Girls season 3 (2014)

“Fedoras are worse than genocide.”

It’s starting to get rather sad-sacky for a comedy, isn’t it? There’s even an assisted-suicide storyline. I took less pleasure than usual in watching the four girls (and Ray) descend into career disappointment and make poor relationship decisions. Adam’s Broadway play was a nice development, and based on the final scene it looks like they’re changing things up next season.

Richard E. Grant is amazing as Jessa’s drug-addict buddy. John Cameron Mitchell is killed off, also killing Hannah’s book deal. Adam’s insane sister (Gaby Hoffmann) appears to be dating Laird (Jon Glaser).

Small roles by Amy Schumer, Kim Gordon (a rehab patient), Patti LuPone (as herself), Felicity Jones (Grant’s daughter) and Deirdre Lovejoy (Rhonda from The Wire; as Hannah’s aunt).

Absolutely the best scene: