Becoming Jane (2007, Julian Jarrold)

From the director of Kinky Boots and a whole lotta tasteful literary adaptations comes this tasteful literary adaptation.

Katy liked it. I didn’t mind it because I was floating on having just seen Sunshine.

Jane Austen = Anne Hathaway (whom I half-saw when I half-watched half of The Devil Wears Prada).
Mrs. Austen = Julie Walters (mrs. weasley in Harry Potter)
Mr. Austen – James Cromwell (of I Robot and Star Trek First Contact)
Love Interest = James McAvoy (boring dude in Last King of Scotland)
His Uncle = Ian Richardson (Mr. Book in Dark City, Mr. Warrenn in Brazil)
False Love Interest = Laurence Fox (Gosford Park)
His Mom = Maggie Smith (Gosford Park, Harry Potter)

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