T/F 2020 Shorts: Blanc

Jesa (Kyungwon Song)

Personal/family connection to a religious food ritual. Dad is into it, keeper of tradition, while mom is dismissive of its spiritual benefit, and daughter irreverently documents with a stop-motion food layout.

The Spirit Keepers of Makut’ay (Yen-Chao Lin)

More dreaminess about ritual, so this ties into the program well. But I was focused on the aging treatment of the film, and the registration holes visible on the side. If they’re supposed to be registered, why are they moving around so much?

Dadli (Shabier Kirchner)

Antigua. I know Khalik Allah is in town, wonder if he’s seen this.

Spit on the Broom (Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich)

History lesson from an odd angle, literally dancing their way into the story. All I know is I felt weird when watching this, then after the dance scene (reminding me of Charleston (the city, not the dance)), I felt especially weird, and turned to Katy (in front of the director sitting behind us) and said I’ve seen this before, and she said yeah, we watched the trailer. Anyway, would recommend.

Aurora (Everlane Moraes)

Gorgeous photography of three women from different generations. The middle one is a singer, whose song runs over images of the other two, as if a memory or a dreamed future. I was still a bit freaked out from Spit on the Broom, but this was cool and had a good ending.

Opener Yasmin Williams played something soft, and I think there was a saw, or was that a different musician?