Favorite New Movies, 2015

1. World of Tomorrow (Don Hertzfeldt)
2. Timbuktu (Abderrahmane Sissako)
3. Clouds of Sils Maria (Olivier Assayas)
4. It Follows (David Robert Mitchell)
5. Jauja (Lisandro Alonso)
6. Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller)
7. Stray Dogs (Tsai Ming-Liang)
8. Inside Out (Pete Docter)
9. The Double (Richard Ayoade)
10. Inherent Vice (Paul Thomas Anderson)

I don’t have strong feelings about the ranking order of the next ten:

11. Shaun the Sheep (Mark Burton & Richard Starzak)
12. Room (Lenny Abrahamson)
13. Duke of Burgundy (Peter Strickland)
14. Spotlight (Tom McCarthy)
15. They Came Together (David Wain)
16. Mistress America (Noah Baumbach)
17. Winter Sleep (Nuri Bilge Ceylan)
18. 20,000 Days on Earth (Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard)
19. You and the Night (Yann Gonzalez)
20. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Julie Taymor)

Honorable mentions, alphabetically:

Bitter Lake (Adam Curtis)
Blackhat (Michael Mann)
Brooklyn (John Crowley)
Edge of Tomorrow (Doug Liman)
Girlhood (Céline Sciamma)
Junun (Paul Thomas Anderson)
Phoenix (Christian Petzold)
Tehran Taxi (Jafar Panahi)
Trainwreck (Judd Apatow)

Bill Plympton’s Cheatin’ was a favorite, but got moved to another list.

This is from a pool of about seventy titles, most of which I liked since I research movies before seeing ’em. I think the cutoff, determining which (and how many) movies I list here, is “would I watch this again right now?” So what I’m saying is that I’d strongly recommend any/all of these, including the honorable mentions list.