Fiddler on the Roof (1971, Norman Jewison)

An attractive movie – fun musical to start with, gets more serious as it progresses. Shoulder-dancing Topol (of Flash Gordon, heh) is a poor milkman trying to get good husbands for his three daughters and stick to the all-important traditions. But he’s a smart fella and knows that traditions must change with the times. Some daughters want to marry for love instead of through matchmakers, unheard-of! Finally the police chief is commanded by higher-ups to force Topol’s whole Jewish community off their land. Topol does what he’s gotta.

Most amusing part is that one daughter is briefly engaged to a man named Laserwolf. Laserwolf! Then she marries a dude named Motel, a huge step down if you ask me.

The matchmaker was in Cannonball Run 1 & 2, Topol’s wife Golde was on television, and none of the daughters were really in anything else. Shot by Oswald Morris (Lolita, Oliver!, The Wiz). Orchestrated and conducted by John Williams.

A quality movie, affecting and with very good music and camera work. Liked it better than My Fair Lady.

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