A storytelling movie, with lots of warnings and reassurances – I was drawn to it by Vikram’s AV Club mention of Rivette. I didn’t follow the timeline structure and just took each scene on its own, so I’m missing the overall purpose, but it’s all fine. A better Rotterdance pick than Nowhere Inn.

Stephanie is as close as we get to a lead character – a blonde Swedish actress doing a Texas accent for a role. Due to a roommate situation, she hangs out at Eleanor Friedberger’s practice space. She keeps running into Gerard, who claims to be a gov’t counterterrorist hit man. Redhaired Scott Shepherd should be good at this from his Wormwood experience, but it’s hard to realistically deliver dialogue this confidently paranoid. Stephanie is also friends with Chloe Sevigny for some reason. Scary stories are told, Gerard either dies or disappears, and it’s all very film grainy, with some light flares at the end of scenes.