Role Models (2008, David Wain)

Same director, writers, cast & composer (Craig Wedren!) as Wet Hot American Summer – but also the same as The Ten – so this could’ve turned out a beloved favorite comedy, or something worse than My Name Is Bruce. Instead it took the middle road, sort of a Richard Linklater’s Bad News Bears sort of thing – a nice, but somewhat generic and forgettable comedy about troubled adults trying to mentor troubled kids.

Two kinda-famous comedy actors play a total slacker and a dude with anger issues who work as energy drink reps. After they fuck that up, their community service is to be big-brother types to two boys, boobies-obsessed foul-mouthed young black kid and live-action-role-playing bully-magnet older white kid. Lessons are learned, lots of State alums show up, angry dude gets his girlfriend back, roll credits.

A decent way to pass the time. Made me laugh. Oh man I just found out David Wain has his own TV series. Why’s no one tell me anything?