Born to be Blue (2015, Robert Budreau)

Take one of my least-favorite musicians and make a biopic about the years when he was making his worst music, but throw in lots of drug use and mouth bleeding. And add a pretty girl whom he seduces, makes promises to, and ultimately leaves. Remind me why I wanted to see this movie? Oh yeah, Ethan Hawke and Carmen Ejogo (Mrs. King in Selma, Mrs. Cross in Alex Cross) are both very good. And I just watched The Band’s Visit, where the musicians bond over Chet Baker songs. I guess it’s an okay movie for people who like this sort of thing, and at least the advanced-age crowd in our theater was able to follow the story (you could hear them recounting it to each other in the middle of the movie), though they audibly disapproved of the cunnilingus and mouth-bleeding and drug use.

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