The Movie Year in Review, 2020

Happy New Movie Year!

Again I kept a letterboxd list of all the must-see movies released in 2020 – I’ll finalize it next week. I’ve currently seen around a third of those, which isn’t so bad considering home life and work life were weird, we moved cross-country, I stopped watching current films at all for a while, and Shocktober lasted two months.

Early in the year I scoured the year-end and decade-end lists of some less commercially-minded film critics and tried to watch those… that’s where my interest in Lois PatiƱo and Arthur Jafa came from, for instance… got through about 20% of that list, not bad, and I’ll see if there are more titles I can add this year.

And other projects and lists, which I’m not getting into, and didn’t do so well on, but the whole point is to keep watching good movies, and feeling good about them, and that’s been going alright.

I also watched a bunch of online concerts and livestreams and archival shows, and bought audio concerts and things on bandcamp… these shows helped the time pass, though they all place a distant third to actual concerts we attended pre-lockdown by Sloan and Kelly Hogan.

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