The Hangover (2009, Todd Phillips)

From the director of Road Trip and writers of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past!

A dude gets lost during a bachelor party weekend in Vegas, and it’s up to good friends The Bland One (Bradley Cooper of Midnight Meat Train), The Reluctant One (Atlanta native Ed Helms of The Daily Show) and The Socially Maladjusted One (Zach G. of The Ballad of G.I. Joe) to retrieve him. This is hard because Zach (via drug dealer Mike Epps) slipped them all roofies. While under the influence, Ed yanks out a tooth (my vote for funniest moment, even though it was just a still photo, Ed smiling maniacally) and marries Heather Graham, Zach steals Mike Tyson’s pet tiger, and I can’t remember Cooper doing anything of note. Not a good movie, but it’s always nice to see Jeffrey Tambor. More importantly, since I watched this, Paranormal Activity and Avatar all in the same week, I can now feel like I’m caught up with the rest of America until the next wave of summer flicks come out.