La Distancia (2014, Sergio Caballero)

I loved Caballero’s Finisterrae, putting it in my top five of the year. Didn’t feel the magic with this one. Maybe it’s me and not the film. I feel like I’m being too harsh, but everything felt contrived, jokey and pandering – a conscious desire to create a cult success.

Three psychic dwarfs are hired by an imprisoned performance artist to steal a macguffin from an abandoned factory, which is guarded by a solitary man and his haiku-spouting bucket. I love the clay-faced artist, baby foxes, matching cars and campers. But there aren’t enough of these moments of pleasure – mostly it’s slow, talky, committed to its pointless plot. Still holding out hope for his 25-minute horror/comedy also released last year.

Lynch, but with more crotch-sniffing:

All three of the dwarf actors appeared in Blancanieves, Pablo Berger’s Snow White movie, obviously.

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