Mr. Lucky (1943, H.C. Potter)

A rah-rah-war-effort movie disguised as something else. Potter’s follow-up to the great Hellzapoppin’ is a letdown in the comedy and unpredictability departments, but solid on the drama and romance – Katy agrees, a decent flick overall. Cary Grant plays a Harry Lime type, a gambler and draft-dodger who takes advantage of a woman who loves him (Laraine Day of the Dr. Kildare series), a war relief campaign, and a dead man with whom he swaps identities, all to raise money for a gambling cruise. At the end he ought to be killed, but you can’t kill Cary Grant so he’s redeemed by love instead.

Amusements: Grant and his assistant Crunk learn to knit in order to impress Laraine and set up a running joke. And the movie’s lasting legacy is that it introduced Katy to rhyming slang.