Baghead (2008, Duplass bros.)

These Duplass fellas made The Puffy Chair and are somehow involved with Ryan “Half Nelson” Fleck, Joe “LOL” Swanberg and Andrew “Mutual Appreciation” Bujalski.

Four movie extras go to a cabin in the woods to script their own indie movie to kickstart their careers. The girls want to make a relationship drama and the guys want to make a horror about a killer with a bag on his head. Meanwhile, they themselves are having relationship drama and being stalked by a dangerous bagheaded dude. So sorta like Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, except the movie tries to bring its own humor instead of deriving all fun from geeky references to horror movie tropes. Naw, it’s still pretty geeky, and instead of playing with two filmmaking styles (handheld doc / slick studio horror) like in Behind The Mask, this one goes all the way shaky-cam. I am glad I watched it in a window on my computer or it would’ve driven me batshit… when the cam isn’t shaking enough, the cameraman (a Duplass himself) plays with the zoom lens to keep us from getting comfortable. Jerk.

L-R: dude who is appearing in new Amy Poehler show, Baghead, Hannah from Hannah Takes the Stairs

L-R: appeared in the Prom Night remake, appeared in Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers

Okay I totally liked it but I’m not sorry I didn’t watch it fullscreen.