The Scary of Sixty-First (2021, Dasha Nekrasova)

A significantly less lighthearted mumblecore conspiracy movie than Cold Weather, this one is about getting obsessed with Jeffrey Epstein and suspecting your new apartment to be one of his sex dungeons. Noelle listens to the nameless girl (director Dasha) who shows up at their place, a conspiracy generalist with a drug briefcase, while Addie has masturbation freakouts and becomes possessed by child sex victims. “I think your roommate is a victim of CIA mind control.” Noelle ends up stabbing her roommate to death in the basement, then all evidence of the crime disappears, and my biggest thrill was when I correctly predicted exactly what the final letter she receives would say, the movie ending on a pedo-cine-phile twitter joke, with Todd Field’s new movie in the news this week.

Checking out the new place… door city over here:

The director in Cinema Scope:

I drew some inspiration from the apartment trilogy by Polanski. And I knew that I wanted to shoot on 16mm because the subject was so hyper-topical. It was a worthwhile investment because I think it really elevated the movie. If it had been done digitally, it wouldn’t have been as special. And it also gives it a ’70s aura.

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