMDBUntamedNaruse, Mikio1957
IMDBWild Blue Road, ThePontecorvo, Gillo1957
IMDBWild Is the WindCukor, George1957
IMDBWings of EaglesFord, John1957
IMDBWitness for the ProsecutionWilder, Billy1957
IMDBWoman Basketball Player No. 5Xie Jin1957
IMDB7th Voyage of SinbadJuran, Nathan1958
IMDBAlgérie en flammesVautier, René1958
IMDBAmants, Les (The Lovers)Malle, Louis1958
IMDBAnna LucastaLaven, Arnold1958
IMDBAnticipation of the NightBrakhage, Stan1958
IMDBAuntie MameDaCosta, Morton1958
IMDBBallad of NarayamaKinoshita, Keisuke1958
IMDBBell Book and CandleQuine, Richard1958
IMDBBig Country, TheWyler, William1958
IMDBBonjour tristessePreminger, Otto1958
IMDBBoy Who Came BackSuzuki, Seijun1958
IMDBBrink of LifeBergman, Ingmar1958
IMDBBuchanan Rides AloneBoetticher, Budd1958
IMDBCairo StationChahine, Youssef1958
IMDBCat on a Hot Tin RoofBrooks, Richard1958
IMDBChase, TheNomura, Yoshitaro1958
IMDBChina DollBorzage, Frank1958
IMDBConcert for Submachine GunVukotic, Dusan1958
IMDBDeadly Invention, AZeman, Karel1958
IMDBDefiant Ones, TheKramer, Stanley1958
IMDBEndless DesireImamura, Shohei1958
IMDBEnjo (Conflagration)Ichikawa, Kon1958
IMDBEroicaMunk, Andrzej1958
IMDBEternal Rainbow, TheKinoshita, Keisuke1958
 Falling PinkSpring, Robert H.1958
IMDBFanfareHaanstra, Bert1958
IMDBFils de l'eau (Children of the River)Rouch, Jean1958
IMDBFly, TheNeumann, Kurt1958
IMDBGeisha Boy, TheTashlin, Frank1958
IMDBGiants and ToysMasumura, Yasuzo1958
IMDBGod's Little AcreMann, Anthony1958
IMDBGypsy and the Gentleman, TheLosey, Joseph1958
IMDBH-8Tanhofer, Nikola1958
IMDBH-ManHonda, Ishirô1958
IMDBHare-Way to the StarsJones, Chuck1958
IMDBHarlem WednesdayHubley, Faith & John1958
IMDBHaunted Strangler, TheDay, Robert1958
 HighwayHarris, Hilary1958
IMDBHow Man Learned to Fly (Jak se clovek naucil létat)Brdecka, Jirí1958
IMDBHowrah BridgeSamanta, Shakti1958
IMDBI Want to Live!Wise, Robert1958
IMDBIt Happened in Broad DaylightVajda, Ladislao1958
IMDBKey, TheReed, Carol1958
IMDBKnighty Knight BugsFreleng, Friz1958
IMDBLineup, TheSiegel, Don1958
IMDBLook Back in AngerRichardson, Tony1958
IMDBMachine-Gun KellyCorman, Roger1958
IMDBMerle, LeMcLaren, Norman1958
IMDBMissouri Traveler, TheHopper, Jerry1958
IMDBMoi, un NoirRouch, Jean1958
IMDBMusic Room, TheRay, Satyajit1958
IMDBMusicians, TheKarabasz, Kazimierz1958
IMDBNaked and the Dead, TheWalsh, Raoul1958
IMDBNight DrumImai, Tadashi1958
IMDBNight Heaven Fell, TheVadim, Roger1958
 Night in Harem, AReiniger, Lotte1958
IMDBO saisons, ô châteauxVarda, Agnès1958
 Osvetnik (Revenger)Vukotic, Dusan1958
IMDBParash Pathar (The Philosopher's Stone)Ray, Satyajit1958
IMDBPartingsHas, Wojciech1958
IMDBParty GirlRay, Nicholas1958
IMDBPerfect Game, TheMasuda, Toshio1958
IMDBPicnics Are Fun and Dino's SerenadeKeller, Lew & Fred Crippen1958
IMDBPortrait of Gina (Viva Italia)Welles, Orson1958
IMDBPremiere nuit, LaFranju, Georges1958
IMDBQuiet American, TheMankiewicz, Joseph1958
IMDBRally 'Round the Flag, Boys!McCarey, Leo1958
IMDBReluctant Debutante, TheMinnelli, Vincente1958
IMDBRickshaw Man, TheInagaki, Hiroshi1958
IMDBRobin Hood DaffyJones, Chuck1958
IMDBRock-a-Bye BabyTashlin, Frank1958
IMDBRoots of Heaven, TheHuston, John1958
IMDBRun Silent Run DeepWise, Robert1958
IMDBRusty KnifeMasuda, Toshio1958
IMDBSailing and Village BandKeller, Lew & Fred Crippen1958
IMDBSchoolBorowczyk, Walerian1958
IMDBSchwechaterKubelka, Peter1958
IMDBSheriff of Fractured Jaw, TheWalsh, Raoul1958
IMDBSimple histoire, UneHanoun, Marcel1958
IMDBSome Came RunningMinnelli, Vincente1958
 SomnambulicsWaskowski, Mieczyslaw1958
IMDBSpeaking of GlassHaanstra, Bert1958
IMDBSpring and SaganakiKeller, Lew & Fred Crippen1958
IMDBSummer CloudsNaruse, Mikio1958
IMDBSurmenés, LesDoniol-Valcroze, Jacques1958
IMDBTarnished Angels, TheSirk, Douglas1958
IMDBTerror in a Texas TownLewis, Joseph H.1958
IMDBThunder RoadRipley, Arthur1958
IMDBTime to Love and a Time to Die, ASirk, Douglas1958
IMDBTokyo 1958Teshigahara, Hiroshi1958
IMDBTrees and Jamaica DaddyKeller, Lew & Fred Crippen1958
IMDBTriptych in Four PartsJordan, Larry1958
IMDBVeliki strah (Great Fear)Vukotic, Dusan1958
IMDBVie, UneAstruc, Alexandre1958
IMDBVikings, TheFleischer, Richard1958
IMDBVoice Without a ShadowSuzuki, Seijun1958
IMDBWar of the SatellitesCorman, Roger1958
IMDBWardrobe, TheDunning, George1958
IMDBWhoa, Be-Gone!Jones, Chuck1958
IMDBWind Across the EvergladesRay, Nicholas1958
IMDBYear Long Road, TheDe Santis, Giuseppe1958
IMDB30Webb, Jack1959
IMDBAngry Hills, TheAldrich, Robert1959
IMDBAppalachian SpringGlushanok, Peter1959
IMDBArayaBenacerraf, Margot1959
IMDBAsk Any GirlWalters, Charles1959
IMDBAtomic Submarine, TheBennet, Spencer Gordon1959
IMDBBallad of a SoldierChukhrai, Grigori1959
IMDBBen-HurWyler, William1959
IMDBBig Fisherman, TheBorzage, Frank1959
IMDBBlack Pit of Dr. MMéndez, Fernando1959
IMDBBridge, TheWicki, Bernhard1959
IMDBCharlotte et VéroniqueGodard, Jean-Luc1959
IMDBChasers (Les Dragueurs)Mocky, Jean-Pierre1959
IMDBCome Back, AfricaRogosin, Lionel1959
IMDBCompulsionFleischer, Richard1959
IMDBCousins, LesChabrol, Claude1959
IMDBCry of Jazz, TheBland, Edward1959
IMDBDay of the OutlawDe Toth, André1959
IMDBDeux Hommes dans ManhattanMelville, Jean-Pierre1959
IMDBDil Deke DekhoHussain, Nasir1959
IMDBDogfaceFuller, Samuel1959
IMDBDouble TourChabrol, Claude1959
IMDBEmergency WardGreaves, William1959
IMDBEnginemenGrigsby, Michael1959
IMDBEspresso BongoGuest, Val1959
IMDBFarewell to SpringKinoshita, Keisuke1959
IMDBFièvre monte à El Pao, LaBuñuel, Luis1959
IMDBFirst Man Into SpaceDay, Robert1959
IMDBFloating WeedsOzu, Yasujiro1959
IMDBFood for a BlushRussell, Elizabeth1959
IMDBFugitive Kind, TheLumet, Sidney1959
 Gaudí, Catalunya 1959Teshigahara, Hiroshi1959
IMDBGhost of YotsuyaNakagawa, Nobuo1959
IMDBGood MorningOzu, Yasujiro1959
IMDBGrande guerra (The Great War)Monicelli, Mario1959
IMDBHanging Tree, TheDaves, Delmer1959
IMDBHoneymoonPowell, Michael1959
IMDBHound of the Baskervilles, TheFisher, Terence1959
IMDBHuman Condition IKobayashi, Masaki1959
IMDBI'm All Right JackBoulting, John1959
IMDBImitation of LifeSirk, Douglas1959
IMDBJose TorresTeshigahara, Hiroshi1959
IMDBKapòPontecorvo, Gillo1959
IMDBKingdom and the BeautyLi Han-hsiang1959
IMDBKrava na mjesecu (Cow on the Moon)Vukotic, Dusan1959
IMDBLady with the Little Dog, TheKheifits, Iosif1959
IMDBLiasons Dangereuses, LesVadim, Roger1959
IMDBLin Family ShopChoui Khoua1959
IMDBLion and the SongPojar, Bretislav1959
IMDBLittle Island, TheWilliams, Richard1959
IMDBMail Early For ChristmasMcLaren, Norman1959
IMDBMan and His WorldBozzetto, Bruno1959
IMDBMarch to AldermastonAnderson, Lindsay & others1959
IMDBMarie-OctobreDuvivier, Julien1959
IMDBMexicali ShmoesFreleng, Friz1959
IMDBMiddle of the NightMann, Delbert1959
IMDBMonsieur TeteLenica, Jan1959
IMDBMouse That Roared, TheArnold, Jack1959
IMDBMy Darling Clementine (Drahousek Klementina)Brdecka, Jirí1959
IMDBNight TrainKawalerowicz, Jerzy1959
IMDBNo Name on the BulletArnold, Jack1959
IMDBNun's Story, TheZinnemann, Fred1959
IMDBOdd ObsessionIchikawa, Kon1959
IMDBOdds Against TomorrowWise, Robert1959
IMDBOn the BeachKramer, Stanley1959
IMDBOperation PetticoatEdwards, Blake1959
IMDBPaper FlowersDutt, Guru1959
IMDBPiccoloVukotic, Dusan1959
IMDBPicnic on the GrassRenoir, Jean1959
IMDBPoem of the SeaSolntseva, Yuliya1959
IMDBPoet of the Castle (O Poeta do Castelo)de Andrade, Joaquim Pedro1959
IMDBPorgy and BessPreminger, Otto1959
IMDBPull My DaisyFrank, Robert & Alfred Leslie1959
IMDBPurple Hairpin, TheLee Tie1959
IMDBRefuge EnglandVas, Robert1959
IMDBRoom at the TopClayton, Jack1959
IMDBSamurai SagaInagaki, Hiroshi1959
IMDBSapphireDearden, Basil1959
IMDBSay One For MeTashlin, Frank1959
IMDBScarface Mob, TheKarlson, Phil1959
IMDBSen noci svatojanske (A Midsummer Night's Dream)Trnka, Jirí1959
IMDBShadows (extended)Cassavetes, John1959
IMDBShinel (The Overcoat)Batalov, Aleksey1959
IMDBShort and SuiteMcLaren, Norman1959
IMDBSign of Leo, TheRohmer, Eric1959
IMDBSirius RememberedBrakhage, Stan1959
IMDBSnow FlurryKinoshita, Keisuke1959
IMDBSound of Miles Davis, TheHerridge, Robert1959
IMDBStreet of Love and HopeOshima, Nagisa1959
IMDBSuddenly, Last SummerMankiewicz, Joseph1959
IMDBSur le passage de quelques personnes à travers une assez courte unité de tempsDebord, Guy1959
IMDBTestament du Docteur Cordelier, LeRenoir, Jean1959
IMDBThere Will Be No Leave TodayTarkovsky, Andrei & Aleksandr Gordon1959
IMDBThus Another DayKinoshita, Keisuke1959
IMDBTiger BayThompson, J. Lee1959
IMDBTingler, TheCastle, William1959
IMDBVariations on a Mechanical ThemeRussell, Ken1959
IMDBWarning! (Pozor!)Brdecka, Jirí1959
IMDBWe are the Lambeth BoysReisz, Karel1959
IMDBWestboundBoetticher, Budd1959
IMDBWitch's Tangled HareLevitow, Abe1959
IMDBWonderful Country, TheParrish, Robert1959
IMDB1001 DrawingsVukotic, Dusan1960
IMDB3/60 Trees In AutumnKren, Kurt1960
IMDBApproach of Autumn, TheNaruse, Mikio1960
IMDBAruandaNoronha, Linduarte1960
IMDBBad Sleep Well, TheKurosawa, Akira1960
IMDBBells Are RingingMinnelli, Vincente1960
IMDBBetween Two RiversPotter, Dennis1960
IMDBBoulevardDuvivier, Julien1960
IMDBBrainwashedOswald, Gerd1960
IMDBCimarronMann, Anthony1960
IMDBClasse tous risquesSautet, Claude1960
IMDBComanche StationBoetticher, Budd1960
IMDBCriminal, TheLosey, Joseph1960
IMDBCruel Story of YouthOshima, Nagisa1960
IMDBDeviRay, Satyajit1960
IMDBDevil's Eye, TheBergman, Ingmar1960
IMDBElmer GantryBrooks, Richard1960
IMDBEntertainer, TheRichardson, Tony1960
IMDBErotiqueSkolimowski, Jerzy1960
IMDBEscape By NightRossellini, Roberto1960
IMDBEternal Love, TheZhu Shilin1960
IMDBEvening StreamNaruse, Mikio & Yuzo Kawashima1960
IMDBEverything Goes WrongSuzuki, Seijun1960
IMDBExodusPreminger, Otto1960
IMDBFalse Student, TheMasumura, Yasuzo1960
IMDBFighting DelinquentsSuzuki, Seijun1960
IMDBFlower Thief, TheRice, Ron1960
IMDBFootprintsJires, Jaromil1960
IMDBGreat Devotion, TheChor Yuen1960
IMDBHall of Lost Steps, TheJires, Jaromil1960
IMDBHell Is a CityGuest, Val1960
IMDBHeller in Pink TightsCukor, George1960
IMDBHigh NoteJones, Chuck1960
IMDBHistorias de la revoluciónAlea, Tomás Gutiérrez1960
IMDBHome From the HillMinnelli, Vincente1960
IMDBHouse in Bayswater, ARussell, Ken1960
IMDBHousemaid, TheKi-young Kim1960
IMDBHuman Condition IIKobayashi, Masaki1960
IMDBImitation de Cinema, L'Marien, Marcel1960
IMDBInnocent SorcerersWajda, Andrzej1960
 IntimidationKurahara, Koreyoshi1960
IMDBJazz on a Summer's DayAvakian, Aram & Bert Stern1960
IMDBKrzyzacy (Black Cross)Ford, Aleksander1960
IMDBLate AutumnOzu, Yasujiro1960
IMDBLaugh, Clown, LaughLi Pingqian1960
IMDBLe TrouBecker, Jacques1960
IMDBLes Bonnes FemmesChabrol, Claude1960
IMDBLetter Never SentKalatozishvili, Mikheil1960
IMDBLines VerticalMcLaren, Norman1960
IMDBLittle HamletSkolimowski, Jerzy1960
IMDBLittle Tadpoles Search for MamaWei Te1960
IMDBLizard Too Much, AVerhoeven, Paul1960
IMDBLoaf of Bread, ANemec, Jan1960
IMDBM.P. Case, TheHaanstra, Bert1960
IMDBMacarioGavaldón, Roberto1960
IMDBMenacing EyeSkolimowski, Jerzy1960
IMDBMotherhoodTso Kea1960
IMDBMouse and GardenFreleng, Friz1960
IMDBMughal-E-AzamAsif, K.1960
IMDBMurder in Yoshiwara (Hero of the Red Light District)Uchida, Tomu1960
IMDBMy Intimate PartnerChun Kim1960
IMDBNaked IslandShindo, Kaneto1960
IMDBNever On SundayDassin, Jules1960
IMDBNight and Fog in JapanOshima, Nagisa1960
IMDBNight JourneyHammid, Alexander1960
IMDBNorth to AlaskaHathaway, Henry1960
IMDBOnce More, with Feeling!Donen, Stanley1960
IMDBOne Way Ticket to LoveShinoda, Masahiro1960
IMDBOrphan, TheLee Sun-fung1960
IMDBOur Little Red Riding Hood (Nase Karkulka)Brdecka, Jirí1960
IMDBPlains WandererSaito, Buichi1960
IMDBRise and Fall of Legs Diamond, TheBoetticher, Budd1960
IMDBRiver FuefukiKinoshita, Keisuke1960
IMDBRocco and His BrothersVisconti, Luchino1960
IMDBRunning Around Like a Chicken with Its Head Cut OffBlank, Les1960
IMDBSaturday Night and Sunday MorningReisz, Karel1960
IMDBSchool for ScoundrelsHamer, Robert1960
IMDBSee You TomorrowMorgenstern, Janusz1960
IMDBSergeant RutledgeFord, John1960
IMDBSeven ThievesHathaway, Henry1960
IMDBSkeleton of Mrs. MoralesGonzalez, Rogelio1960
IMDBSkidBrynych, Zbynek1960
IMDBSkyscraperClarke, Shirley1960
IMDBSleeping Beast Within, TheSuzuki, Seijun1960
IMDBSmashing the 0-LineSuzuki, Seijun1960
IMDBSourire, LeBourguignon, Serge1960
IMDBSpring DreamsKinoshita, Keisuke1960
IMDBSteamroller and the ViolinTarkovsky, Andrei1960
IMDBStorm (Oväder)Bergman, Ingmar1960
IMDBStrangers When We MeetQuine, Richard1960
IMDBSun's Burial, TheOshima, Nagisa1960
IMDBThird Sister LiuSu Li1960
IMDBTime Machine, ThePal, George1960
IMDBToss Me a Dime (Tire dié)Birri, Fernando1960
IMDBTunes of GloryNeame, Ronald1960
IMDBTwo WomenDe Sica, Vittorio1960
IMDBUnforgiven, TheHuston, John1960
IMDBVillage of the DamnedRilla, Wolf1960
IMDBWarped Ones, TheKurahara, Koreyoshi1960
IMDBWheelchair, TheFerreri, Marco1960
IMDBWild RiverKazan, Elia1960
IMDBWild, Wild RoseWang Tianlin1960
IMDBYouth in FuryShinoda, Masahiro1960
IMDB101 DalmatiansGeronimi & Luske & Reitherman1961
IMDB4/61 Walls Pos, Neg and WayKren, Kurt1961
IMDBAccatonePasolini, Pier Paolo1961
IMDBAdventures on the New FrontierDrew, Robert1961
IMDBAlfa OmegaBozzetto, Bruno1961
IMDBAlyonkaBarnet, Boris1961
IMDBArabesque for Kenneth AngerMenken, Marie1961
IMDBAshlad and His Good HelpersCaprino, Ivo1961
IMDBAssassino, L'Petri, Elio1961
IMDBBad BoyHani, Susumu1961
IMDBBarabbasFleischer, Richard1961
IMDBBaron PrasilZeman, Karel1961
IMDBBeep PreparedJones, Chuck1961
IMDBBlast of SilenceBaron, Allen1961
IMDBCatalogWhitney, John1961
IMDBCid, ElMann, Anthony1961
IMDBCome SeptemberMulligan, Robert1961
IMDBCreation of Woman, TheSchwep, Charles1961
IMDBCrimson PistolUshihara, Yoichi1961
IMDBCritique de la séparationDebord, Guy1961
IMDBCurse of the WerewolfFisher, Terence1961
IMDBDadascopeRichter, Hans1961
IMDBDay the Earth Caught Fire, TheGuest, Val1961
IMDBDifficult Life, ARisi, Dino1961
IMDBDirty WorkSaito, Buichi1961
IMDBDivorce Italian StyleGermi, Pietro1961
IMDBDo-It-Yourself Cartoon KitGodfrey, Bob1961
IMDBEarly AutumnOzu, Yasujiro1961
IMDBErrand Boy, TheLewis, Jerry1961
IMDBExiles, TheMacKenzie, Kent1961
IMDBFast-Draw GuyNomura, Takashi1961
IMDBFederale (The Fascist)Salce, Luciano1961
IMDBFive Minutes to LiveKarn, Bill1961
IMDBFlaming Years, TheSolntseva, Yuliya1961
IMDBFrench Game (Le coeur battant)Doniol-Valcroze, Jacques1961
IMDBFuego en CastillaVal del Omar, Jose1961
IMDBGirl With a SuitcaseZurlini, Valerio1961
IMDBGodelureaux, Les (Wise Guys)Chabrol, Claude1961
IMDBGymnasts, TheBaillie, Bruce1961
IMDBHomicidalCastle, William1961
IMDBHuman Condition IIIKobayashi, Masaki1961
IMDBIBM Mathematics Peep ShowsEames, Charles & Ray1961
IMDBImmortal LoveKinoshita, Keisuke1961
IMDBJourney Beneath the Desert (Siren of Atlantis)Ulmer, Edgar & Masini & Borzage1961
IMDBJudgment at NurembergKramer, Stanley1961
IMDBJungleeMukherji, Subodh1961
IMDBKillers on ParadeShinoda, Masahiro1961
IMDBKing of KingsRay, Nicholas1961
IMDBKomal Gandhar (E-Flat)Ghatak, Ritwik1961
IMDBLadies' ManLewis, Jerry1961
IMDBLeon Morin, PriestMelville, Jean-Pierre1961
IMDBLondon MoodsRussell, Ken1961
IMDBLong AbsenceColpi, Henri1961
IMDBLove New and OldShinoda, Masahiro1961
IMDBLustful Man, AMasumura, Yasuzo1961
IMDBMan with a ShotgunSuzuki, Seijun1961
IMDBMask, TheRoffman, Julian1961
IMDBMisfits, TheHuston, John1961
IMDBMoises Padilla Story, Thede Leon, Gerardo1961
IMDBMonitor: Antonio GaudíRussell, Ken1961
IMDBMr. HayashiBaillie, Bruce1961
IMDBMy Son, the HeroRodríguez, Ismael1961
IMDBMysterious IslandEndfield, Cy1961
IMDBNelly's FollyJones, Chuck1961
IMDBNew York LightboardMcLaren, Norman1961
IMDBNew York Lightboard RecordMcLaren, Norman1961
 Night Fare (Druga Taryfa)Elster, Michal1961
IMDBNight TideHarrington, Curtis1961
IMDBNotte, LaAntonioni, Michelangelo1961
IMDBOn SundaysBaillie, Bruce1961
IMDBOne, Two, ThreeWilder, Billy1961
IMDBOur MarriageShinoda, Masahiro1961
IMDBPied Piper of GuadalupeFreleng, Friz1961
IMDBPigs and BattleshipsImamura, Shohei1961
IMDBPlácidoBerlanga, Luis García1961
IMDBPosto, IlOlmi, Ermanno1961
IMDBProkofievRussell, Ken1961
IMDBPussy on a Hot Tin RoofKuchar, Mike & George1961
IMDBPyramide humaine, LaRouch, Jean1961
IMDBQueen's Guards, ThePowell, Michael1961
IMDBRabindranath TagoreRay, Satyajit1961
IMDBRaisin in the SunPetrie, Daniel1961
IMDBRendezvous at MidnightLeenhardt, Roger1961
IMDBRuptureEtaix, Pierre1961
IMDBSeawards the Great ShipsHarris, Hilary1961
IMDBSomething WildGarfein, Jack1961
IMDBSplendor in the GrassKazan, Elia1961
IMDBSundayDrasin, Daniel1961
IMDBTaste of Honey, ARichardson, Tony1961
IMDBTeen Kanya (Two Daughters)Ray, Satyajit1961
 Television FanBrdecka, Jirí1961
IMDBTokyo KnightsSuzuki, Seijun1961
IMDBToo Late BluesCassavetes, John1961
IMDBTwo Rode TogetherFord, John1961
IMDBUrsulaWilliams, Lloyd1961
IMDBVanina VaniniRossellini, Roberto1961
IMDBVery Nice, Very NiceLipsett, Arthur1961
IMDBVictimDearden, Basil1961
IMDBViva l'Italia! (Garibaldi)Rossellini, Roberto1961
IMDBWhistle Down the WindForbes, Bryan1961
IMDBWind-of-Youth Group Crosses the Mountain PassSuzuki, Seijun1961
IMDBYour Money or Your LifeSkolimowski, Jerzy1961
IMDBZero FocusNomura, Yoshitaro1961
IMDB5/62 People Looking Out of the Window, Trash, etc.Kren, Kurt1962
IMDBAbhijaan (The Expedition)Ray, Satyajit1962
IMDBActor's Revenge, AnIchikawa, Kon1962
IMDBAdieu PhilippineRozier, Jacques1962
IMDBAdvise & ConsentPreminger, Otto1962
IMDBAll Night LongDearden, Basil1962
IMDBAnima NeraRossellini, Roberto1962
IMDBAouré (The Wedding)Alassane, Moustapha1962
IMDBAvarice, L'Chabrol, Claude1962
IMDBBachelor FlatTashlin, Frank1962
IMDBBagful of Fleas, AChytilová, Vera1962
IMDBBallad of a WorkerKinoshita, Keisuke1962
IMDBBanya (Bath)Karanovich, Anatoli & Sergei Yutkevich1962
IMDBBarraventoRocha, Glauber1962
IMDBBeing Two Isn't EasyIchikawa, Kon1962
IMDBBill of HareMcKimson, Robert1962
IMDBBirdman of AlcatrazFrankenheimer, John1962
IMDBBlack LizardInoue, Umetsugu1962
IMDBBlue MosesBrakhage, Stan1962
IMDBBoccaccio '70Fellini, De Sica, Visconti, Monicelli1962
IMDBBoccaccio '70: Il LavoroVisconti, Luchino1962
IMDBBoccaccio '70: La RiffaDe Sica, Vittorio1962
IMDBBoccaccio '70: Le Tentazioni del Dottor AntonioFellini, Federico1962
IMDBBoccaccio '70: Renzo e LucianaMonicelli, Mario1962
IMDBChapman Report, TheCukor, George1962
IMDBChased by the DogsEl Sheikh, Kamal1962
IMDBColere, LaDhomme, Sylvain1962
IMDBCommare Secca, LaBertolucci, Bernardo1962
IMDBConcert de M. et Mme. KabalBorowczyk, Walerian1962
IMDBConfessions of an Opium EaterZugsmith, Albert1962
IMDBConnection, TheClarke, Shirley1962
IMDBCosmic RayConner, Bruce1962
IMDBDays of Wine and RosesEdwards, Blake1962
IMDBDelta Phase IHaanstra, Bert1962
IMDBDevil's Trap, TheVlacil, Frantisek1962
IMDBDilemmaCarlsen, Henning1962
IMDBElgarRussell, Ken1962
IMDBElusive Corporal, TheRenoir, Jean1962
IMDBEnvie, L'Molinaro, Edouard1962
IMDBEvaLosey, Joseph1962
IMDBFamily PortraitZurlini, Valerio1962
IMDBFew Words of Introduction (Úvodní slovo pronese)Pojar, Bretislav1962
IMDBFilibuster, or The Heretic, Thede Leon, Gerardo1962
IMDBFilm No. 12: Heaven and Earth MagicSmith, Harry1962
IMDBFilm No. 13Smith, Harry1962
IMDBFlame At The PierShinoda, Masahiro1962
IMDBFlying Man, TheDunning, Georges1962
IMDBFour Horsemen of the ApocalypseMinnelli, Vincente1962
IMDBFreudHuston, John1962
IMDBGourmandise, Lade Broca, Philippe1962
IMDBGraceful BruteKawashima, Yuzo1962
IMDBHappy AnniversaryEtaix, Pierre1962
IMDBHatari!Hawks, Howard1962
IMDBHell Is For HeroesSiegel, Don1962
 History of Numbers 1962
IMDBHoney's MoneyFreleng, Friz1962
IMDBHorse Over Tea KettleBreer, Robert1962
IMDBHumanShindo, Kaneto1962
IMDBI Hate But LoveKurahara, Koreyoshi1962
IMDBIgra (The Play)Vukotic, Dusan1962
IMDBInheritance, TheKobayashi, Masaki1962
IMDBIntruder, TheCorman, Roger1962
IMDBIt'$ Only MoneyTashlin, Frank1962
IMDBJascha Heifetz Master ClassesKroll, Nathan1962
IMDBKind of Loving, ASchlesinger, John1962
IMDBKing Kong vs. GodzillaHonda, Ishirô1962
IMDBL-Shaped Room, TheForbes, Bryan1962
IMDBLacrimae rerumNikolaidis, Nikos1962
IMDBLecture on ManWilliams, Richard1962
IMDBLes Dimanches de Ville d'Avray (Sundays and Cybele)Bourguignon, Serge1962
IMDBLines HorizontalMcLaren, Norman1962
IMDBLittle Flower on a StoneParajanov, Sergei1962
IMDBLoneliness of the Long Distance Runner, TheRichardson, Tony1962
IMDBLonely Are the BraveMiller, David1962
IMDBLong Day's Journey Into NightLumet, Sidney1962
IMDBLongest Day, TheAnnakin, Marton & Wicki1962
IMDBLoyal 47 Ronin, TheInagaki, Hiroshi1962
IMDBMad Fox, TheUchida, Tomu1962
IMDBMafiosoLattuada, Alberto1962
IMDBMamma RomaPasolini, Pier Paolo1962
IMDBMan Under Water (Clovek pod vodou)Brdecka, Jirí1962
IMDBMaster, Mistress and ServantAlvi, Abrar1962
IMDBMiracle Worker, ThePenn, Arthur1962
IMDBMister Magoo's Christmas CarolLevitow, Abe1962
 Mr. Tompkins Inside HimselfBrakhage, Stan1962
IMDBMutiny on the BountyMilestone, Lewis1962
IMDBMy Financial CareerPotterton, Gerald1962
IMDBNine Days of One YearRomm, Mikhail1962
IMDBOccurrence at Owl Creek BridgeEnrico, Robert1962
IMDBOrgueil, L'Vadim, Roger1962
IMDBParesse, LaGodard, Jean-Luc1962
IMDBPayer of PromisesDuarte, Anselmo1962
IMDBPink Swine!Jordan, Larry1962
IMDBPit, TheAbraham, Edward1962
 Playtime in ParisVarlin, Catherine1962
 Reason and Emotion (Rozum a cit)Brdecka, Jirí1962
IMDBRide The High CountryPeckinpah, Sam1962
IMDBRing of King KodaAlassane, Moustapha1962
IMDBRubber Band PistolItami, Juzo1962
IMDBSalvatore GiulianoRosi, Francesco1962
IMDBSanjuroKurosawa, Akira1962
IMDBSatan Never SleepsMcCarey, Leo1962
 Sculptures by Sofu - VitaTeshigahara, Hiroshi1962
IMDBSeven Capital SinsGodard, Chabrol, more1962
IMDBSorpasso, IlRisi, Dino1962
IMDBStory of a Certain Street CornerTezuka, Osamu1962
IMDBStory of One CrimeKhitruk, Fyodor1962
IMDBStrop (Ceiling)Chytilová, Vera1962
IMDBSun in a NetUher, Stefan1962
IMDBSun Stop! (Sonne halt!)Radax, Ferry1962
IMDBSweet Bird of YouthBrooks, Richard1962
IMDBTale of Zatoichi ContinuesMori, Kazuo1962
IMDBTeenage YakuzaSuzuki, Seijun1962
IMDBTestament of Doctor MabuseKlingler, Werner1962
IMDBThanatopsisEmshwiller, Ed1962
IMDBThereseFranju, Georges1962
IMDBThird Lover, TheChabrol, Claude1962
IMDBTo Kill a MockingbirdMulligan, Robert1962
IMDBTomorrow's SaturdayGrigsby, Michael1962
IMDBTwo Weeks in Another TownMinnelli, Vincente1962
IMDBVanishing Street, TheVas, Robert1962
IMDBVive le tourMalle, Louis1962
IMDBWalk on the Wild SideDmytryk, Edward1962
IMDBWaltz of the ToreadorsGuillermin, John1962
IMDBWar of the ButtonsRobert, Yves1962
IMDBWoton's WakeDe Palma, Brian1962
IMDBAbout Something ElseChytilová, Vera1963
IMDBAlone Across the PacificIchikawa, Kon1963
IMDBAmerica, AmericaKazan, Elia1963
IMDBBalcony, TheStrick, Joseph1963
IMDBBarren LivesDos Santos, Nelson Pereira1963
IMDBBilly LiarSchlesinger, John1963
IMDBBlonde CobraJacobs, Ken1963
IMDBBlood FeastLewis, Herschell Gordon1963
IMDBBluebeard's CastlePowell, Michael1963
IMDBBuffalo Boy and his FluteWei Te1963
IMDBBye Bye BirdieSidney, George1963
IMDBCantataJancsó, Miklós1963
IMDBCarabiniers (Riflemen)Godard, Jean-Luc1963
IMDBChild Is Waiting, ACassavetes, John1963
IMDBChristmas on EarthRubin, Barbara1963
IMDBCleopatraMankiewicz, Joseph1963
IMDBComedy of Terrors, TheTourneur, Jacques1963
IMDBCourtship of Eddie's Father, TheMinnelli, Vincente1963
IMDBCritic, ThePintoff, Ernest1963
IMDBDamned, TheLosey, Joseph1963
IMDBDeath Drums Along the RiverHuntington, Lawrence1963
IMDBDetective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell BastardsSuzuki, Seijun1963
IMDBDonovan's ReefFord, John1963
IMDBDouceur du village, LaReichenbach, Francois1963
IMDBDream Play (Ett Dromspel)Bergman, Ingmar1963
IMDBEarly Spring in FebruaryXie Tieli1963
IMDBEmpress WuLi Han-hsiang1963
IMDBEncyclopedie de grand-maman en 13 volumesBorowczyk, Walerian1963
IMDBExistentialist, TheProchnik, Leon1963
IMDBFaces of NovemberDrew, Robert1963
IMDBFantasmagorieMolinard, Patrice1963
IMDBFather Takes a BrideWang Tianlin1963
IMDBFeest!Verhoeven, Paul1963
IMDBFidanzati, IOlmi, Ermanno1963
IMDBFleming FaloonLand, Owen1963
IMDBForgotten Imperial ArmyOshima, Nagisa1963
IMDBFrozen LoggerBrdecka, Jirí1963
IMDBGala DayIrvin, John1963
IMDBGolden Fern, TheWeiss, Jiri1963
IMDBGreat EscapeSturges, John1963
IMDBHands Over The CityRosi, Francesco1963
IMDBHigh Lonesome Sound, TheCohen, John1963
IMDBHoly Smoke!Borowczyk, Walerian1963
IMDBHouseholder, TheIvory, James1963
 How to Keep Slim (Tak na to?)Brdecka, Jirí1963
IMDBHudRitt, Martin1963
IMDBI Am TwentyKhutsiev, Marlen1963
IMDBIkarie XB 1Polák, Jindrich1963
IMDBIllibatezzaRossellini, Roberto1963
IMDBImmortelle, L'Robbe-Grillet, Alain1963
IMDBIn the French StyleParrish, Robert1963
IMDBInsect WomanImamura, Shohei1963
IMDBIrma la DouceWilder, Billy1963
IMDBJason and the ArgonautsChaffey, Don1963
IMDBJoseph KilianJurácek, Pavel & Jan Schmidt1963
IMDBKanto WandererSuzuki, Seijun1963
IMDBLabyrinthLenica, Jan1963
IMDBLancelot and GuinevereWilde, Cornel1963
IMDBLandru (Bluebeard)Chabrol, Claude1963
IMDBLast NightEl Sheikh, Kamal1963
IMDBLegend, or Was It?Kinoshita, Keisuke1963
IMDBLove Eterne, TheLi Han-hsiang1963
IMDBLove with the Proper StrangerMulligan, Robert1963
IMDBMad as a Mars HareJones, Chuck1963
IMDBMagnet of DoomMelville, Jean-Pierre1963
IMDBMahanagar (The Big City)Ray, Satyajit1963
IMDBMaleta, LaRuiz, Raoul1963
IMDBMan From The Diner's Club, TheTashlin, Frank1963
IMDBMauvaises Frequentations, LesEustache, Jean1963
IMDBMéditerranéePollet, Jean-Daniel1963
IMDBMind Benders, TheDearden, Basil1963
IMDBMotherShindo, Kaneto1963
IMDBMouse on the MoonLester, Richard1963
IMDBNew Tale of ZatoichiTanaka, Tokuzo1963
IMDBNez, Le (The Nose)Alexeieff, Alexander1963
IMDBNormal LoveSmith, Jack1963
IMDBNotebookMenken, Marie1963
IMDBNuovo mondo, IlGodard, Jean-Luc1963
IMDBOne Got FatJennings, William Dale1963
IMDBOrganizer, TheMonicelli, Mario1963
IMDBParanoiacFrancis, Freddie1963
IMDBPasazerka (Passenger)Munk, Andrzej1963
IMDBPetit soldat, LeGodard, Jean-Luc1963
IMDBPollo ruspante, IlGregoretti, Ugo1963
IMDBPortrait of SharonJordan, Larry1963
IMDBPour la suite du mondeBrault, Michel & Marcel Carrière & Pierre Perrault1963
IMDBRaven, TheCorman, Roger1963
IMDBRicotta, LaPasolini, Pier Paolo1963
IMDBRite of Spring (Acto de Primavera)Oliveira, Manoel de1963
IMDBRo.Go.Pa.G.Godard, Rossellini, Pasolini & Gregoretti1963
IMDBRodia-EstudiantinaJordan, Larry1963
IMDBScotch TapeSmith, Jack1963
IMDBServant, TheLosey, Joseph1963
IMDBShareholder (Aktsionery)Davydov, Roman1963
IMDBShowmanMaysles, Albert & David1963
IMDBSing, Young PeopleKinoshita, Keisuke1963
IMDBSpatne namalovaná slepiceBrdecka, Jirí1963
IMDBSword in the StoneReitherman, Wolfgang1963
IMDBTeSzabó, István1963
IMDBTerror, TheCorman, Roger1963
IMDBThird Shadow, TheInoue, Umetsugu1963
IMDBThirteen AssassinsKudo, Eiichi1963
IMDBThis Sporting LifeAnderson, Lindsay1963
IMDBTo ParsifalBaillie, Bruce1963
IMDBTom JonesRichardson, Tony1963
IMDBTontons Flingueurs, LesLautner, Georges1963
IMDBTootsies in AutumnKuchar, Mike1963
IMDBTriumph of Lester SnapwellCalhoun, James1963
IMDBVerdugo, ElBerlanga, Luis García1963
IMDBWhat's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?Scorsese, Martin1963
IMDBWhistle Stop (Polustanok)Barnet, Boris1963
IMDBWho's Minding the Store?Tashlin, Frank1963
IMDBYesterday, Today and TomorrowDe Sica, Vittorio1963
IMDBYoso (Bronze Magician)Kinugasa, Teinosuke1963
IMDBZapruder Film of Kennedy AssassinationZapruder, Abraham1963
IMDBZatoichi on the RoadYasuda, Kimiyoshi1963
IMDBZatoichi the FugitiveTanaka, Tokuzo1963
IMDB21-87Lipsett, Arthur1964
IMDB8/64 AnaKren, Kurt1964
IMDBA CasaOliveira, Manoel de1964
IMDBAdventures of ZatoichiYasuda, Kimiyoshi1964
IMDBAll These WomenBergman, Ingmar1964
IMDBAmericanization of Emily, TheHiller, Arthur1964
IMDBAssassinationShinoda, Masahiro1964
IMDBAt Midnight I'll Take Your SoulMarins, Jose Mojica1964
IMDBAward Presentation to Andy WarholMekas, Jonas1964
IMDBBabo 73Downey, Robert1964
IMDBBack Door to HellHellman, Monte1964
IMDBBandits of OrgosoloDe Seta, Vittorio1964
IMDBBefore the RevolutionBertolucci, Bernardo1964
IMDBBehold a Pale HorseZinnemann, Fred1964
IMDBBela BartokRussell, Ken1964
IMDBBird, TheWolf, Fred1964
IMDBBlack God, White DevilRocha, Glauber1964
IMDBBlack PeterForman, Milos1964
IMDBCavern, TheUlmer, Edgar G.1964
IMDBChanging LandscapesRohmer, Eric1964
IMDBCheyenne AutumnFord, John1964
IMDBChronicle of a Lonely ChildFavio, Leonardo1964
IMDBChumlumRice, Ron1964
 CityJost, Jon1964
IMDBConcerto EroticoHastrup, Jannik & Flemming Quist Møller1964
IMDBCool World, TheClarke, Shirley1964
IMDBCourage for Every DaySchorm, Evald1964
 Cruel Gun StoryFurukawa, Takumi1964
IMDBDead BirdsGardner, Robert1964
IMDBDelhi Way, TheIvory, James1964
IMDBDiamonds of the NightNemec, Jan1964
 Distant Gaze, ARavel, Jean1964
IMDBDr. Devil and Mr. HareMcKimson, Robert1964
IMDBDry Summer (Reflections)Erksan, Metin1964
IMDBDuo ConcertantesJordan, Larry1964
IMDBEarth Dies ScreamingFisher, Terence1964
IMDBEchoRózewicz, Stanislaw1964
IMDBEmpireWarhol, Andy1964
IMDBEnchanted DesnaSolntseva, Yuliya1964
IMDBEnfants désaccordés, LesGarrel, Philippe1964
IMDBFall of the Roman EmpireMann, Anthony1964
IMDBFiammettaBaldi, Gian Vittorio1964
IMDBFight, Zatoichi, FightMisumi, Kenji1964
IMDBFlight to FuryHellman, Monte1964
IMDBFlowers and the Angry WavesSuzuki, Seijun1964
IMDBFree FallLipsett, Arthur1964
IMDBFrench DressingRussell, Ken1964
IMDBFuga, LaSpinola, Paolo1964
IMDBGame in the SandHerzog, Werner1964
IMDBGenevièveBrault, Michel1964
IMDBGhidorah, the Three-Headed MonsterHonda, Ishirô1964
IMDBGodzilla vs. MothraHonda, Ishirô1964
IMDBGorgon, TheFisher, Terence1964
IMDBGospel According to St. MatthewPasolini, Pier Paolo1964
IMDBGuns, TheGuerra, Ruy1964
IMDBHamletKozintsev, Grigori1964
IMDBHangman, TheJulian, Paul & Les Goldman1964
IMDBHuman Dutch, TheHaanstra, Bert1964
IMDBHundred Horsemen, TheCottafavi, Vittorio1964
IMDBHush... Hush, Sweet CharlotteAldrich, Robert1964
IMDBI Think They Call Him JohnKrish, John1964
IMDBImage by ImagesBreer, Robert1964
IMDBInsects, TheMurakami, Jimmy T.1964
IMDBIntentions of MurderImamura, Shohei1964
IMDBIt's Me Here, BellettOshima, Nagisa1964
IMDBIt's Not Just You, Murray!Scorsese, Martin1964
IMDBJester's TaleZeman, Karel1964
IMDBKillers, TheSiegel, Don1964
IMDBKing and CountryLosey, Joseph1964
IMDBKiss Me, StupidWilder, Billy1964
IMDBLambert & Co.Pennebaker, D.A.1964
IMDBLemonade JoeLipský, Oldrich1964
IMDBLife Upside DownJessua, Alain1964
IMDBLilithRossen, Robert1964
IMDBMan's Favorite SportHawks, Howard1964
IMDBManjiMasumura, Yasuzo1964
IMDBMarie-France et VéroniqueRouch, Jean1964
IMDBMario Banana IWarhol, Andy1964
IMDBMarnieHitchcock, Alfred1964
IMDBMarried Woman, TheGodard, Jean-Luc1964
IMDBMary PoppinsStevenson, Robert1964
IMDBMass for the Dakota SiouxBaillie, Bruce1964
IMDBMusée, LaBorowczyk, Walerian1964
IMDBNaissantDwoskin, Stephen1964
IMDBNew York Eye and Ear ControlSnow, Michael1964
IMDBNiayeSembene, Ousmane1964
IMDBNight Must FallReisz, Karel1964
IMDBNight of the IguanaHuston, John1964
IMDBNightmareFrancis, Freddie1964
IMDBNine from Little RockGuggenheim, Charles1964
IMDBNothing But a ManRoemer, Michael1964
IMDBNothing But the BestDonner, Clive1964
IMDBNoviciatBurch, Noel1964
IMDBOf Stars and MenHubley, John1964
IMDBOri (The Cage)Terayama, Shuji1964
IMDBPale FlowerShinoda, Masahiro1964
IMDBParis When it SizzlesQuine, Richard1964
IMDBPawnbroker, TheLumet, Sidney1964
IMDBPink Phink, TheFreleng, Friz1964
IMDBPleasure Seekers, TheNegulesco, Jean1964
IMDBPumpkin Eater, TheClayton, Jack1964
IMDBRe-entryBelson, Jordan1964
IMDBRed HandkerchiefMasuda, Toshio1964
IMDBRenaissanceBorowczyk, Walerian1964
IMDBRobin and the Seven HoodsDouglas, Gordon1964
IMDBRobinson Crusoe on MarsHaskin, Byron1964
IMDBRudolph, the Red-Nosed ReindeerRoemer, Larry1964
IMDBSeance on a Wet AfternoonForbes, Bryan1964
IMDBSeduced and AbandonedGermi, Pietro1964
IMDBSend Me No FlowersJewison, Norman1964
IMDBSeven Up!Almond, Paul1964
IMDBSex and the Single GirlQuine, Richard1964
IMDBShot in the Dark, AEdwards, Blake1964
IMDBSoft SkinTruffaut, Francois1964
IMDBSong 1Brakhage, Stan1964
IMDBSong 2Brakhage, Stan1964
IMDBSong 3Brakhage, Stan1964
IMDBSong 4Brakhage, Stan1964
IMDBSong 5Brakhage, Stan1964
IMDBSong 6Brakhage, Stan1964
IMDBSong 7Brakhage, Stan1964
IMDBSong 8Brakhage, Stan1964
IMDBSong seriesBrakhage, Stan1964
IMDBStrange VoyageGómez, Fernando Fernán1964
IMDBTalent CompetitionForman, Milos1964
IMDBTAMI Show, TheBinder, Steve1964
IMDBTemps morts, LesLaloux, René1964
IMDBThat Man From Riode Broca, Philippe1964
IMDBThree Outlaw SamuraiGosha, Hideo1964
IMDBTomb of Ligeia, TheCorman, Roger1964
IMDBTop, TheMurakami, Jimmy T.1964
IMDBTopkapiDassin, Jules1964
IMDBTrain, TheFrankenheimer, John1964
IMDBTwice a ManMarkopoulos, Gregory1964
IMDBTwo Stage SistersXie Jin1964
IMDBViva Las VegasSidney, George1964
IMDBWay It Goes (a tout prendre)Jutra, Claude1964
IMDBWelcome, or No TrespassingKlimov, Elem1964
 WindowJacobs, Ken1964
IMDBYearning (Midareru)Naruse, Mikio1964
IMDBZatoichi and the Chest of GoldIkehiro, Kazuo1964
IMDBZatoichi's Flashing SwordIkehiro, Kazuo1964
IMDBZorba the GreekKakogiannis, Mihalis1964
IMDBZuluEndfield, Cy1964
IMDBÖdenwaldstettenNestler, Peter1964
IMDB10/65 Self-MutilationKren, Kurt1965
IMDB10c/65 Bruce Wishes His Christmas On YouKren, Kurt1965
IMDB10th Victim, ThePetri, Elio1965
 11/65 Helga Philipp PaintingKren, Kurt1965
IMDB23 SkidooBiggs, Julian1965
IMDB317ème sectionSchoendoerffer, Pierre1965
IMDBALenica, Jan1965
IMDBAlphabet Murders, TheTashlin, Frank1965
IMDBAndy WarholMenken, Marie1965
IMDBArt of Vision, TheBrakhage, Stan1965
IMDBBelphegorBarma, Claude1965
IMDBBlack SnowTakechi, Tetsuji1965
IMDBBlood's ToneBrakhage, Stan1965
IMDBBluewhiteBrakhage, Stan1965
IMDBBoy and BicycleScott, Ridley1965
IMDBBrick and MirrorGolestan, Ebrahim1965
IMDBBunny Lake Is MissingPreminger, Otto1965
IMDBCat BallouSilverstein, Elliot1965
IMDBCeremonyDovnikovic, Borivoj1965
IMDBChasse au lion a l'arc, LaRouch, Jean1965
IMDBChinese CheckersDwoskin, Stephen1965
IMDBCollector, TheWyler, William1965
IMDBCrown Jewels of Iran, TheGolestan, Ebrahim1965
IMDBDarlingSchlesinger, John1965
IMDBDebussy Film, TheRussell, Ken1965
IMDBDiary of YunbogiOshima, Nagisa1965
IMDBDie, Monster, Die!Haller, Daniel1965
IMDBDoctor ZhivagoLean, David1965
IMDBElegiaHuszarik, Zoltan1965
IMDBEndless TheaterJodorowsky, Alejandro1965
IMDBEscargots, LesLaloux, René1965
IMDBFamily Jewels, TheLewis, Jerry1965
IMDBFilm No. 14: Late SuperimpositionsSmith, Harry1965
IMDBFire of WatersBrakhage, Stan1965
IMDBFists in the PocketBellocchio, Marco1965
IMDBFlicker, TheConrad, Tony1965
IMDBFlight of the Phoenix, TheAldrich, Robert1965
IMDBFractions of Temporary PeriodsBargellini, Piero1965
IMDBGli amanti celebriBolognini, Mauro1965
IMDBGodzilla vs. Monster ZeroHonda, Ishirô1965
IMDBGreat Race, TheEdwards, Blake1965
IMDBGuideAnand, Vijay1965
IMDBHamfat AsarJordan, Larry1965
IMDBHavoc in Heaven (The Monkey King)Wan Laiming1965
IMDBHeroes of Telemark, TheMann, Anthony1965
IMDBHigh Wind in Jamaica, AMackendrick, Alexander1965
IMDBHot Scene (or Hot Stone)Sarkissian, Perch1965
IMDBI Knew Her WellPietrangeli, Antonio1965
IMDBIdentification Marks: None (Rysopis)Skolimowski, Jerzy1965
IMDBInnocent Witch, AnGosho, Heinosuke1965
IMDBInside Daisy CloverMulligan, Robert1965
IMDBInterlude in MarshlandTroell, Jan1965
IMDBIpcress File, TheFurie, Sidney J.1965
IMDBIronfingerFukuda, Jun1965
IMDBIt Happened HereBrownlow, Kevin & Andrew Mollo1965
IMDBJohann Sebastian Bach: Fantasia G-mollSvankmajer, Jan1965
IMDBJose Torres IITeshigahara, Hiroshi1965
IMDBKapurush (The Coward)Ray, Satyajit1965
IMDBKing HendrikNofal, Emil1965
IMDBKnack, The... and how to get itLester, Richard1965
IMDBLady and the CellistLaguionie, Jean-Francois1965
IMDBLatin LoverIndovina, Franco1965
IMDBLittle Bear on the Road (Medvezhonok na doroge)Strautmane, Rasa1965
IMDBLove Goddesses, TheTurell, Saul J.1965
IMDBLoved One, TheRichardson, Tony1965
IMDBLoves of a BlondeForman, Milos1965
IMDBMagic UmbrellaHill, Jerome1965
IMDBMahapurush (The Holy Man)Ray, Satyajit1965
IMDBMan Is Not a BirdMakavejev, Dusan1965
 Melodrama SacramentalJodorowsky, Alejandro1965
IMDBMickey OnePenn, Arthur1965
IMDBMoment of Truth, TheRosi, Francesco1965
IMDBMosaicMcLaren, Norman1965
IMDBMy Home Is CopacabanaSucksdorff, Arne1965
IMDBOf a Thousand DelightsVisconti, Luchino1965
IMDBParis vu parChabrol, Rohmer, Godard, et al1965
IMDBParis vu par: Gare du NordRouch, Jean1965
IMDBParis vu par: La MuetteChabrol, Claude1965
IMDBParis vu par: Montparnasse-LevalloisGodard, Jean-Luc1965
IMDBParis vu par: Place de l'ÉtoileRohmer, Eric1965
IMDBParis vu par: Rue Saint-DenisPollet, Jean-Daniel1965
IMDBParis vu par: Saint-Germain-des-PrésDouchet, Jean1965
IMDBPashtBrakhage, Stan1965
IMDBPestilent CityGoldman, Peter1965
 Peyote QueenDe Hirsch, Storm1965
IMDBPhilosophie et véritéFlechet, Jean1965
IMDBPigs!Ballard, Carroll1965
IMDBPleasures of the FleshOshima, Nagisa1965
IMDBProvino, IlAntonioni, Michelangelo1965
IMDBQuixoteBaillie, Bruce1965
IMDBRed BeardKurosawa, Akira1965
IMDBRed Line 7000Hawks, Howard1965
IMDBRikki-Tikki-TaviSnezhko-Blotskaya, Aleksandra1965
IMDBSaltoKonwicki, Tadeusz1965
IMDBSamurai SpyShinoda, Masahiro1965
IMDBSandraVisconti, Luchino1965
 SchmeerguntzNelson, Gunvor1965
IMDBShip of FoolsKramer, Stanley1965
IMDBShop On Main Street, TheKadár, Ján & Elmar Klos1965
IMDBSins of the FleshapoidsKuchar, Mike1965
IMDBSnowJones, Geoffrey1965
IMDBSoldatesse, LeZurlini, Valerio1965
IMDBSong 10Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 11Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 12Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 13Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 14Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 15Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 16Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 17Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 18Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 19Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 20Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 21Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 22Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSong 9Brakhage, Stan1965
IMDBSound of Music, TheWise, Robert1965
IMDBSpy Who Came In From The Cold, TheRitt, Martin1965
IMDBStand Up, Nigel BartonDavies, Gareth1965
IMDBStory of a ProstituteSuzuki, Seijun1965
IMDBStudy in Terror, AHill, James1965
IMDBSubarnarekhaGhatak, Ritwik1965
IMDBSword of the BeastGosha, Hideo1965
IMDBTattooed LifeSuzuki, Seijun1965
IMDBThieving Magpie, TheGianini, Giulio & Emanuele Luzzati1965
IMDBThousand Clowns, ACoe, Fred1965
IMDBTime PieceHenson, Jim1965
IMDBTre Volti, IAntonioni & Bolognini & Indovina1965
IMDBTriumph Over Violence (Ordinary Fascism)Romm, Mikhail1965
IMDBTwoRay, Satyajit1965
IMDBVan GoghPialat, Maurice1965
IMDBVeinBrakhage, Stan1965
IMDBVerifica IncertaGrifi, Alberto & Gianfranco Baruchello1965
IMDBVote, Vote, Vote for Nigel BartonDavies, Gareth1965
IMDBWalkoverSkolimowski, Jerzy1965
IMDBWater SarkWieland, Joyce1965
IMDBWith Beauty and SorrowShinoda, Masahiro1965
IMDBWomen of the ResistanceCavani, Liliana1965
IMDBYoung CassidyFord, John & Jack Cardiff1965
IMDBZatoichi and the Chess ExpertMisumi, Kenji1965
IMDBZatoichi and the Doomed ManMori, Kazuo1965
IMDBZatoichi's RevengeInoue, Akira1965
IMDB10:30 P.M. SummerDassin, Jules1966
IMDB12/66 Cosinus AlphaKren, Kurt1966
IMDBA-Haunting We Will GoMcKimson, Robert1966
IMDBAll My LifeBaillie, Bruce1966
IMDBAnd So It Is (Ukamau)Sanjinés, Jorge1966
IMDBBarrierSkolimowski, Jerzy1966
IMDBBetrayal, TheTanaka, Tokuzo1966
IMDBBig Sur: The LadiesJordan, Larry1966
IMDBBig T.N.T. ShowPeerce, Larry1966
IMDBBlood BathHill, Jack & Stephanie Rothman1966
IMDBBlue and the BlackDoe Ching1966
IMDBBlue and the Black 2Doe Ching1966
IMDBBlunderball, or from Dr. Nofinger with HateThoms, Albie1966
IMDBBon Voyage SimAlassane, Moustapha1966
IMDBBreakawayConner, Bruce1966
IMDBBrigitte et BrigitteMoullet, Luc1966
IMDBCairo 30 (Al-Kahira thalatin)Abouseif, Salah1966
IMDBCarl Th. DreyerRoos, Jørgen1966
IMDBCaza, La (The Hunt)Saura, Carlos1966
IMDBChafed ElbowsDowney, Robert1966
IMDBChamber of HorrorsAverback, Hy1966
IMDBChappaquaRooks, Conrad1966
IMDBChase, ThePenn, Arthur1966
IMDBChristmas Memory, APerry, Frank1966
IMDBClosely Watched TrainsMenzel, Jirí1966
IMDBCome Drink With MeHu, King1966
 Death in the ForenoonHill, Jerome1966
IMDBDeath of a BureaucratAlea, Tomás Gutiérrez1966
IMDBDeath of the GorillaMays, Peter1966
IMDBDracula: Prince of DarknessFisher, Terence1966
IMDBDragon InnHu, King1966
 Earth (Zem)Kubal, Viktor1966
IMDBEl DoradoHawks, Howard1966
IMDBEmotionObayashi, Nobuhiko1966
IMDBEt la neige n'était plusSamb-Makharam, Ababacar1966
IMDBFahrenheit 451Truffaut, Francois1966
IMDBFalling LeavesIosseliani, Otar1966
IMDBFantastic VoyageFleischer, Richard1966
IMDBFaraon (Pharaoh)Kawalerowicz, Jerzy1966
IMDBFat FeetGrooms, Red1966
IMDBFatherSzabó, István1966
IMDBFilm in Which There Appear Edge Lettering, Sprocket Holes, Dirt Particles, Etc.Land, Owen1966
IMDBFilm No. 15Smith, Harry1966
IMDBFilm, TheUBU Films1966
IMDBFinnegans WakeBute, Mary Ellen1966
 First World Festival of Negro ArtsGreaves, William1966
IMDBFortune Cookie, TheWilder, Billy1966
IMDBFreiheitLucas, George1966
IMDBFunny Thing Happened on the Way to the ForumLester, Richard1966
IMDBGambitNeame, Ronald1966
IMDBGlass Bottom Boat, TheTashlin, Frank1966
IMDBGranddaughter Is Lost (Poterjal' vnuchka)Kachanov, Roman1966
IMDBGrande vadrouille (Don't Look Now - We're Being Shot at)Oury, Gérard1966
IMDBHalftonePerry, David E.1966
IMDBHarperSmight, Jack1966
IMDBHawaiiHill, George Roy1966
IMDBHawks and SparrowsPasolini, Pier Paolo1966
IMDBHere's Your LifeTroell, Jan1966
IMDBHomme et une femme, UnLelouch, Claude1966
IMDBHorla, LePollet, Jean-Daniel1966
IMDBHungerCarlsen, Henning1966
IMDBInformationFrampton, Hollis1966
IMDBIntimate LightingPasser, Ivan1966
IMDBIs Paris Burning?Clement, Rene1966
IMDBIsadora Duncan, the Biggest Dancer in the WorldRussell, Ken1966
IMDBIt's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie BrownMelendez, Bill1966
IMDBJuly RainKhutsiyev, Marlen1966
IMDBKiev FrescosParajanov, Sergei1966
IMDBKing of Heartsde Broca, Philippe1966
IMDBLaw of the BorderAkad, Lufti1966
IMDBLightsMenken, Marie1966
IMDBLine of DemarcationChabrol, Claude1966
IMDBMade In USAGodard, Jean-Luc1966
IMDBMademoiselleRichardson, Tony1966
IMDBMan and His WorldThoms, Albie1966
IMDBMan For All Seasons, AZinnemann, Fred1966
IMDBMan in the FrameKhitruk, Fyodor1966
IMDBMan Who Had His Hair Cut ShortDelvaux, Andre1966
IMDBMeet Marlon BrandoMaysles, Albert & David1966
IMDBMing GreenMarkopoulos, Gregory1966
IMDBModesty BlaiseLosey, Joseph1966
IMDBMosaicChambers, Jack1966
IMDBMy Green CrocodileKurchevskiy, Vadim1966
IMDBNaked Prey, TheWilde, Cornel1966
IMDBNayak (The Hero)Ray, Satyajit1966
IMDBNevada SmithHathaway, Henry1966
IMDBNotes for a Film About Donna and GailOwen, Don1966
IMDBOedipus RexPasolini, Pier Paolo1966
IMDBOuter and Inner SpaceWarhol, Andy1966
IMDBPearls of the DeepChytilová, Nemec, Menzel, et al1966
IMDBPetit Poucet, LeBorowczyk, Walerian1966
IMDBPictures at an ExhibitionTezuka, Osamu1966
IMDBPornographers, TheImamura, Shohei1966
IMDBPortrait de Michel Simon par Jean RenoirRivette, Jacques1966
IMDBPour le mistralIvens, Joris1966
IMDBProfessionals, TheBrooks, Richard1966
IMDBPuncturePerry, David E.1966
 Ray Gun VirusSharits, Paul1966
IMDBRelativityEmshwiller, Ed1966
IMDBReport on the Party and GuestsNemec, Jan1966
IMDBResponsive Eye, TheDe Palma, Brian1966
IMDBRetour d'un aventurier, LeAlassane, Moustapha1966
IMDBRita and DundiThoms, Albie1966
IMDBRoad to Saint TropezSarne, Michael1966
IMDBRondoBerkovic, Zvonimir1966
IMDBSecond Breath (La Deuxieme Souffle)Melville, Jean-Pierre1966
IMDBSeven WomenFord, John1966
IMDBSeventh ContinentVukotic, Dusan1966
IMDBSeventh Master of the HouseCaprino, Ivo1966
IMDBSignore & SignoriGermi, Pietro1966
IMDBSnowman (Snehulák)Týrlová, Hermína1966
IMDBStagecoachDouglas, Gordon1966
IMDBStory of Asya Klyachina (Asya's Happiness)Konchalovsky, Andrei1966
IMDBStranger Within a Woman (Onna no Naka ni Iru Tanin)Naruse, Mikio1966
IMDBSyrinxLarkin, Ryan1966
IMDBThere Lived KozyavinKhrzhanovskiy, Andrey1966
IMDBThey're a Weird MobPowell, Michael1966
IMDBThree on a CouchLewis, Jerry1966
IMDBTorn CurtainHitchcock, Alfred1966
IMDBTrans-Europ-ExpressRobbe-Grillet, Alain1966
IMDBTransferCronenberg, David1966
IMDBTungBaillie, Bruce1966
IMDBUnsere AfrikareiseKubelka, Peter1966
IMDBVi prego di accettare questo semplice bouquet di parentesi appena sbocciateBargellini, Piero1966
IMDBVisit with Truman CapoteMaysles, Albert & David1966
IMDBWhat Did You Do in the War, Daddy?Edwards, Blake1966
IMDBWhat on Earth!Drew, Les & Kaj Pindal1966
IMDBWhere the Buffalo RoamDavies, Gareth1966
IMDBWho Are You, Polly Magoo?Klein, William1966
IMDBWild Angels, TheCorman, Roger1966
IMDBWingsShepitko, Larisa1966
IMDBWinnie the Pooh and the Honey TreeReitherman, Wolfgang1966
IMDBWoman of the LakeYoshida, Yoshishige1966
IMDBYesterday GirlKluge, Alexander1966
IMDBYoung TörlessSchlondorff, Volker1966
IMDBZatoichi's PilgrimageIkehiro, Kazuo1966
IMDBZatoichi's VengeanceTanaka, Tokuzo1966
IMDBZontar: The Thing From VenusBuchanan, Larry1966
IMDB13/67 Sinus BetaKren, Kurt1967
IMDB15/67 TVKren, Kurt1967
IMDB3 Seconds Before ExplosionIda, Tan1967
IMDB7362O'Neill, Pat1967
IMDBAccidentLosey, Joseph1967
IMDBAnticipationGodard, Jean-Luc1967
IMDBArès contre AtlasOtero, Manuel1967
IMDBAujourd'huiAutant-Lara, Claude1967
IMDBBeach RedWilde, Cornel1967
IMDBBelle Epoque, LaPfleghar, Michael1967
IMDBBig Green ValleyKokochashvili, Merab1967
IMDBBig Mouth, TheLewis, Jerry1967
IMDBBig Shave, TheScorsese, Martin1967
IMDBBillion Dollar BrainRussell, Ken1967
IMDBBlutoThoms, Albie1967
IMDBBoleroThoms, Albie1967
IMDBBox, TheWolf, Fred1967
IMDBBreathMurakami, Jimmy T.1967
IMDBBrief EncountersMuratova, Kira1967
IMDBCape Town Affair, TheWebb, Robert1967
IMDBCathy Come HomeLoach, Ken1967
IMDBChemmeenKariat, Ramu1967
IMDBChina Is NearBellocchio, Marco1967
IMDBCommissarAskoldov, Aleksandr1967
IMDBCountess From Hong Kong, AChaplin, Charles1967
IMDBCours du soirRibowski, Nicolas1967
IMDBDante's InfernoRussell, Ken1967
IMDBDeparture, TheSkolimowski, Jerzy1967
IMDBDiabolically YoursDuvivier, Julien1967
IMDBDipoteratology or Bardo FolliesLand, Owen1967
IMDBDirty DozenAldrich, Robert1967
IMDBDitirambo vela por nosotrosSuárez, Gonzalo1967
IMDBDon't Let It Kill You (Il ne faut pas mourir pour ça)Lefebvre, Jean-Pierre1967
IMDBDon't Look BackPennebaker, D.A.1967
IMDBEcce HomoScavolini, Romano1967
IMDBEre prehistorique, L'Indovina, Franco1967
IMDBEros, O BasileusMarkopoulos, Gregory1967
IMDBFace to FaceSollima, Sergio1967
IMDBFemme 100 Tetes, LaDuvivier, Eric1967
IMDBFestivalLerner, Murray1967
IMDBFilm No. 16: OzSmith, Harry1967
IMDBFireman's Ball, TheForman, Milos1967
IMDBFlim-Flam Man, TheKershner, Irvin1967
IMDBFog PumasNelson, Gunvor & Dorothy Wiley1967
IMDBFor the First TimeCortazar, Octavio1967
IMDBFrozen FlashesVeiczi, Janos1967
IMDBGamesHarrington, Curtis1967
IMDBGammelionMarkopoulos, Gregory1967
IMDBGreat Blondino, TheNelson, Robert1967
IMDBGruesome Twosome, TheLewis, Herschell Gordon1967
IMDBGuess Who's Coming To DinnerKramer, Stanley1967
IMDBHell's Angels on WheelsRush, Richard1967
IMDBHerostratusLevy, Don1967
IMDBHimself as HerselfMarkopoulos, Gregory1967
IMDBHistory Nature SuiteSvankmajer, Jan1967
IMDBHombreRitt, Martin1967
IMDBHoney Pot, TheMankiewicz, Joseph1967
IMDBHouse That Jack Built (La maison de Jean-Jacques)Tunis, Ron1967
IMDBHow I Won the WarLester, Richard1967
IMDBHow to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingSwift, David1967
IMDBHybridChambers, Jack1967
IMDBI Even Met Happy GypsiesPetrovic, Aleksandar1967
IMDBIlliac Passion, TheMarkopoulos, Gregory1967
IMDBIn Cold BloodBrooks, Richard1967
IMDBIn Like FlintDouglas, Gordon1967
IMDBInflatable Sex Doll of the WastelandsYamatoya, Atsushi1967
IMDBJaguarRouch, Jean1967
IMDBJean Renoir, le patronRivette, Jacques1967
 Jede Aktion Lost Eine Andere AusWeibel, Peter1967
IMDBJeu de massacre (The Killing Game)Jessua, Alain1967
IMDBJust Like a WomanFuest, Robert1967
IMDBKlatki (Cages)Kijowicz, Miroslaw1967
IMDBKrekDovnikovic, Borivoj1967
IMDBLand in AnguishRocha, Glauber1967
IMDBLife in a TinBozzetto, Bruno1967
IMDBLooking for MushroomsConner, Bruce1967
IMDBLove for an IdiotMasumura, Yasuzo1967
IMDBMademoiselle Mimide Broca, Philippe1967
IMDBMan Vanishes, AImamura, Shohei1967
IMDBMarat/SadeBrook, Peter1967
IMDBMargin, TheCandeias, Ozualdo1967
IMDBMarketa LazarovaVlácil, Frantisek1967
IMDBMitten, TheKachanov, Roman1967
IMDBMoon VirilityThoms, Albie1967
IMDBMountain of DinosaursStrautmane, Rasa1967
IMDBMowgli: RakshaDavydov, Roman1967
IMDBMurder Czech StyleWeiss, Jirí1967
IMDBMusica, LaDuras, Marguerite1967
IMDBNo conteis con los dedosPortabella, Pere1967
IMDBNo PresidentSmith, Jack1967
IMDBNuits romainesBolognini, Mauro1967
IMDBOctober in MadridHanoun, Marcel1967
 Off-Handed Jape & How To Pull It OffNelson, Robert & William T. Wiley1967
IMDBOld House, PassingJordan, Larry1967
IMDBOldest Profession, Thevarious1967
IMDBOur Mother's HouseClayton, Jack1967
IMDBPeppermint FrappeSaura, Carlos1967
IMDBPink Floyd London '66-'67Whitehead, Peter1967
IMDBPresident's Analyst, TheFlicker, Theodore J.1967
IMDBQuatermass and the Pit