Butter (2011, Jim Field Smith)

Jennifer Garner (Dude, Where’s My Car?) is married to the reigning king of butter carving, and takes over when he retires. She has to beat a gifted little girl recently adopted by Rob Corddry and Alicia Silverstone, and an incompetent, creepy Kristen Schaal. But the butter king is sleeping with stripper Tron Legacy, who is demanding money from him, and Garner’s back with old flame/car dealer Huge Ackman (seeming out-of-place in such a wispy movie after we’d just seen him in Les Mis). Butter-carving montages ensue, with Tron Legacy helping the little girl while Huge sabotages her. The joke ending is that Garner is better suited for politics than butter carving. Pretty inconsistent movie, largely unfunny but not a total waste of time. JF Smith also made teen comedy She’s Out of My League, and the writer is currently working on Untitled Cryptozoology Project, which I promise to watch if it keeps that title.

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