Television 2013

Downton Abbey season 3
Please tell me something will prevent season four from ever happening, and the series will forever end with the shameful scene concluding the “Christmas episode”, the death of Matthew Crawley, who suddenly thinks himself too good to appear in a smash-hit show alongside Maggie Smith.

Parks & Recreation season 4
The Leslie-running-for-city-council season, versus Paul Rudd as an idiot millionaire and his ruthless campaign manager Kathryn Hahn. Entertainment 7Twenty goes out of business and Tom briefly quits the parks dept. Leslie wins despite a different mini-scandal every episode. Ron loves riddles.

I watched Charlie Brooker’s How TV Ruined Your Life and loved it (the re-enactments are better than ever, and there’s a slightly Adam Curtis tone to the commentary), then anxiously waited a few months until his Screenwipe review of 2012 came out (haha, “real life Titanic“), then that wasn’t enough so I watched his 2007 and 2010 specials, and some Christmas 2006 thing which is apparently different from the 2006 review special, then his new weekly TV show premiered – and abruptly ended after six episodes (the last of which was a clip show!). Must everything in Britain, even current-affairs shows, last only six episodes? Apparently he’s got a new scripted show called A Touch of Cloth.

Also rewatching The Wire with Katy – we’re up to season 3.