Whip It (2009, Drew Barrymore)

Ellen “Juno” Page is a girl named Bliss with a beauty-contest-obsessed mom (Marcia Gay Harden of Mystic River), a non-participant dad (convincingly schlubby-looking Daniel Stern) and fellow beauty queen little sister Eulala Scheel. Juno and freckled friend Pash (Arrested Development’s Alia Shakwat) work at a burger joint with manager Birdman (I like the names in this movie) until Juno finds out about the local rollergirls, tries out for the team (under manager Andrew “Futureman” Wilson), makes the cut, becomes the team poster girl, quits to please her mom, rejoins to please her dad and her team and herself, wins over the mom and even earns the grudging respect of victorious rival Juliette Lewis.

No surprises from the story or characters, but we found it unusually good for a girl movie. Drew is now the first Barrymore to direct since Lionel in 1931.