A couple of auteur lists

I’ve taken to posting lists of movies I’d like to watch on this blog, which is unnecessary since I already keep a master list of movies I’d like to see in a database. Keeping extra lists here just means I’ve made everything less efficient. But no matter. A month or two ago I declared The Auteurist Completion Project, with aims to watch the last few remaining titles by directors I care about whose complete works I’d almost seen. Here’s the status report for that particular goal.

P. Anderson: The Dirk Diggler Story
W. Anderson: Bottle Rocket (short)
Anger: Invocation of My Demon Brother, Lucifer Rising, Anger Sees Red, The Man We Want to Hang
Arnold: Deanimated
Bahrani: Man Push Cart, Plastic Bag
Baldwin: Spectres of the Spectrum
Bong: Memories of Murder, Barking Dogs Never Bite, Influenza
Cocteau: Eagle Has Two Heads, 8×8
Cronenberg: From the Drain, Italian Machine
Dante: Second Civil War, The Hole
Fuller: Day of Reckoning, Crimson Kimono, Verboten, The Command, The Tanks are Coming
Gilliam: Storytime, Tideland
Gondry: The Letter, Thorn in the Heart
Guest: For Your Consideration
Hartley: Fay Grim, shorts vol. 2
Haynes: Poison
Hillcoat: Ghosts of the Civil Dead, To Have and to Hold
Jarmusch: Permanent Vacation, Year of the Horse
Jodorowsky: Santa Sangre, The Rainbow Thief
Keaton: The Navigator, Battling Butler
Korine: Trash Humpers, Julien Donkey-Boy
Kubrick: Fear and Desire
Lang: Harakiri, The Wandering Image, Four Around a Woman
Leone: Duck You Sucker, My Name is Nobody
Linklater: Me and Orson Welles, It’s Impossible to Learn to Plow…
Lynch: On The Air
Marker: Loneliness of the Long Distance Singer, The Last Bolshevik, Level Five
Moore: Pets or Meat, Slacker Uprising
Murnau: Haunted Castle, Burning Soil, 4 Devils
Panahi: White Balloon, The Mirror
Park: Chicken Run, Creature Comforts
Quays: Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, Songs for Dead Children, Inventorium Sladow
Raimi: Within the Woods
Soderbergh: King of the Hill, The Girlfriend Experience, And Everything Is Going Fine
Svankmajer: Jabberwocky, Sileni, Surviving Life
Tarkovsky: Nostalghia, Mirror, Steamroller and the Violin
Tarr: Macbeth, Almanac of Fall, Damnation
Tati: Jour de Fete, School for Postmen, Trafic
Taymor: Juan Darien, The Tempest
Welles: Around the World, Chimes at Midnight, Fountain of Youth, The OW Show
Wong: In the Mood DVD extras

Deleted from list because I was missing more titles than expected: Miike, De Palma, Dreyer, Tashlin, Van Sant, Varda, Demy, Bunuel, Cassavetes, Kieslowski, Kitano, Powell/Pressburger, Sally Potter, Dennis Potter, Renoir, Resnais, Rivette, Scorsese, Watkins.

If I was planning to make my annual end-of-year list of movies which I simply must watch next year (which I’m not, since I feel like having a freeform 2011), those titles would probably be on there. Though it would be more fun to tackle famed filmmakers whose works I’m largely (or in most cases, completely) unfamiliar with, so here’s a handy list of those, too.

Joseph Losey
Anthony Mann
Rainer Fassbinder
Josef von Sternberg
Cecil B. DeMille
Roberto Rossellini
Otto Preminger
William Wyler
Alexander Dovzhenko
King Vidor
Luc Moullet
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Mikio Naruse
Jean Eustache
Marcel Carné
Raoul Walsh
Derek Jarman
Elia Suleiman
Julien Duvivier
Terayama Shuji
Luchino Visconti
Aleksandr Sokurov
Fatty Arbuckle
Ritwik Ghatak
Masahiro Shinoda
Yevgeni Bauer
James Benning
Stanley Kwan
Carlos Saura
Maurice Pialat
Jacques Becker
Marguerite Duras
Theo Angelopoulos
Marcel L’Herbier
João César Monteiro
Herschell Gordon Lewis
Humphrey Jennings
Otar Iosseliani
Chantal Akerman
Lee Chang-dong
Paul Leni
Hiroshi Shimizu
Albert Brooks
Rene Clement
Whit Stillman
Jean Epstein
Bertrand Tavernier
Tran Anh Hung
Barbet Schroeder
Zhuangzhuang Tian
Andrea Arnold
Marco Bellocchio
Pere Portabella
Vera Chytilová
Anthony Asquith
Basil Dearden
Mark Rappaport
Hong Sang-soo
Takashi Ito
Jan Sverák
Youssef Chahine
Karel Zeman
Bruno Dumont
Francesco Rosi
Karel Reisz
Don Siegel
Roger Vadim
Guy Debord
Mara Mattuschka
Henry Hills
Andy Warhol