My Name Is Bruce (2008, Bruce Campbell)

I suppose this was probably just as bad as Man With The Screaming Brain, but for that one I was in the theater, forced to contemplate its obvious, unfunny crappiness on the big, big screen surrounded by unquestioning fans who just came to get an autograph. This one I could half-pay attention to while searching the internet for Silkworm bootlegs, a much better idea.


Not even half as good as Maniac Cop, which kinda sucked, this stars Bruce as the cult version of himself (washed-up loser asshole with huge ego). He’s kidnapped from the set of his latest awful horror sequel by an obsessed fan who wants Bruce to save his small town from a resurrected Chinese warrior demon, which he sorta does, even though the kid awoke the thing himself by stealing some stone that he doesn’t think to just put back. Bruce is an anti-hero throughout, killing townsfolk with his cowardice and incompetence.

Ted Raimi plays a bunch of characters, including a couple offensive stereotypes:

Directed, of course, by Mr. Campbell, along with the writer of Time Cop, producer of Barb Wire, and cinematographer of Command & Conquer (the videogame series!), and a bunch of actors whose secret hopes that this would be their big break into the movies were surely dashed when they saw the premiere.