Favorite Shorts of 2017

0. World of Tomorrow 2 (2017, Don Hertzfeldt)

1. A Brief History of Princess X (2016, Gabriel Abrantes)
2. Sarah Winchester, opéra fantôme (2016, Bertrand Bonello)
3. Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton (2015, Guy Maddin & Evan Johnson & Galen Johnson)
4. Czech animations What The Eyes See (1968) and Strazce majaku (1987)
5. En levande själ (2014, Henry Moore Selder)
6. White Helmets (2016, Orlando Von Einsiedel)

7. The Northleach Horror (2016, David Cairns)
8. Spiral Jetty (2017, Ricky D’Ambrose)
9. As the Flames Rose (2012, Joao Rui Guerra da Mata)
10. Porter Springs 4 (1999, Henry Hills)
11. All Good Things (Chloe Domont) and One of the Roughs, a Kosmos (Carmine Grimaldi) from True/False
12. Moxon’s Mechanick Exercises and Secret History of the Dividing Line (David Gatten)

I’ve been thinking about Princess X since Spring and have visited the sculpture a dozen times. World of Tomorrow 2 just came out 24 hours ago. WoT2 should probably be #1, but that doesn’t seem fair so it gets the honorary #0 instead.