Enchanted (2007, Kevin Lima)

No opening credits, and started at the beginning, which it had to since it’s a tribute to classical disney storytelling.

From the director of 102 Dalmations, heh. Cartoon princess Amy Adams gets kicked out of cartoon fantasy land by evil queen Susan Sarandon and is found by Dr. McThingy and his precious daughter. But princess is chased by Prince Cyclops, who was about to marry her, and queen’s henchman Timothy Spall, who we just saw in Sweeney Todd. Cyclops is a buffoon and the princess finally realizes that, and McThingy comes around to falling for the princess and there’s an obligatory explosive action finale when Susan Sarandon turns into a dragon and chases people around. A tolerable and sometimes funny little kids flick. There are cartoon birds and pretty songs which were triple-oscar-nominated. Katy liked it.