It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010, Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden)

The movie’s title brings to mind Zach Galifianakis’s buddy Patton’s rant against generic sounding movie titles. Feelin’ Kinda Sorta. And it’s kinda sorta an okay movie but it’s maybe pretty forgettable. Kinda average-looking Keir Gilchrist with pretty normal parents feels suicidal over his high-pressure school, checks himself into clinic where he meets a suicide girl then immediately betrays her by confessing his long-held crush on his best friend’s girl, hangs out with fellow patient Zach, inspires his shut-in roommate, bares his teenage soul to the doctor in charge and discovers his creative side. The indie-quirk (see especially: the hasidic jew whose mind got blown on LSD) doesn’t overwhelm the movie – but neither does the comedy, despite the word “funny” right there in the title and the reliable presence of Zach G.

Katy and I liked it.

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