Away We Go (2009, Sam Mendes)

Written by Dave “Staggering Genius” Eggers and his wife.

Maya Rudolph (whom I sorta halfway remember from Idiocracy) and John Krasinski (who I totally don’t remember from Smiley Face) star (star!) in an uplifting family comedy from Sam Mendes. Family! Comedy! Sam Mendes! Yes, somebody is dumped and another couple is working through their fifth miscarriage, but our doom-proof heroes walk through it all, unencumbered by hostility or financial need, all the way to their happy ending.

Starpower: Catherine O’Hara and Jeff Daniels play John K.’s parents in one scene, Maggie Gyllenhaal is hilarious as a former friend gone hippy-dippy stroller-phobe with her new-age guru husband, and Allison “Juno’s mom” Janney is Maya’s caustic, terrible ex-boss.

Movie made Katy and I feel good.